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Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion, moved up four spots after last week's fifth-place finish at Talladega and now sits 10th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series standings. Biffle spoke about his team's recent resurgence...

Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion, moved up four spots after last week's fifth-place finish at Talladega and now sits 10th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series standings. Biffle spoke about his team's recent resurgence before qualifying on Friday.

"I think the second practice we got our car going better than we were in the first practice, but still when we switched to qualifying trim, we couldn't get a handle on it. We couldn't get it to go like we wanted it to, so I'm not real sure how we're gonna end up qualifying, but I think we'll be good for tomorrow night."

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT TALLADEGA? ANY SUGGESTIONS? "I think we're all glad that last Sunday nobody was seriously hurt. You think about the fans sitting in the stands with no protection, but also Carl up in that fence. We've seen injuries in the past with fence posts or things coming through the windshield or side window coming inside the car, so, first of all, I'm just thankful that nobody got hurt. Secondly, we continue to push the envelope as drivers about bump drafting and about pushing each other. We always talk about it. NASCAR always talks about it in the driver's meeting. We don't want you bump drafting in the tri-oval, so we start pushing on the straightaways and then we start pushing real lightly in the corner, and then we start pushing a little bit harder and, ultimately, that's what ends up causing an accident. And blocking. We've seen it over and over again, when you block somebody or pull down, NASCAR said they'll penalize us for going below the yellow line, so you have to do a good job about knowing whether you're clear or not in order to move down in front of a car because that car is no longer gonna move below the yellow line because they don't want to be penalized. One, we need to police the bump-drafting a little bit more and say, 'If it's physically making contact with the car around the corners,' maybe you should be penalized possibly. And then the other thing is they always say if you force a guy below the yellow line you may be penalized. If you pass below the yellow line, you will be penalized. We need to probably change that verbiage a little bit to where the 'will' is in both of them. If you force a guy below the yellow line, he's inside of you and you just turn to the left and run him down onto the flat, then you get penalized for that. That's not gonna fix all the problems.

"Restrictor plate racing is a great thing and we're always gonna be bunched up, we're always gonna do that, but there has to start being some consequences for the bump-drafting and chopping a guy off when he's inside of you. Last year, a perfect example, a year ago the guy elected to go below the yellow line and not turn Tony Stewart around and flip him upside-down, and they took the race away from for passing below the yellow line. This year, the guy knew not to go below the yellow line and we had an accident. Both cases were trying to block or force that guy below the yellow line, and maybe we're gonna have to be harder on that guy for trying to force a guy down there."

KURT BUSCH SAID AT PENSKE THEY HAVE AS MANY TRACK SPECIFIC CARS WITH THE COT AS WITH THE OLD CAR. IS THAT TRUE FOR YOU GUYS AS WELL? "No, it's not. I was listening to him, maybe that's why they're running better this year. He's right up there, but, no, we're not. We don't have as many track specific cars. We do have some short track cars that are a little bit lighter that we'll try and get as light as we can, and certainly have speedway specific cars and then you have road course cars. You're always gonna have that, no matter what we race, but we don't have as many cars as we did have. This car allows us to go more places with the same car."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR DRAG RACE LAST WEEKEND? "I've got a 2007 Shelby GT500 Mustang and it's a secret what's under the hood. It's a stock Ford engine that I just changed the super-charger on it. It comes factory super-charged and I've changed the super-charger and put an exhaust on it. I've got a computer guy that works on all my cars with the computer deal, but, other than that, I've never taken a valve cover off it. It's pretty amazing that a street car or a car from the factory will run 10.00-flat quarter mile close to 150 miles an hour. It's a pretty amazing car. I drive it to the race shop. It's got a navigational screen. I can shut the air-conditioning off and race the guy next to me. It's full wheel-tubbed, trans-brake. He's got it on the trans-brake on the rev-chip leaving the line and all that. It makes probably low 800's with the rear tires. It's a pretty cool car."

-credit: ford racing

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