Richmond: Jimmie Johnson crash quotes

Jimmie Johnson ...

Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's Chevrolet

Note: crashed on Lap 80, bringing out caution flag. Johnson's car is currently under service in the garage.

WHAT HAPPENED? Well, the car's pretty bad. Cars in front of me were sliding around and checked up. It just was a chain reaction deal-I got hit from behind. Down in the inside wall, when I was making my lap around, I tried to get back to pit road and went down the backstretch and my steering failed. When I climbed on the brakes, all the camber in the car and castor in it, I braked and I turned right into the inside wall again. If it didn't hurt that I backed it into the wall the first time, it killed it the second time.

CAN YOU GET BACK OUT? Possibly. We're going to try. We need to get every point that we can. I know the guys will work hard to get the Lowe's Monte Carlo back on the track. Hopefully we can pick up some spots.

Nights like tonight, it feels good to have a points lead. But, there's still a lot of racing between now and the cut, so we need to get back out there and get racing.

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