Richmond II: Biffle, Martin press conference

GREG BIFFLE, No. 16 Grainger Taurus "Not very often do you put down a perfect lap, I mean an absolute no mistakes. All the time you maybe left a tiny bit, but I left a fair amount out there. It makes me feel bad that the guys worked so hard and...

GREG BIFFLE, No. 16 Grainger Taurus

"Not very often do you put down a perfect lap, I mean an absolute no mistakes. All the time you maybe left a tiny bit, but I left a fair amount out there. It makes me feel bad that the guys worked so hard and we probably should've had the pole here and I made a small mistake over there, but on the other hand, I'm real excited to be second, starting outside front row. We know we got a good race car, and we're going to have a good race car on Saturday night, and these Grainger guys are working hard to give us really good cars. The teammate deal is really working out for us, you know, we listen to what the 99 said, and the 17 about their qualifying run, made some small adjustments and were able to probably pick up a little bit from where we would've been. So, we're real fortunate that we got some good teammates to rely on for information. I just pretty excited about we've been running. We ran really good last week, and it looks like we're going to be decent up here. So, I'm pretty excited about that."

MARK MARTIN, No. 6 Viagra Taurus

"I'm just happy to be close. If you're close all the time, then once in a while it's your day. And, we've been close a lot here lately. That was a surprise, and it was a surprise at Bristol, and it was a surprise at Darlington, so I'm pretty happy. It's better to be surprised than to expect it and then not have it happen for you. All the credit goes to Ben Leslie and my Viagra team. It's all car, man, and they're giving me better stuff than what I've had here in a while, so I'm grateful for that."

HAS THE LEVEL OF CIVILITY CHANGED RECENTLY? "It absolutely has, and some of it is acceptable and some of it you have to accept. I guess there's a difference between what you have to accept and what would be acceptable or expected. We have a lot of new, young guys in here that are running real good, so when you're running up front, you help set the standard of things, and those guys have set standards for not giving laps back, passing on the caution or whatever it might be, brake-checking on the re-starts - that's something you didn't have very much years ago. On the other hand, it's great. These are young, superstars-in-the-making getting their feet under 'em and figuring out what they should do and what they might not do as they become veterans. So, as a race fan myself, I'm standing back watching and I'm amused sometimes, being entertained by that incredible talent. The face of the sport is change."


BIFFLE: "Yeah, I did, and then I got really disappointed. I was counting all the eggs in the basket, and then I didn't expect Skinner to beat it, I don't known why. He was quick in practice. I guess that's one I forgot about. I was looking at the 20 and the 2 and the 12 and those guys and kind of overlooked the 01. But, I wasn't standing in the trailer, either. I wasn't near a monitor. But, a driver knows when he leaves some speed on the table, and I clearly left some speed on the table when I was down there in turn three and four and was in the in the second groove and not have my tires on the white line. It was clear that that lap was going to be beat. I said the same thing at Watkins Glen. I got 22 chances to make a mistake, and coming off turn 11 I got a little bit sideways and up on the curb and Jeff Gordon beat me by a hair. And, one of these days I'm not going to make a mistake, and have the race car all on the same day, to be on the pole and hopefully, we'll get one. We've got a few more tries before the season's over."

YOU WERE GOOD LAST WEEK AND SECOND TODAY. HOW MUCH OF THAT IS DUE TO YOUR CREW CHIEF? "I'm going to have to say it's a fair amount. I really don't know. It's a good question. How much of it's different, because we were starting to run better leading up to that change. We ran decent at Michigan, we got fourth, so it looked like we were on the rebound already, possibly. But, I'm going to give Doug the credit. Certainly, he deserves it. He's the one that got us the car that was clearly faster than everybody's last week, 'til it broke, and then he was the one that got me the car that can qualify up front today and I qualified second with it, so I'm thankful for that. Like Mark said, these guys are the ones that are giving us the race cars that are capable of doing what they're doing. And, we're lucky enough to be able to drive 'em."

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