Richmond: Team Monte Carlo race remarks

Jeff Gordon top chevy finisher in Richmond crashfest. JEFF GORDON, NO. 24 DUPONT CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO (seventh, first Chevrolet): "(It was a) decent run. We were pretty much seventh all day. I guess I got my hopes up a little bit more...

Jeff Gordon top chevy finisher in Richmond crashfest.

JEFF GORDON, NO. 24 DUPONT CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO (seventh, first Chevrolet):

"(It was a) decent run. We were pretty much seventh all day. I guess I got my hopes up a little bit more because we got up there into second. I don't know, for some reason we just weren't very good there at the end, and fell back to seventh. We'll take that. A top 10 right now is pretty good for us, the way our luck's been lately."

ON THE SEALER: "They did a horrible job. I don't know if they put too much or we just didn't get racing on it, but it was awful. This is such a great race track, we all love this race track. You never hear anybody complain about it. But, I tell you what, whatever they did they did the wrong thing. I hope that they rethink that the next time. We were pretty much a seventh-place car all day. We kept making gains on the chassis, I felt like we were getting better, especially on the long runs."

ON RECORD NUMBER OF CAUTIONS: "This place typically has an outside groove, an inside groove, it's real wide and real racy, but with what they did to the sealer this time, and I don't know exactly what they did wrong, but it really messed up the track and it just wasn't the type of track we're used to seeing. (It had) A bottom groove, (it was a) one-groove race track. It's unfortunate, ^Ìcause it tore a lot of race cars up."

DID YOU WORK WITH JIMMIE? "Yeah, we tried to work together as much as we could."

JEFF GREEN, NO. 30 AMERICA ONLINE CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO (Led two laps, ran strong early in the race, ended up 13th, next Chevy finisher):

"We just got ourselves behind on that pit stop, and we got to that wreck. We had a great car all day, it got into the corners really well, got off the corners really well. It got a little tight, we made an adjustment and it was really fast. We had a great car; I just hate to see it end the way it did. We could've won that race today."

JIMMIE JOHNSON, NO. 48 LOWE'S CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO (31st, after crashing while trying to take the lead from Jimmy Spencer):

WHAT HAPPENED IN TURN 3? "I'm not too sure. It's the first time I've been loose in all day. There was a bump going into (turn) 3 that I must have just caught at the wrong time. When I jumped on the brakes and got underneath (Jimmy) Spencer^Êhaven't seen the video, I don't know if we touched. I didn't think that we did. I know we were close racing and racing hard but it's just a shame that the thing turned around on me. I really felt we had the car to beat. We fought from 26th up to the front, got boxed in the pits once, had some different things going on in the pits, we were able to drive back up to the front. Really thought we were going to have our second win. We're just disappointed that made a mistake that cost us, cost us some points, got us tore up. Then again what I did wrong. I'm a little dumbfounded right now."

YOUR MONTE CARLO SEEMED TO GET BETTER AS THE RACE WENT ON: "The car was really good on the long run. The sealer would start coming up after about 20 laps and a lot of the guys weren't creative enough with their lines to find a way around the sealer and keep their momentum up. I was, I think more than anything, using some of my off-road background looking at different lines and different ways around the sealer that was causing everybody some problems."

DID YOU WORK WITH JEFF GORDON TODAY? "I ran around Terry (Labonte) a lot all day long, racing real, real hard. I feel bad at times, you got to be so greedy and get every inch that you can. Terry and I raced really hard all day and then was able to catch Jeff there in the middle segment of the race, end ended up getting by him and drove away from him. I really thought that between the two of us we had a shot at it."

ON WORKING TOGETHER: "There's really nothing you can do here. Once I got inside of him he gave me position and let me go. It's really hard to work at it unless I would've blocked everyone for him. When somebody does that they're taking a chance of getting around."


"Our car was running good. We just got it where we needed it and got involved in a late-race crash. Just disappointed."

DALE EARNHARDT, JR., NO. 8 BUDWEISER CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO, spun on lap 148 in turn four and slammed into the wall, damaging the right side of the car:

"I lost the Budweiser car off of turn 4 and made contact with the wall, bent the rear end. It's a tough day. The race track is coming apart, they really sealed her good this time."

ON DAMAGE: "I ain't evaluating anything yet. That's not my job; I'm just a race car driver."

Dale Jr. continued after repairs, ending up 73 laps down, in 36th place.

ON THE SEALER: "It was coming up at the first of the race, and we just got caught up in some of the mess on the track. They'd blow it off in the cautions, but it wasn't helping us any."

AFTER REPAIRS: "We'd already bent some stuff, so we drove the best we could to just stay out there and get spots."


"This place is very, very difficult. The sealer's tough, the sealer comes up, your tires wear out, you get a cushion up there like a dirt track. So we were definitely chasing it, but we got the car better and better throughout the day. Jimmie did a tremendous job, a great job."


ON CRASH ON LAP 227: "It looked like some people got together down there in turn 2 and they finally ended up wrecking in 3 and 4. We just got into it; just a bad deal. Our car wasn't really that good anyway."

ANY CHANCE OF GETTING BACK OUT (asked during caution)? "I hope not."


"We all wrecked. (It's) pretty simple."

ROBBY GORDON, NO. 31 CINGULAR WIRELESS CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO, crashed heavily into the pit entry wall in turn 4 on lap 311, finished 37th):

"I was slowed down, turning left, right behind (Dave) Blaney and the thing just darted to the right. I don't know if I hit oil or what. It didn't feel like anything broke, it just felt more like it just started to slide the front end. The sealer is coming up; had to straddle it; very difficult to pass. I'm sure a lot of guys are going to say that today. We had a good car, everybody worked really hard here. Our Chevrolet was working really good. We had a better car, a lot better at one point, and I got into it with (Jeff) Burton and Rusty and everybody coming off turn 2, somebody ran into the back of me and shoved me into them. Big disappointment. We needed to score some points here and these guys they just did a really good job all day. I'm disappointed; I thought we could have come out of here gaining some points."

DID THE SEALER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE CRASH? "I don't think so, unless^ÊI wasn't coming in hard, I was turning, turning and turning and all of a sudden lost grip."


ON JEFF GORDON RUNNING UP FRONT: "It's going to be exciting. We've been adjusting on it all day. The car's been extremely tight. But this duPont pit crew, they've been on it every pit stop; right now we're sitting in pretty good shape for the end."

IS TRACK BETTER TODAY FOR YOUR SETUP THAN LAST NIGHT? "That's a hard question to ask. We would have really liked to run a little while longer last night, but it happens that where we're sitting right now with 88 laps to go, we have Jimmie up there and Jeff, we feel we're in pretty good shape."


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