Richmond II: Ford teams race quotes

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 Dish Network Ford Fusion (Finished 39th) "I qualified bad and that's what you get when you qualify bad, you start in the back with all the donkeys and the guys that can't drive. I guess I can't drive because I...

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 Dish Network Ford Fusion (Finished 39th)

"I qualified bad and that's what you get when you qualify bad, you start in the back with all the donkeys and the guys that can't drive. I guess I can't drive because I qualified bad to start with. I've got a really fast Ford Fusion, but I was just back there with the guys that can't drive and the run into each other and caused a big wreck. There's no way we could avoid it, so it was just unfortunate for us."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion (Finished 42nd)

WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM? "I don't know, but I think it was something real important though because it wouldn't go very good after that quit working. I've just got to thank everybody at Office Depot and all my guys. The guys have been working so hard on these cars. I told them I was having so much fun that I hated to pull in. This was just a fun night and it looked pretty good. It looked like it was gonna be great and it just kept getting better and better, so I'm really proud of my guys. Hopefully we can use this as a little collateral for some good luck for later the chase because we've just got an awesome team right now. If we can run well like this for the rest of the chase, we'll be great."

YOU WERE RUNNING STRONG. "I was having a blast. I stayed inside cooped up all day just trying to save up all my energy for this race and it's too bad to have a blown engine. Hopefully this is the bad luck now that we don't have in the next 10 races. This team is gonna be very strong. It's just really cool to be able to go up there and pass all those guys that were so fast when this COT started and be leading this thing. It's too bad it blew up, but now is the time. This was one of the only two throwaway races we had in the whole season."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Finished 38th)

"I don't know what happened right in front of me. I just saw those guys check up and when I did it's hard for the guys behind you to get slowed down. I got ran into from behind and took a really good hit. I haven't hit that hard in a long time, not only the head-on hit, but then after I sat there I kind of let my guard down and I thought it was all over with and somebody came in and just clobbered the side of me. When you're not ready for them they hurt a lot worse."

ARE YOU OK NOW? "Yeah, a little bit sore. I got the wind knocked out of me. I have not had that happen in a long time. They're asking you if you're OK and I was like, 'Just give me a second before I can push that button and say if I am.'"


ROBBY GORDON -- No. 7 Jim Beam Ford Fusion (Finished 36th)

"I'm sure we popped a tire because of the brake rotor heat. We lost an alternator. I was having to run switching back between batteries with no fans on it, so these cars don't have downforce and they don't like to stop, so you've got to have the fans."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 AAA Ford Fusion (Finished 3rd)

"That was a good, solid run. The AAA Ford Fusion was good since we unloaded and it was just a lot of fun to unload with some notes from the last race and then be able to be fast in the race. We had good pit stops and everything just worked out good. We've had some good cars this year, but for pit stops to go right, for us not having mistakes on restarts several things have to go right and it was just a good night."

HOW DID IT FEEL TO RACE JEFF GORDON AND TONY STEWART DOWN THE STRETCH? "Considering they're in the chase and fighting for that championship, you've got to race them with a little bit of extra caution. You don't want to do anything stupid to jeopardize their good run for the night, so it was fun. They gave me some good racing room, but when you have a good car everything just works out pretty easy."

HOW MUCH CONFIDENCE DOES THIS GIVE YOU TO RUN WITH THE BIG BOYS? "We've had some awesome race cars this year and we've had some bad luck, we got caught up in wrecks or one thing after another, so it's just good to have a good, solid night. In this Cup racing, you just can't have any mistakes. A good car might get you a 15th-place finish, but everybody on the AAA pit crew did an awesome job on pit road tonight and it shows they can hang in there with those top five or 10 teams. Like I said, when you have a good car, everything is just a lot easier."

WAS YOUR CAR AS STRONG AT THE END. COULD YOU HAVE CAUGHT JIMMIE? "If we would have had a caution, it took a few laps for the AAA Ford to get going. I think if we could have restarted up there second or third maybe we would have had a shot, but restarting back there 10th or 11th, plus a few lap down cars, that just really made it tough. But it was a lot of fun getting back up through the field and our wins will come."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion (Finished 14th)

"Our night was all right. We ran a lot better than we've been running, we just had a couple of mishaps in the pits but we still overcame it and finished 14th. That's not a great finish, but, overall, these guys did a good job. The car was handling a lot better than what they usually do here, so I felt like we made some gains at least."

HOW DO YOU FEEL GOING INTO THE CHASE? "I feel like it could go either way. I think I've got a great team. We're obviously not performing up to the level of the 24 and the 48. It would take nothing short of a miracle to beat them on performance, but I certainly think I have a championship caliber team that doesn't make mistakes and does a good job preparing the cars. We still have to get a little better. We're gaining on them a little bit, but certainly we're not as good as those guys."

THE COT PROGRAM SEEMS TO BE GETTING BETTER EVERY RACE. "I feel like we're getting a little bit better. David had a good run here tonight and the 99 has been running good, so we've been gaining on it. I don't quite think we're where we need to be yet, but we're gaining on it."


KENNY WALLACE -- No. 88 Snickers Ford Fusion (Finished 28th)

"It was a long night -- 28th spot -- but the team never gave up and I never gave up. We'll have to make some changes for Loudon. We need a little quicker steering box and work on the chassis a little bit more. I got spun out once and felt like I was a sitting duck at times out there, but for 45 minutes of practice -- it seems like I always get thrown into these deals, but I'm happy to get thrown in them though. I gave it my all and I'm excited to get to Loudon now."

-credit: ford racing

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