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GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 National Guard/Subway Taurus YOU MIGHT BECOME THE FIRST DRIVER TO WIN A TITLE IN ALL THREE OF NASCAR'S MAJOR DIVISIONS. "I've got a couple of years to be able to get it done and it would be exciting to National Guard on the...

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 National Guard/Subway Taurus

YOU MIGHT BECOME THE FIRST DRIVER TO WIN A TITLE IN ALL THREE OF NASCAR'S MAJOR DIVISIONS. "I've got a couple of years to be able to get it done and it would be exciting to National Guard on the car and all these sponsors and win a championship for them. We were the first ones to win with any of these Armed Forces or military on a race car, so that's exciting too, but it would be neat to be the first guy to win all three different titles. Our chances are pretty decent this year. I feel if the chase started today, we're probably the strongest team in the hunt as far as the championship, but 20 races from now or when we get 26 in, it may be a different story. There may be somebody else who is a little better than us."

WHAT MAKES ROUSH RACING AND HENDRICK HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE? "I tell you what, the other teams are catching up quick. The DEI cars, Evernham cars, Childress cars - all those guys are running better and better - top 5s and top 10s - knocking on the door for a win. Kasey was at Darlington, so I think it's around the corner and we're gonna have a lot more company to deal with as far as races to win. But we were better at the end of the year and so was the 48 car and the 24 was very good. They finished second and third right there at Homestead. They started off the season just like we finished it, and so have all the Roush teams, so, really, if you isolate it and look at the end of the season with the wins Jimmie Johnson had in the final chase run, really nothing has changed from last year to this year."

WHAT DID YOU LEARN AS FAR AS THE CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR? "Just stay tough. Don't make any mistakes. It's really easy to make mistakes, especially at places like this. Short track racing at Richmond on a Friday or Saturday night, it's real easy to make mistakes and that's what we're trying not to do. We're trying not to make any mistakes, staying focused, and bringing the best cars we can to the race track and getting best prepared for next week as we can."

HOW DO YOU STAY EVEN KEEL ALL THE TIME? "You want to fight (laughing)." HOW DO YOU HOLD YOUR EMOTIONS? "It is tough. I get a little hot inside the race car sometimes, but I've got the big picture in mind. I always race the race with you can't fix what's happened. If a guy runs you up in the marbles and you recover and you get back going again, well, pick up the pieces and get back going again. That's already done and happened and passed, so focus on the rest of the race and what you have left. That's what I had to do at Darlington. I just skimmed the wall a tiny bit coming off of two, leading with Jimmie Johnson closing on me and I just had to stay concentrated and stay focused - slow up a little bit. If your car is not as good as it needed to be, I can't overdrive. I was overdriving it too much. I needed to back down a notch and say, 'This is all I can do right now in order to continue this pace to get to the end of the race.' That's what you have to do here. You have to pace yourself. If you're not the fastest car right then, you're not. You need to back up a little bit, work on it on a pit stop and get better."

CAN YOU HANDLE LOOKING AT THE BIG PICTURE AND STILL HAVE FUN RACING GUYS LIKE JIMMIE JOHNSON? "It's fun. I had a lot of fun at Atlanta racing Jimmie. We traded the lead back and forth. He beat me out of the pits and I had to come back and race him for the position, so we had a lot of fun there. We have been racing each other a lot lately and I think it's gonna continue that way. He's fun to race with, especially on all these short tracks and all these races we've got coming up."

IF YOU KEEP WINNING IT WILL BE TOUGH TO REMAIN JUST A NORMAL GUY, WON'T IT? "Yeah, but everybody is like, 'Well, we didn't expect all this to happen, and who is this and who is he,' and all this. I'm just a driver like all these other guys. We're winning races and I think we're capable of that. I was just saying that people are trying to make these stories about this or about that and we're just all the same as all these other guys."

DOES IT BOTHER YOU THAT YOU'RE NOT RIGHT UP FRONT LIKE SOME OF THE OTHER GUYS? "No, I don't think so. I'm not bothered by it, but I'm like, 'Let's talk about something else now.' Let's talk about winning more races or whatever than talk about what's happened in the past or where we're at today."

GREG BIFFLE CONTINUED -- HOW WOULD YOU RACE YOURSELF? "Some guys race the heck out of us, but I try to be respectable on the race track. I think about all the races this season so far we've finished we haven't had a scratch on our car, except for Phoenix. We had a radiator sticking out of the grille, and that happened on pit road so I'm pretty proud of that. I haven't really had to move anybody out of the way. I haven't gotten my rear bumper knocked in, so we've been pretty clean all season and that's neat when you can come off the race track without any bumps or bruises 10 races in a row. That's saying quite a bit."

DO YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE THE BEST DRIVER OUT THERE RIGHT NOW? "I don't know about that. It comes and goes. I would say we're probably the best team right now. If you look at our last however many races, we're probably the best team right this second. That could change tomorrow night. We could finish 20th a lap down and that's the best run we could have. We're certainly not the fastest car here, but we're about top 15 and that's about where I thought we'd be."

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