Richmond: Sadler - Dodge Friday interview

ELLIOTT SADLER (No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Avenger) COMMENT ON VIRGINIA TECH CAP "It's so cool to be racing here at Richmond. I've been so proud of the NASCAR community and everything they've done to support Virginia Tech and their families.

ELLIOTT SADLER (No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Avenger)

COMMENT ON VIRGINIA TECH CAP "It's so cool to be racing here at Richmond. I've been so proud of the NASCAR community and everything they've done to support Virginia Tech and their families. They're going through a very hard time. April 16th was a very dark day for all of us, but it's cool to see how everybody is being supportive of Virginia Tech and getting behind the Hokie Nation right now."

WHAT MAKES THIS TRACK SO SPECIAL? "Man, everybody likes coming to Richmond. It's a great racetrack. It's half short track and half speedway. You run a lot of good speeds, but you've got that short track mentality, heavy braking and stuff like that. The way the track is designed, I don't think there's a bad seat in the house. There's a lot of two or three-wide racing that can go on all night long. It's night racing. It gets us back to our roots. I have no idea why no other track promoters will build a three-quarter mile race track anywhere in the United States for us to race at, but it's definitely a drivers' favorite right here."

WILL THE COT OPEN THINGS UP AT RICHMOND? "I hope so. I definitely would rather have run better here in the past than I have. I've tried ever different kind of driving style and things inside the racecar to make me better here at Richmond. I'd love to run better here. I've been coming here since I was a kid. I watched my uncle race here, and I was here the day they started tearing it down to make it a three-quarter mile track. It's tough not to run well at your home track. It's cool to be here. I've got a lot of friends and family that come up from Emporia and southern Virginia to watch me race late models that come and support us here. We'd love to run better, so we'll see what the COT will bring us. Hopefully it will bring us some new opportunity."

WHAT'S THE MOOD AT EVERNHAM MOTORSPORTS? "I think we're all a little frustrated that we didn't start off the season like we wanted to. We didn't have the COT down like we thought we should, but I tell you, I'm so proud of my race team. No finger pointing, no blaming anybody. We just pretty much got together in a room a couple of weeks ago and decided nobody was going to fix it but us. I think it's made us all a little stronger and made us pull together a little more. We know we've got some more work to do. We came up here to Richmond with some new ideas and some new front ends on our COT cars. We've just got to try to keep working with it. We've got an important test coming up at Charlotte. As far as the 19 is concerned with what we've been through with losing Josh (Team Director Browne) for two races, docked 25 points, a loose wheel at Bristol, we should have won the race there. We're still only 20-30 points out of The Chase. We're still in pretty good shape we think. We've just got to keep improving and keep making our cars a little better and getting some communication going between Josh and I and we should be fine."

HOW EASY IS IT TO BLAME OTHERS FOR THE PROBLEMS? "I have been on race teams before when it's who blames who and it's very bad when that happens. That's one thing I can say about Ray and everybody at Evernham's. I have not seen that at all. One there's no egos here, and two, there's no finger point. We know we've got a problem to fix and we're going to fix it. Kasey and Scott and I are going to our jobs as drivers not only to help ourselves but help each other."

COMMENT ON JEFF GORDON'S SEASON "Jeff is hot right now. When he gets determined he's tough to outrun and beat on Sundays. I would say right now he's the favorite here at Richmond. He's going to go for three in a row and he's bound and determined to do it. I think Hendrick Motorsports as a whole has got their program running well right now. He's off to a fast start. Right now he's by far the King of the Hill. I think between him and Dale Jr. they're definitely the face of NASCAR. Dale Jr. has brought so many new fans to our sport. They're definitely under the microscope all the time, but as far as on the track, Jeff Gordon is probably our face and off the track Dale Jr., but I'd say those two guys are carrying our sport right now."

COMMENT ON PRESENTATION VIRGINIA DRIVERS ARE GOING TO MAKE SATURDAY NIGHT "I'm not going to say much about it because we haven't got all the final details worked out, but I'm proud to say that Denny Hamlin and Jeff Burton and myself are going to make a very special presentation Saturday night as far as Virginia Tech is concerned. We don't know what all it entails yet. We've got one more meeting tonight to get it all worked out. I'm so proud other Virginia drivers have stepped up. We all came together and knew we had to do something."

COMMENT ON WINNING AT RICHMOND "I've heard Denny Hamlin say this before, and I'll say it, too. When you're from this area, racing is so big here, I'd take a win at Richmond over the Daytona 500 any day of the week. It's just that special to us. It's a great place to race, great fans. This is a very special place for me and would love to have some great success here."

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