Richmond Ford Racing Qualifying Notes

2 - Rusty Wallace - Miller Lite Taurus: (qualified 3rd) "It was a good lap. I was real happy with it. A .56 was a good fast lap. I thought we could do it, and we run a .56, and I said I don't think anybody can catch me, but Stewart just ...

2 - Rusty Wallace - Miller Lite Taurus: (qualified 3rd) "It was a good lap. I was real happy with it. A .56 was a good fast lap. I thought we could do it, and we run a .56, and I said I don't think anybody can catch me, but Stewart just barely got me, and there is nothing we can do it. I like it (the track) a lot. It's a good track for me. We're second right now, and we'll see how it holds up. Man, I thought we had the pole, and just barely missed. I think another one just got me too."

6 - Mark Martin - Valvoline/Cummins Taurus: (qualified 20th) YOU PICKED UP A LITTLE BIT IN QUALIFYING. WERE YOU PLEASED? "Yeah, really great lap. Bad draw. The sun is in now. I thought we were going to struggle to qualify, and we're going to do better than struggle. If we had gone out in this it would have helped us really a lot. It was a good run and a good starting spot. We'll go racing when it comes time. This car is not real quick, but it will stay good. It's going to race good Saturday night." DO YOU FEEL YOU GUYS ARE BACK IN THE TITLE CHASE NOW? "Well, we never were out of it, but it will be a lot more exciting if they have one more slip up. We'll be able to put something out there the fans can get revved up about.

88 - Dale Jarrett - Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Taurus: (qualified 13th) YOU PICKED UP A LOT IN YOUR SECOND LAP. "Yeah, we picked up a lot, but we needed to. The first lap the car was real tight, and it was kind of a throwaway lap. We just had to get the tires heated up and get the stagger right for the second lap. It still was a little too tight in the middle, but it was a lot better than what we've been." ARE YOU TRYING TO GET BACK ON TRACK IN THE POINTS AFTER THE LAST TWO RACES? "Well I made it through qualifying. That's the first step. That's something I haven't done the last two weeks. That was the important that, to get through this. We've had good racecars in the last two races, and I just have to do a better job at my job. Hopefully we can do that Saturday night." DO YOU FEEL ADDITIONAL PRESSURE NOW THAT THE POINTS CHASE HAS TIGHTENED UP A BIT? "No, it's not that bad. If we had gone into Darlington with a 140-point lead, and beat Mark and gained 28 points you all would be talking about how big a lead it was. We've still got a nice lead. We just have to do our job. I have to do my job, and we'll get that done. This is a fun racetrack. A lot of fun. Two, and sometimes three grooves here. That makes for a lot of side-by-side racing. You can make a pass, set a guy up for a pass. This is just a great racetrack all the way around. Great for the fans and great for the drivers."

99 - Jeff Burton - Exide Batteries Taurus: (qualified 7th) "It was a great lap. We picked up a good three tenths from what we ran in practice, and all that goes to these guys. I really struggled all day, and we never really got it. And then right before qualifying Frank came up with something he wanted to try, and he tried something and it worked. I'm just real proud of these guys. I was just the driver today, and they gave me what I needed to have a good run." YOU'RE ON THE POLE FOR THE BUSCH RACE AND THIS WAS A GOOD LAP. DID YOU GO TO QUALIFYING SCHOOL WHEN NOBODY WAS LOOKING? "I need to."

10 - Dick Trickle for Ricky Rudd - Tide Taurus: (qualified 31st) "We only got about a half dozen laps in the car. It's early and the sun is out. I'm just afraid the track is going to get faster. If it hadn't been for the qualifying draw we could have went 15-hundredths faster if we had gone out 40th. But the guys have treated me good. They made some minor adjustments to whatever I said, and we run a 22 flat in practice, and we run a 21.88 so I'm sure that's not going to be great, but for the little bit of time in the car I think we did a great job."

12 - Jeremy Mayfield - Mobil 1 Taurus: (qualified 14th) "These guys really done a good job. This is a brand new car, and they all did a great job putting it together. It's running good. Everything is good. This is great for us. To come here to Richmond, to a place where I never qualify good at and to qualify in the top 25 is pretty good for us."

16 - Kevin Lepage - TV Guide Taurus: (qualified 27th) "That was our best lap of the day. We just hope to get this TV Guide Taurus in the show. We have yet to make it in on time here in the three attempts I've been here with the team so I think this will be solidly in the field some place. As long as we don't need a spot, that's what I'm looking for."

23 - Jimmy Spencer - Team Winston No Bull Taurus: (qualified 11th) SMOOTH FIRST LAP. "Yeah, it was, but on the second one I just made a mistake. I forgot where turn one was. I just drove in too deep. I wanted to run somewhere in the .50's, but I think that's in the top-25 for sure. I know it is. I'll tell you something. The Team Winston guys have been working really hard. We're all back together next year again. It's really feeling good to be back competitive again. The Zippo car is running food tonight, and I can't complain right now. I've got to thank God for all that."

26 - Johnny Benson - Cheerios Taurus: (qualified 30th) "That's not going to make first day I don't believe. We just went out too early, and it's too sunny. The lap was just a little loose, a little looser than I wanted. I thought we were going to be okay. It was faster than what we had practiced so that part is good. I don't know where we're at right now, but we will just have to wait and see."

28 - Kenny Irwin - Texaco Havoline Taurus: (qualified 9th) "That was a really good lap. A good two-tenths better than what we practiced. It felt like a pole lap. It felt that good. I think the 18 is pretty quick today. If we could just keep it in the top-ten we'll be happy." THIS HAS BEEN A GOOD TRACK FOR YOU. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE RACE? "We've kind of put all our eggs in this basket to win this race tomorrow, and we feel like we can. This is our track. This is my track. I'd rate our chances pretty good."

32 - Mike Wallace - Ultra Wheels Taurus: (qualified 29th) "I just tried to run good. In practice I ran good, smooth laps and was like 27th quickest. I tried to step it up there a bit, and it just wouldn't stick as good as I needed it to right there in the middle. I had to wait on it a little bit. We were 25th a few cars ago, and if we could end up 31st, 32nd. I really think you could stand on that. They're going to qualify at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, and we had ideal conditions today. I don't think you can run any faster tomorrow. We'll just have to hope it holds up and get ready to race."

75 - Ted Musgrave - Remington Arms Taurus: (qualified 12th) "Actually I was a little worried when the race track cooled off and got a little quicker. Actually what happens is the track tightens up so I was pushing it a little bit in the center of the corner. Thank goodness everything else worked out well. The tuning of the motor and everything else that we did helped to get the speed back up, so I'm pretty happy with it right now.

97 - Chad Little - John Deere Taurus: (qualified 32nd) "Both laps felt pretty good. It's a brand new car. We've shook it down since we got here. The crew has worked really hard. I feel that the John Deere Taurus is really pretty good. I feel that the early draw was not in our favor, but we were almost a tenth quicker than we practiced."

98 - Rick Mast - Universal Studios Taurus: (qualified 16th) "The lap was pretty good. Turns one and two was very smooth. The car really hustled through there. I got on it a little bit quick in the middle of three and four and it pushed on me off of four. That cost me a lot. We're happy with that."

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