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Jeff Gordon -- ...

Jeff Gordon -- #24 DuPont Chevrolet

WHAT IS THE MINDSET GOING INTO TOMORROW NIGHT? Well, we came here and tested and felt really good. We've got a brand new car. We gave it everything we had at that test. We felt like there were some areas where we could improve in and some areas we were really good in. We came back today and practicing in the heat of the day like this for a night race and qualifying. It was slick out there and a challenge for us, so I didn't feel like we were great but I feel like we made some gains there at the end. We didn't get our best qualifying run so hopefully we will be able to pick up some more when we qualify tonight. All in all I feel like we've got a great car this weekend.

WHAT'S IT LIKE KNOWING IT'S ALL OR NOTHING THIS WEEKEND? You know, I don't know if that's really on my mind. I go into every weekend to win, you know and focused on getting the car to go as best we can. To qualify best we can and race best we can. And that's all I feel that I'm doing this weekend. I don't know if it will really sink in until the race is all over. I think, you know, like the last few weekends once you get in the race, the intensity builds as the race goes on and until the finish of the race is when reality sinks in. Lately it's been up and down of frustration versus being pretty happy with things, if you look at Bristol versus California. And, I just hope that when come out of here we can hold our heads up high and say, hey, we did everything we could regardless of the results.

HOW DO YOU COME INTO RICHMOND AS TO HOW YOU NEED TO APPROACH THIS RACE? Well, we're not in the position where we have to do that unless the other guys are up front. We're basically coming here to try to win the race like we would any other time. You know, I think that all we can do is give it everything we got and at the end of the day see where those other guys finish versus where we finish.

RE: PRESSURE RIGHT NOW Well, I'm not on the race track battling with those guys right now. You guys are like pussycats compared to that. Again, going back, until you get out there on the race track and are battling head-to-head with those guys and you see where your car is at versus their car and how your night is going, that's when the pressure really builds. Right now, we can sit here and say our car is good, we're going to qualify good, we learned this and we learned that.but until we get out there and put it on the race track and put the performance out there or not, that's where we're going to feel the pressure.

RYAN NEWMAN SAID HE'S GOT EACH NUMBER IN HIS HEAD ABOUT WHAT HE NEEDS TO DO AGAINST EACH ONE OF THE CHASE CONTENDERS. ARE YOU DOING THE SAME WITH YOUR SITUATION? That's pretty much the difference between me and Ryan right there. You know, not at all. To me, it's going to come down to driving our hearts out, doing everything we can and then trying to get ourselves in the best position. And I'm sure there will be a point where Robbie's going to say to me, this position is ahead of you, this guy, you're good, keep it there, or you're not and we need you to push, push, push. When it comes down to that time, that's when that information is going to be fed to me and I don't want it any other time.

HOW AGGRESSIVE DO YOU EXPECT THE DRIVING TO BE? I think there are going to be certain guys that are going to be more aggressive and some guys that will be less aggressive. I think it just depends on who you're talking to because some guys have more on the line than others. Obviously when there's more on the line, it pushes you to drive harder and be more aggressive. I definitely expect there to be some aggressive driving out there for sure.

WHO ARE THOSE DRIVERS? Well, obviously you have an idea about who needs to make it in for the Chase. You've got guys out there that are trying to win races that maybe haven't won races this year. You've got guys out there trying to make the Chase. You've got guys battling to make the top 35 in points. You know, spread out among a lot of different competitors and you don't know how aggressive someone's going to be until you're racing side by side with them

RE: ROBBIE LOOMIS AND HIS FUTURE AS CREW CHIEF Yeah, it's one of those things where our focus has been on trying to win the championship this year. Get ourselves in the Chase and talk about that at a later time. Unfortunately with us not having that great a season and speculation and all that stuff, I've been getting asked constantly about Robbie being the crew chief. He and I had talked about his future with Hendrick Motorsports organization prior to the season even starting. And a lot of it had to do with his mom, his family and his priorities. You know, the intensity that comes long with being a crew chief and whether he wanted to continue to do that, for how long. I love Robbie as my crew chief and unfortunately because we haven't put the performance out there, that speculation just continues to build as the season goes on. I want more than anything to get ourselves in this Chase, go with that championship and it would be Robbie Loomis as the crew chief. But, the future is what it is and it's based on a lot around what his desires are and his life.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE SOMEBODY IN HOUSE COME OVER (AS YOUR CREW CHIEF)? Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. Let's get through this weekend.

Kyle Busch -- #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet

The car is good. We unloaded off the truck with a dynamite race car. We're just trying to keep working on it and trying to make some adjustments to make it go faster, obviously. We ran some long runs there to kind of see where we were and try to figure it out from there.

We did one qualifying run. We're not a very big fan of the impound procedure. If we can try to get a qualifying effort somewhere within the top 20, I think that'll be good for us. I don't remember where we qualified in the spring (started10th, finished 4th in Cup), but I don't remember it being out of the ordinary or exceptional. So we're just going to kind of go out there and see what we can get. I know we have a good race car where we can bring it to the front like we did in the spring.

COMING OFF OF A WIN LAST WEEK AT FONTANA, AND HAVING WON THE MAY '04 BUSCH RACE AT RIR, HOW CONFIDENT ARE YOU GOING INTO THIS WEEKEND'S RACES? I wish they repaved Richmond every time I came here. That seems to be the only way I can get around here really well. The older the asphalt gets, obviously, it makes for better racing. Guys can slip around a little bit more and do stuff like that. But I haven't been able to be that successful here lately because of the fact that there is less grip. So I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get all that back. The track is a lot different from the spring. We'll just have to see how it plays out.

WITH THIS BEING THE FINAL RACE LEADING INTO THE CHASE, DO YOU EXPECT THE RACING TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE THAN USUAL? I think it'll be normal Richmond racing. I think you'll have some good side-by-side racing. We saw that here last night with the Truck Series being able to pass on the outside. It should be a pretty good race to just have everybody racing side-by-side. The track will widen out, I think, even more so in the Cup race. So you'll have probably even more then two lanes.

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