Pocono: McCumbee - Dodge Saturday interview

CHAD McCUMBEE (No. 45 Goody's Cool Orange Dodge Charger) WERE YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR PERFORMANCE YESTERDAY? "You always want to be better, but we're working. And honestly this is the first time I've ever coil bound. In the truck series we...

CHAD McCUMBEE (No. 45 Goody's Cool Orange Dodge Charger)

WERE YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR PERFORMANCE YESTERDAY? "You always want to be better, but we're working. And honestly this is the first time I've ever coil bound. In the truck series we don't coil bind and that's what everybody is doing nowadays. So the adjustment everybody made a year ago I'm just now making. I think I've still got a little bit I need to learn for that situation. We've definitely made some positive gains. We gained a ton in qualifying from where we were in practice and when we unloaded in race trim. Hopefully today will go a lot better and we can learn something else that will help us out on Sunday. I just want to sit there and make the thing run for a long time. If we can sit there and be consistent, I feel like we can wear 'em out. We're not going to worry about sitting there and being the fastest. If we are quick that's awesome, but I just want to sit there and not have the thing fall off and be consistent all day long. I think they'll come back to us"

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION WHEN ASKED TO DRIVE THE 45 AT POCONO? "I had to pinch myself a little bit. This is such a tough sport, and there's been a lot of times I've been disappointed on a few things. I sit there and take it one day at a time and take things as they come. I'm glad this is what finally came together. This is the kind of place where I'd like to be. Looking at the kind of personnel they've got and they morale they've got going around there, It's definitely what I would be more accustomed to being around. They're a good group of people. Hopefully we can be successful soon."

COMMENT ON MAKING FIRST CUP START AT POCONO "For some reason, Pocono has been a pretty good track for me in the ARCA Series. I'm sure there may be easier tracks, but for me I'd rather come here. If it's a little difficult, it's just going to help my learning curve even more. The harder the track the more I'm going to learn. When you go with it in that mindset it's probably one of the better choices."

IS IT DIFFICULT NOT TO BE INTIMIDATED? "You've just got to race with a little more respect, and there's a lot of good drivers in the truck series I race with week in, week out. That definitely helps when you race against Todd Bodine and Mike Skinner, Rick Crawford and Hornaday and all the guys who have been there a long time. You race against them every week and it helps you, but the field is full of them over here. It's a little bit different, but I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully I can get some respect from them today."

COMMENT ON WORKING WITH CREW CHIEF BILL WILBURN "I told Bill two things I thought would help in qualifying and he told me two things he thought would help. We threw five things at it and made one last final adjustment we'd both talked about and it made a big difference. I'm real happy working with Bill so far. He's an awesome guy, and he's super easy to get along with. He's very accommodating to what I need in the racecar. It's been good so far, and I think the more we get to work together the better that'll be. He's very easy to talk to and I can talk to him about anything. That's pretty important. It's not just something that stays at the track. Even away from the track we'll eat dinner or do what we need to do. Everything has been smooth on that part."

DO YOU FEEL LIKE THIS IS A ONE-SHOT DEAL? "They've told me that's not the case and this is not a tryout or anything. I'm just going to go into as if I were running every race, if I was running all 36 races and just trying to get another solid finish out of it. That's the way I'll approach it and we'll see how it works out."

YOU'RE YOUNG. WILL YOUR PARENTS BE AT POCONO? "Yes, I'm 22-years-old from Supply, N.C. It's near Holden Beach. My parents are having a great time with all of this. Everybody back home has been very supportive. The local sports has been unbelievable and that's been very cool."

WHAT WOULD YOU BE SATISFIED WITH HERE SUNDAY? "A lead lap finish. Number wise it's so hard to tell. If you're on the lead lap you could be 15th or 35th. I think a top 20 or 25 would be really good. That would be something I'd go home and be satisfied with and felt like I really accomplished something. The main thing is I want to get better as the race goes on and I want to get better from where I started out yesterday. If I can improve myself and show some major progression and we can improve the vehicle to do what I need it to do, then I think that's an accomplishment."

WHAT HAS KYLE PETTY TOLD YOU? "He says it's just four wheels and a motor. That's the biggest thing. It's always the same as it has been. It's very easy to see that once you get in the thing and you're just worried about getting it quicker and not worried about being in the Cup garage. It's not about that. It's about working on your vehicle and doing your job and that's the way I've tried to approach it."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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