Pocono: Kurt Busch post-race interview

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) -- Finished 2nd, 17th in points, 177 out of 10th "It was definitely an interesting day to race today with the cool temperatures. My car didn't seem to run good at the beginning, but it didn't seem to...

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) -- Finished 2nd, 17th in points, 177 out of 10th

"It was definitely an interesting day to race today with the cool temperatures. My car didn't seem to run good at the beginning, but it didn't seem to fall off at the end, so a nice, solid pace all day. We didn't pass many cars because they kept me out front most of the day. The last stop was a 12.3, 13-second stops all day. They turned a top-five car into a second-place finish. It was tough to compete with Denny (Hamlin). He was good. He was solid. He even had a problem and came back from all of that, so congratulations to him. That was sweet to see. I think the moral of the story is we need to play more video games. He was fast, and he took it to us. We're happy with our Miller Lite Dodge. We finished second. All our associate sponsors, a great group of people here in Pennsylvania were with us. We'll take this type of setup and things we learned, because we had some different things in the car today, to Michigan next week and see how we do there."


"We knew it was going to be a five-lap sprint to the end and the first lap was going to be to see who could slide through the dirt the best. I've got Stewart behind me and he's probably the best dirt track racer in the group. Denny Hamlin, a Cowboy in front of me. He's going to go for it. I hope I can stick and make it through. Sure enough the track was fine. NASCAR did a good job getting the green in and race to the end. That's what the fans want to see. That's what it's all about. I didn't have much for him. I knew we were good enough to finish second and hold Tony off. Any longer and these guys would have got us."


"We had a good weekend. I really enjoy racing at Pocono. We had solid practices, and I was bummed we didn't quite get the pole, but now I feel better about it. Denny definitely had the car that was capable of sitting on the pole and winning the race, and we were second best to him. That's more of a win for our group because of our recent struggles up and down. I finished 16th last week. We struggled at Charlotte with that real hard tire. This was a nice, solid car. It turned when I needed it to. It stuck with the rear end when I needed it to. We changed a couple of things in it, and we'll just take that to Michigan and see how we do. These are two good tracks to try to get ourselves back on track. I really enjoy running at Sonoma. I finished third there last year. The 400 at Daytona is any man's race and we feel like we've got solid restrictor plate cars. We've got a good stretch of tracks coming up, and I really hope we're able to put some impact in as far as our finish to gain some points."


"I think it builds a solid foundation in being able to know the team put me back out front when we came in leading. They felt that adrenalin of running up front. This is a whole new group of guys, a new crew chief, everybody over the wall is in different spots. We might have one guy the same. Just to have that overall feeling to know we can do it... We won at Bristol earlier this year.

We've been on poles before. We've just had a string of bad luck, initiated by cars not handling well. Then you put yourself in position in the back where things happen. This is a nice, solid run. Some of the setup we learned today and this whole weekend will help us at Michigan. We tested at VIR. We felt like we were fast. I just think it's a great group of tracks coming up for us. I've always struggled in May if you look at the history. I've won at Richmond. I've done well at Charlotte, but just in May it's a tough month. Now we're back in June and we're ready to rock 'n roll."


"I won the July race here last year, and I'm like 'I'm on it. I'm ready for Indy.' Everybody says you do good at Pocono you're ready to rip at Indy. I think I finished 18th, just hanging on. The setups seem to be very different of late. A few years ago that worked, but I think recently things have changed so dramatically from track to track. If you get dialed in at Pocono it doesn't mean you're guaranteed of a good, solid finish at Indy. Indy is its own animal. It's very different. It's a dream come true for a guy like Tony to win there, as well as all the rest of us. We put that much emphasis and we hope we can do well this time around. It doesn't hurt if we do good here, but I don't think it's the key at Indy."

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