Richmond: GM teams post-race quotes

Tony Stewart, ...

Tony Stewart, #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet
2nd position

I just told Kasey (Kahne, winner) that down the road when they talk about his first win that I got the honor of being the guy they mentioned that he had to race for the win. I'm just really happy for him. It's long overdue. The kid has done an awesome job for two years now. He just needed a perfect night and tonight's that night.

ON THE LAST FEW LAPS OF THE RACE Well, the No. 9 (Kasey Kahne) was getting smaller and smaller (laughs). No, we had a whole mirror full of Ryan Newman and the great thing is that the top three guys were short track and open wheel guys tonight. And if we were going to run second to anybody, the kid who won the race tonight - Kasey Kahne - that's the guy to run second to. I'm just really proud of him and it brings back a lot of memories when I was here in '99 and got that first win and Dale Earnhardt was the first guy to see me after the race to congratulate me. It's an awesome night. Our Home Depot team did a great job. We just got a little too tight at the end. I told Zippy and the guys that at least we had a shot at it tonight and that's something we haven't been able to say very much this year. I'm really proud of them. We had awesome pit stops and Zippy gave us a great car. We just got beat by a better car and a better driver tonight. He did an awesome job.

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN YOU SPUT OUT WHILE RUNNING IN A TIGHT PACK OF CARS? To be perfectly honest, I screwed up (while) having fun. It was just so much fun dicing in and out of traffic. I haven't been up front and dicing for the lead like that for a long time. The fun thing is the three of us were up there in the lead and lapping cars that were fighting to stay on the lead lap. But the three of us were looking out for each other and making sure we weren't going to get underneath each other and I just screwed up and spun the car. I asked the group for a Mulligan and they gave it too me. The good thing is that I got a second out of it. I'm happy tonight. Obviously I would have loved to have won the race, but I'm happy for Kasey. He deserved it."

Kyle Busch, #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet
4th position

The guys made awesome changes all night and we finished within the top 10. So it was a real good effort and a strong effort by all these guys. And I hate it for the No. 42 (Jamie McMurray). I got into him a little bit down there in Turn 1 and he ran me down a little bit but I got loose in there and I should't have gotten loose but I had to correct it. I hoped I wouldn't hit him but I did. He raced me clean all night long and I hope we can bypass this deal and go on to next week.

The No. 12 (Ryan Newman) and the No. 20 (Tony Stewart) were really battling close and neither one of them slipped. But I got into Turn 1 underneath them and it's always treacherous at this place for some reason when you get underneath somebody. Obviously we found that out last night with me as well too, but it was a good night for us tonight.

Kevin Harvick, #29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet
5th position

It was a good night. I lost a little on pit road, but we had a solid, top-5 car. It was a solid top-5 car and had to paddle back a little bit there. But all in all a good night for the GM Goodwrench Chevrolet team.

Bobby Labonte, #18 Boniva Chevrolet
8th position

It was pretty good. We finished 8th and the guys did a good job. The pit stops were good, the car handled great. It was a good night for us.

HOW WERE THE LAST FEW RESTARTS? Pretty good. It was getting better. It was getting a little wild, but it's typical racing. No big deal.

ARE YOU FEELING LIKE YOU'RE GETTING THE FINISHES YOU DESERVE? Well, yeah. Last weekend we finished 17th. We didn't run that good, but we finished better than we should have. We were terrible. So then, in Phoenix was sixth place. So, yeah, we're finally getting somewhere. Finishing races is a big thing.

Michael Waltrip, #15 NAPA Chevrolet
9th position

We just fought so hard to get ninth. We just didn't have a car quite like we did at Phoenix. It just didn't handle quite as good. It's our first trip here with Tony Jr. (Eury). They feel like we learned so much and when we come back here in September we'll be on top of it. I just have a smart team. At the end it would have been so easy to pit. We were running ninth and we know the cars around us are a little better than us. But it wasn't the right call. The right call was to stay put and race hard and hold them off. They made the right call. I'm just thankful to my NAPA Auto Parts Chevy team. We were just one notch off. We were just a little bit too tight all night long. If it wasn't for that we could have contended.

ON MISSING THE NO. 2 CAR WHEN IT SPUN That's what experience will do for you. When he started spinning, people say the race car drivers need to have quick reflexes. It's quite the opposite. When they start spinning the first reflex you should do is go 'all right, let's see here he's going to go.' I was able to stay patient and wait. It worked out. I have a great team. Thank the Lord for my team.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
14th position

We had a decent car. It wasn't that great. I got tight and during the middle part of the race we lost a lap. I made the lap up luckily and got the lucky dog. I was able to get a decent finish. We had about a tenth place car right at the end of the race but we didn't have a tenth place car during the midKdle part of the race and we lost a lot of track position.

Jeff Burton, #31 Cingular Wireless Chevrolet
16th position

We had a real good car. We had a piece of rubber get in between a belt and a pulley. It knocked the pulley off the power steering. With the set ups we're running, you just can't drive it without power steering. It's not like it's used to be where you have it to help you. We had to go to the back and finish. We had a great car. Part of the way through the race we didn't have a real good stop. I pulled out and got the right front fender tore off of it. That hurt us but we still had a top six or top seven car and finished sixteenth with it."

Scott Riggs, #10 Arometrics Chevrolet
26th position

We were off from the beginning of the race. It was my fault for losing a couple tenths there in qualifying. Just trying too hard, got up too high. And I lost a lot of time there and it lost us starting position, 36th. That was tough. We weren't really good at the beginning, so we got a lap down, then we got the lap back. A lap down again, lap back. Spun out. Kept fighting all night long, making changes. Trying to get the balance of the car to where it needed to be. Then, with 50 laps to go, I lost my brakes. That was just tough. We were starting to work our way up front, got in the top 20, might have had a shot at the top 15, and then I lost the brakes. There was nothing we could. With the way we had the car setup, I had to charge the corner real hard so I could be on the brake petal in the center of the corner to really make it turn. And if I didn't, it wouldn't turn. We missed it and did all we can do and hope to be better next time we come back.

Dave Blaney, #07 Bass Pro Shops/Jack Daniel's Chevrolet
27th position

HOW WAS YOUR CAR? We were inching forward the whole time, especially on a long run, it was coming up good. On a short run we really couldn't make up a whole lot of ground.

DID YOU GET INTO JAMIE MCMURRAY THERE AT THE END? Yeah, I tried to let him go and somebody came under me and made it three wide. Shoved me up into him. I didn't want that to happen.

Mike Bliss, #0 NetZero Chevrolet
37th position

Note: Bliss crashed on lap 376. He was released from the infield care center.

WHAT HAPPENED? We had the "Lucky Dog" there for a second. I saw the guy blow up, and all of a sudden it just went sideways. I think I hit his oil, because it turned in a heartbeat.

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