Pocono: Sterling Marlin preview

COORS LIGHT TEAM FACTS: -Chassis: The Coors Light team will race chassis ...

COORS LIGHT TEAM FACTS: -Chassis: The Coors Light team will race chassis #203 at Pocono. This is the same chassis that won at Las Vegas, Darlington and Charlotte last season.

-Pumped for Pocono: In 35 starts at Pocono Raceway (dating back to 1983), Marlin has 14 top-10 finishes. He has finished in the top-5 in three of the past four races there. He has two poles and no wins at Pocono.

-Qualifying Hex: Marlin has qualified in the top-10 only four times this year but seems to have bad finishes when he qualifies well. In those four races he finished 17th, 40th, 39th and 35th.


"I hope it doesn't rain and the track doesn't leak. Pocono has been real good to me. It's a good track. I like racing there. It's a handling track, you need to handle good and have a lot of power too. You either shift once or shift twice during a lap. I like shifting once because I'm not that good at shifting."

"We had a good shot to win last fall and had a good spring race. It's a lot different from any track we go to, but I really enjoy going to Pocono. There's a lot of room to pass. The tunnel turn is really a one-groove turn, but turn three you can really set somebody up and there's a lot going on. We're shifting now a lot more than we used to."

"Turn one and two is a two-groove deal. There are lots of places to pass. You go to the new tracks like Kansas City and Chicago, and they're still basically one-groove tracks. California has really come on with three or four grooves right up against the fence. Hopefully the Kansas and Chicago tracks will eventually get into that, but Pocono has been a good track for us."


Sterling Marlin -June 5: Whistles Pub, Pennsylvania 6:30pm to 8:30pm

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