Richmond: Bowyer - Friday media visit

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 33 BB&T CHEVROLET, met with members of the media at Richmond International Raceway and discussed. TALK ABOUT YOUR WEEKEND HERE AT RICHMOND: "This is a track where me as a driver and us as a team feel like we can get the job...

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 33 BB&T CHEVROLET, met with members of the media at Richmond International Raceway and discussed.

TALK ABOUT YOUR WEEKEND HERE AT RICHMOND: "This is a track where me as a driver and us as a team feel like we can get the job done here. This is a good track for us. Hopefully, we can get that first win of, I guess our crew of the No. 33 car, together. It's time. Our teammate, Kevin Harvick, got the first win for RCR this year and that felt good for everybody at the shop. Spirits are high. Our cars are all three pretty fast here. Looking for a big day tomorrow."

SOME PEOPLE ARE SAYING THAT LAST SUNDAY'S CUP RACE AT TALLADEGA WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER IN THE SPORT, FROM WHERE YOU WERE SITTING, WHERE WOULD YOU LABEL THAT RACE IN THE HISTORY OF NASCAR? "It was boring as far as my situation went. I rode around in the back and snuck in and got a decent finish out of it. That is the only way I can get a good finish there. I hate doing it. It is boring and no good for your sponsor and everything else. But like I said, I needed to get a good finish. I had a bad finish at Texas, got caught up in that wreck. I needed to have a good day at Talladega. I think if we wouldn't have had a good day or a decent points day at Talladega, we would have been digging ourselves out of that hole all summer long and I didn't want to do that. For me, I'm a fan of restrictor plate racing. I like it. I love Daytona. I'm sad to hear they are repaving it. I love the way the race track races and the way have to handle. Not only do you have to draft well, but you have to handle. I think that just throws that extra loop in to in. Talladega has so much grip, you know, you can literally drive around the whole track looking in the mirror. Your car isn't moving around a bit and you drive around there looking in the mirror the whole time. We are all bunched up and usually crashing everybody. I would say it was exciting. They crashed pretty much everybody and did everything the fans like to see. Yup it was cool."

TALK ABOUT YOUR CAMPAIGN FOR THE ALL STAR RACE, HEARING SOMETHING ABOUT POSTERS? "I'm not making posters. I guess I'll staple some up to some telephone poles if you make them for me or something. I don't know. I want to win this race at Richmond and win my way in to that deal. That is how I want to do it. I'm not a big fan of being in something that you didn't belong in. How you get into the All Star race is by running up front and winning races and if you can't do that, you shouldn't be in it."

HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THE REALITY ON A WEEK-TO-WEEK BASIS THAT 43 DRIVERS START THE RACE AND THERE IS ONLY ONE GUY THAT WINS? "Not winning, you never get over it. We are racers and grew up racing and winning races. I hate losing, it sucks. It has been a long time since we won a Cup race and we're long overdue. I feel like it is our turn and we need to get it done."

WHAT IT IS ABOUT TRACKS LIKE THIS AND NEW HAMPSHIRE THAT SUIT NOT ONLY YOUR STYLE BUT RCR IN GENERAL? "I think RCR short track program is has always been good. This track, I don't know why, it just kind of fell into my driving style. I love this place. You have got to get up on the wheel and make it happen at a track like this. I think this is a perfect size race track. It is just fast enough that you get that sensation of speed that we all like and it is just short enough that we can beat and bang on each other and root and gouge for a win. That is what puts on a good show at tracks like Richmond."

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE NO. 21 NATIONWIDE CAR AND TEAM TO GET THEM RUNNING BETTER? HAVE YOU SPOKEN TO JOHN WES TOWNLEY? "I just try to do my job of getting to the end of these races and I'm getting them a good finish. That is a good group of guys that have been working hard getting some cars built back up. As far as John Wes, I haven't seen or talked to him. I kind of do my own thing and when he (Richard Childress) tells me to get in it and drive, I get in it and drive."

WHY AREN'T OTHER DRIVERS WORKING AT TRYING TO RATTLE JIMMIE'S CAGE LIKE JEFF GORDON SEEMS TO BE DOING? "Well, Jeff pays his bills. (LAUGHS) Pays half of them anyway. I like it, I think it is good. I think seeing a little attitude in Jeff Gordon is good. That cat has been around this sport a long time and he's sick of Jimmie Johnson stealing everybody's thunder just like everybody else. But hey, man, you can't knock him. The man has done a hell of a good job. He has won four championships in a row and it is hard is hard to knock a guy like that off of his focus. He is pretty good. Might try. I think everybody has tried. It is just that they can't get to him. You can't run into something you can't catch."

HOW GOOD DO YOU THINK YOUR TEAM IS NOW? "It has been good. We've been working hard. Everybody is enjoying the little bit of success we've seen so far. When you work really hard like we have to get things turned back around, you want to see some kind of results. It is refreshing to see that we've seen so far. We haven't gotten as many wins as I think we could I think that we could have had. That is the most important thing is that we have been pretty good, we really have. All three of us have been in contention at one point of another to win a race this year. One of us has gotten the job done. I think we keep knocking on the door, keep improving on the little things that make a big difference and we will all be getting wins. Hopefully multiple wins this year."

YOU LOST COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR SPOTTER LAST SUNDAY, HOW DIFFICULT IS THAT AND IS THAT THE WORST TRACK, TALLADEGA, FOR THAT TO HAPPEN? "It probably be the worst track. He talks a lot, I didn't know if his battery went dead or what happened. I couldn't hear nothing. My plug, something happened in the plug of my helmet. It was just a loose connection or something. I kept messing with it. Driving with your knee for a couple of laps trying to mess with that was pretty difficult to do at Talladega. Shows how smooth the place is. They did a good job repaving that place."

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