Richmond: Edwards - Friday media visit

Ford drivers Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth and Jamie McMurray are all in the top 12 of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup point standings and each held separate Q&A sessions after Friday's two-hour practice session at Richmond International Raceway. CARL...

Ford drivers Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth and Jamie McMurray are all in the top 12 of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup point standings and each held separate Q&A sessions after Friday's two-hour practice session at Richmond International Raceway.

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion

WILL THE RACING BE ANY DIFFERENT WITH THE COT? "We just finished practice and my Office Depot Fusion drives just about the same as our Scotts Fusion over on the Busch side, so I think the racing is gonna be really close to the same. I don't think it's gonna be any different. The cars feel, actually, pretty good."

HOW IS YOUR LEARNING CURVE COMING WITH THE COT? "I feel like we're just a tick behind on this car of tomorrow, but the future looks good. We haven't devoted a ton of testing resources and engineering to this thing yet and we're still fairly competitive with it, so I think it's gonna be pretty good in kind of the mid-term future."

WOULD YOU KNOW HOW TO ACT IF THE QUEEN WAS AROUND THE TRACK? "I saw the queen on TV the other day and that's pretty cool she's in town. It would be interesting to invite her over, grab something to eat, and maybe give her a radio to listen to the race. She seems pretty cool."

THE HENDRICK CARS HAVEN'T BEEN THAT GOOD HERE BUT THEY'RE GREAT IN COT RACES SO FAR. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THEM THIS WEEKEND? "I think the Hendrick cars are gonna be really good. They're obviously running really well. All of the Chevrolets are running really well, especially in the car of tomorrow races, but the way this sport goes it's up and down and I feel like the meetings we've had and the things we've been preparing for in the future are gonna bode well for the Ford teams here in the short term."

DARLINGTON AND CHARLOTTE ARE COMING UP. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THOSE PLACES? "The next month is gonna be a lot of fun. Darlington is a blast. Charlotte is fun. We get to have some fun races and we're at the point where you can't make anymore mistakes. You have to really establish yourself in that top 12. Last week we blew up at Talladega and, for us, we're not looking to move forward as much as we are just looking to not shoot ourselves in the feet like we did last week."

A LOT OF GUYS SAY IT'S BEEN TOUGH GETTING THE COT TO TURN IN THE CENTER OF THE CORNER. DO YOU AGREE? "Yeah, the trick with the car of tomorrow so far is to get it to turn in the center of the corner and not be unbelievably loose in and off, so that's what we're working on. We've found some stuff just here today that's working really well, so from the start of practice to now it feels a ton better."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT BEING ON MAD TV THIS WEEKEND? "It was really fun. I'm pretty excited about being on Mad TV. They were really cool to work with. Both my PR guy, Randy Fuller, and I are both in the little skit, but you've got to see it. The main guy in the skit was real funny. He and his brother were pretty hilarious."

ANYMORE TV STUFF COMING UP? "I don't think anymore TV stuff anytime soon, but that stuff is always fun to do. That took about 30 minutes and it was kind of a good break in the day. We had a good time with it, so hopefully we'll do more in the future."

HOW DID IT COME ABOUT? "I don't know how it came about. I know they wanted to do something with somebody and I think I was just kind of available. We ended up getting along pretty well when they called. We understood what they were trying to do and, mostly, we were just up for doing whatever and having a good time and they seemed to be on the same program."

YOU WERE ON THE EXTRA TV SHOW AS BEING AN ELIGIBLE BACHELOR. "We've worked with them on a couple of things and they're really fun to work with. Somehow they decided to include me on some sort of bachelor list, which is cool to me."

DID YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR DREAM DATE? "I talked about my dream woman. I didn't really talk about my dream date, but I told them Halle Berry was pretty far up the list. I've never met her, but from outward appearances she seems pretty cool."

YOU'RE IN THE TOP 12 NOW. DO YOU FEEL IN CHAMPIONSHIP SHAPE? "I feel like we'll be alright. Honestly, it's a little bit frustrating how we've been running. We just haven't been one of those where we've been fast in practice, fast in the race, hauling the mail lately and it's a little bit frustrating, but from what I can tell we're gaining ground. We've got some good plans with engineering and stuff to hopefully get ahead of the curve a little bit. It would be really tough if we hadn't run well before and know how simple that is when everything is going right, but I feel like we're working towards good things."

-credit: ford racing

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