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This Week in Ford Racing- Robbie Reiser

Robbie Reiser, general manager of Roush Fenway Racing, has assisted in a turnaround that has seen Roush Fenway and Ford Racing win three of the first seven races of the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. He spoke with Ford Racing via telephone on Monday about what he feels made this performance improvement possible.

ROBBIE REISER, General Manager, Roush Fenway Racing –

FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE AS THE MAN WHO OVERSEES WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SHOP, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE FROM LAST YEAR TO THIS YEAR? “We worked on everything. You can’t go through basically a year-and-a-half of not running well and not work on everything. We got behind in 2009 and then had the merger with RPM, which was a tremendous amount of work trying to marry the two companies together. Along with that came the FR9 motor, which we started out on a limited basis. We didn’t run that full-time until the middle of last season, but there were other things like changing from the wing to the spoiler, and then at the end of the summer we had to figure out how to put a new nose on these cars, so we had to go to work on every item.”

More than anything that attitude probably got our company running as a more efficient unit.

Robby Reiser

JACK SAID A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO THAT IT’S NEVER ONLY ONE THING. “We went back and took a look at the chassis and did a bunch of work there. We looked at the way we were hanging bodies and did a whole bunch of aero work there. We looked at our suspension and tried to get all of our cars basically on the same suspension, so when you look at the company, we sat down and said, ‘We’re gonna work on every part of this car. We’re gonna work on our teams. We’re gonna work on our engines.’ And that’s what we went and did. More than anything that attitude probably got our company running as a more efficient unit. We were able to do a lot of things working on every end of the car and that has helped us the most. It’s been a little bit of everything.”

Robbie Reiser watches his cars on the track
Robbie Reiser watches his cars on the track

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HOW IMPORTANT WAS IT TO GET OUT OF THE BOX THIS YEAR AS STRONGLY AS YOU DID? “I think if you didn’t have winning and championships on your mind and tried to come out of the box with a mindset to run strong, then you shouldn’t do this. I think every year everybody comes out thinking they’ve got their best stuff, it’s just certain years you seem to have it right and certain years you spend trying to fix it.”

WHAT WAS THE FEELING LIKE IN YOUR MONDAY MORNING MEETING AFTER A WEEKEND THAT SAW A WEEKEND SWEEP; FOUR RFR CARS FINISH IN THE TOP SEVEN OF THE CUP RACE, AND MARCOS AMBROSE FINISH SIXTH? “I’ve worked here a long time and it doesn’t seem to carry over to Monday morning. Monday mornings are more about what trouble we had and what things we need to work on. We don’t ever really talk about the weekend much, so what happened at Texas is in the past. This place runs more about Talladega this week and getting ready for the next eight races than what happened at Texas.”

IS IT FAIR TO SAY THEN THAT, MUCH LIKE THE ‘ONE FORD’ MOTTO, THAT IT’S BEEN A TOTAL ROUSH EFFORT TO GET THIS TURNED AROUND? “That’s a fair assessment. Everybody here – from the people that answer the phones, to those that drive the trucks, paint and build the cars, and work in engineering – we’ve worked on everything. Even our haulers are a little shinier this year (laughing).”

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