Pocono II: Mike Delahanty - Dodge interview

MIKE DELAHANTY, SENIOR MANAGER OF THE DODGE MOTORSPORTS PROGRAM COMMENTS ON THE SALE OF CHRYSLER TO CERBERUS CAPITOL MANAGEMENT - "With the Cererbus sale now complete with Chrysler and Dodge, it really doesn't change anything in terms of our ...


COMMENTS ON THE SALE OF CHRYSLER TO CERBERUS CAPITOL MANAGEMENT - "With the Cererbus sale now complete with Chrysler and Dodge, it really doesn't change anything in terms of our commitment level or how we're going to go forward with our NASCAR program specifically. We've got long-term commitments in the sport, we've have long-term commitments with our teams, we have a long-term plan. Recently this week we had meetings at the highest level of the company where we once again, reiterated our position, our goal, to win. We're in this sport to win.

"The Cererbus involvement with the brand as an investor looks at Chrysler as an opportunity to bring great returns to their investors. They're going to let us run our business. We've proven that we have a pretty good way to build and sell cars, more specifically in terms of Dodge. We have a pretty good plan in place to market our cars and market them to our customers. A lot of our customers are NASCAR fans. So we'll continue to do that. NASCAR is a very important part of the Dodge brand and we'll continue to be here to speak to our fans our there in the stands and to drive our products and be passionate about our drivers and race teams."

COMMENTS ON COT -- "If you take the silhouette of the car of tomorrow and lay it against the Avenger and Charger there's a striking resemblance, especially the Charger. From a marketing standpoint, branding with the Avenger has been a great opportunity to get a lot of exposure with the name and launch that into the market place. We love seeing that rear camera shot (with the) Avenger and the grill is just huge on screen. We think that works pretty good for us."

THOUGHTS ON THE STATE OF MERGERS ACROSS NASCAR -- "Right now there's evolution. There's evolution in business, there's evolution in a lot of things. I think we're in one of those evolutionary periods right now where things are changing and that's fine. Change is good usually. For us, from a business standpoint if it brings these teams the tools and resources they need to do a better job as partners then we're all for it.

"We just went through one of these ownership changes yesterday. It's inevitable. Evernham is looking at an opportunity like that and we think for them, it's going to be fantastic. Bring them resources, open up whole new worlds in business that they haven't had available before in the past. Plus, it will free Ray up to do one of the things he does very well and that's make cars go fast."

COMMENTS ON THE LONG TERM HEALTH OF NASCAR AND SMALLER TEAMS BASED ON THE CONTINUING MERGERS IN THE SPORT -- "That's a concern. That's probably one of the hotter business topics that we've hear so far. I'll use the auto industry as an analogy because it's one we know very well. The lines and the cycles there's a lot of saw tooth activity. Up and down, changes in things and markets readjust. So while right now it looks like, how can you run a one car team, how can you run a two car team, there's no way you can do that. Business cycles adjust such that things eventually play out. There's a lot of great things that small teams bring, different personalities, different characteristics and a lot of things that make this an exciting sport.

I would hate to see those things go away because that's what makes it so colorful, all these different personalities and the different elements in the sport. So I guess we're sitting back and watching to see what happens. The sport right now is in one of the periods where just like in the auto industry, we have great years and things adjust. You don't focus on that one time period, you look at a span over time. I think if you look over time at the industry it's doing O.K. You have to smooth out the curve and not just look if there's a downward trend or an upward trend, look at overall over time."

ON DODGES BIGGEST CHALLENGES -- "The winner's circle. We've had a hard time getting a break this year. You've got to admit it. We haven't got the break when we need it. We got the make or break when we didn't need it. Pick a race and we can point out the Dodge unlucky moment.

"We're working harder and our teams our testing more than ever in the past. We've gone back and through and looked at everything we do in terms of how we help our teams. Making sure that everything we're doing in terms of our engine support is right on. The Penske guys prove it. They're actually one of the teams that are using more of our tools this year and it's paying off. They're performance week to week is better off and we think those guys are going to come through. You hate to point to it, but if we just got some luck we'd be back to our fair share and maybe a little more."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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