Robby Gordon Richmond race notes

Robby Gordon ...

Robby Gordon
#13 Menards/Duracell Ford Taurus

Qualifying position - 36th
Finishing position - 37th

Robby Gordon fought a tighter than normal car for the first portion of Saturday's Pontiac Excitement 400, then as a result of that condition cut a tire on lap 119. Gordon didn't return for another 110 laps but continued to the end in his Flintstones/Burger King Ford to finish 37th.

ROBBY GORDON "This is a fun place to race. Our car was really, really tight in the first 120 laps. I think that was part of the reason we cut the tire. I know a lot of people were having problems with that also, but I was having to use a lot of brakes and I think we just overheated the entire area. When it happened, it unfortunately took a few things with it including the tie rod and some other pieces in the front suspension. The guys did a great job of fixing it. The key for us is to run laps, so they knew they had to make it work. When I finally got back out there the car was better than it was when I started the race.

"We were out of contention there when we came back, but I can see how this track would be very fun to race when you're hooked up. Hopefully the second time around here we can come back and have something to show everyone. But generally, I'm happy. I know it may seem strange and I think a few people may have thought I'd be upset getting out of the car tonight, but I'm not at all. We had another strong weekend from the time we rolled off the trailer to packing up. Everyone on this team worked hard and we learned a lot."

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