Richmond: Kyle Petty preview

Kyle Petty: "We were really glad to welcome the PVA onboard the ...

Kyle Petty:

"We were really glad to welcome the PVA onboard the #45 this year. I know those folks have been looking forward to Richmond because it was the first race that the PVA was actually scheduled to be on the car. We kind of surprised them in March and donated the Atlanta race sponsorship back to them. We thought that was a great way to show our support for the organization and our veterans.

As a family, we have always supported the troops and our service men and women. I'm going with 'The King' to a VA Hospital in Richmond on Thursday to spend some time with some veterans there. Those types of things are really important to me. Not only am I meeting with race fans and Petty fans but I'll get to tell the veterans how much I appreciate what they have done. I get to say thank you to them in person for serving our country.

"I like racing at Richmond. It's a short track and it's really competitive. We've raced there for a long time so it's a good place for us to be heading right now. I'm familiar with the track like I'm familiar with Talladega, and we qualified well at Talladega last week."

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