Pocono II: Harvick - GM Top-10 interview

BEHIND THE HAULER CHAT WITH KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 GM GOODWRENCH MONTE CARLO SS: ON HOW TIGHT POINTS RACE IS AT THIS POINT IN THE SEASON: "It is just kind of is what it is. You go out and race as hard as you can, go as fast as you can and do the...


ON HOW TIGHT POINTS RACE IS AT THIS POINT IN THE SEASON: "It is just kind of is what it is. You go out and race as hard as you can, go as fast as you can and do the things you can and everything will just happen the way it is supposed to happen. You can either stress yourself out about it or you can just go race."

ON RESURGENCE OF RICHARD CHILDRESS RACING: "I don't think it is one thing, I think it is a lot of things put together. Our cars are better, our engines are better, everyone is communicating better, everyone gets along. It just isn't really one thing."

WHAT IS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JUNE AND JULY RACE AT POCONO? "Probably about 20,000 less people. (Chuckles) Usually the track is a little bit slicker when we come back for the second race, but they changed the left side tire on us this time. Nobody has ever seen this tire before or this code, so we really don't know exactly what to expect but that is the only unknown we have coming in to this Pocono."

ON TALK GOING AROUND THAT THERE ISN'T ENOUGH QUALITY DRIVERS IN NASCAR: "Well, I think there is obviously a shortage of drivers right now. With all the new teams coming in and other teams struggling to keep their performance of their cars up, it makes it hard to keep quality drivers. Right now there is a shortage of them. I don't know that there is anything anyone can do right now other than to look outside the boxes like Chip Ganassi has done with Juan (Pablo Montoya). I think those are the avenues people are starting to go down. It is going to be interesting to see how it all shakes out just to the fact of having a lot of good cars and not enough drivers to fill them."

ON WHAT KHI LEARNED LAST WEEK HAVING JEFF BURTON DRIVE ONE OF THEIR BUSCH SERIES CARS: "Burney (Lamar) doesn't have a lot of experience about what we exactly needed. Nobody knew what the answer was. The car unloaded well and was fast right out off the bat. They made some mistakes on pit road and kind of ended their day. So, I think everybody learned a lot, found out exactly what it was supposed to be and ended up being a real positive for all people involved. So hopefully we will go forward they can perform a little bit better."

ON HOW KHI TRUCK AND BUSCH PROGRAMS ARE PERFORMING RIGHT NOW: "I feel really good about it. Our truck has been winning races and running in the top-five every week. The 33 Busch car has been good for the most part, hit or miss. The Busch teams just need to have more consistency. The truck just needs to keep doing what it is doing."

ON SILLY SEASON STARTING SO EARLY: "Everybody is just trying to position themselves to do what they need to do to gain an advantage. Everybody just wants to be in a good car. All the teams want to get their sponsors situated with so much pressure to get in the Chase and do the things you need to do performance wise, everybody just wants to make sure they position themselves going forward. They want to lock things down sponsorship wise, so when you have your driver, your team is usually easier to build. It is one of those things where you can build everything better if you have everything locked down early."

ON BEING MORE COMFORTABLE THIS SEASON WITH IMPROVEMENTS AT RCR: "I think anytime you run good, you are more comfortable and it is more fun, that is for sure. Anytime you have better race cars and you are running in the top-10 and able to contend with everybody week in and week out, it makes it a lot more fun."

ON PROGRESS OF TEAMMATE CLINT BOWYER: "That team has done a good job, they just have to get the consistency. Right now, I think he is having a little bit of trouble qualifying and once they step over that hurdle, I think it will make it easier. They have run really well in the race every week, it is just their qualifying that has been an Achilles heel for them. All in all they have done a good job this year. They have run in the top-10 quite a bit. I think they have done really good."

ON CHANGE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH JEFF BURTON OVER TIME HE HAS BEEN WITH RCR: "I think any time you get to know somebody better, your relationship becomes better. Jeff is one of those people who is very competitive and helps drive me. I hope I help drive him. I respect him a lot and what he has done. He is very good with people and understands how to get the most out of people so that has been exciting for me. That is something that I am not very good at, and still not going to be very good at because we go at things a different way. He has been a great addition to our organization. We get along great. All three of us talk a lot among ourselves, that is one of the things we have to keep going and I don't see any reason that it won't"

ON POTENTIAL OF PITFALLS FOR GUYS TRYING TO MAKE THE CHASE AT UPCOMING WATKINS GLEN ROAD COURSE RACE: "There is the potential for pitfalls everywhere. We run good on the road courses, and we don't want to look at it as just there. There are pitfalls here, there are pitfalls there, I could trip and fall going across this garage and not practice today and that could be a pitfall. You just go out and run as hard as you can, do the best that you can and just don't sit around and worry about this stuff. You go out and prepare the best you can and race. That is what we do."

ON AGGRESSIVE NATURE ON THE TRACK BEING BYPRODUCT OF DIFFICULTY OF GETTING TO THE CHASE: "I think that is a race. Everybody races hard, it is not a case of people just running in to each other. I mean, we all go out there to race and race hard. People just run in to each other and that is just the way it is. I don't think there is any additional hard driving, everybody is just racing hard as they have for years."

ON WANTING TO WIN ANOTHER BRICKYARD 400: "Yes, I do. Everybody puts a lot of effort in to the Brickyard. Just knowing how big of a race it is to win, you want to go back and win it again. It is an important race for everybody because all the sponsors show up; there are hundreds of thousands of fans there and it is a prestigious race to win."

ON FEELINGS WALKING INTO GARAGE AT BRICKYARD: "Going to the Brickyard is just one of those places that has so much history, so much prestige especially if you sit on the pole or win. It is just one of those places that everybody wants to win. You remember the first time you walked in, there is just something about the place, it is just a lot of fun to be a part of."

ON BRICKYARD TEST: "The test went really good for us. I think everybody is obviously pretty nervous about the tire, when we first got there, the tires wore out in seven laps. They say they are going to be all right. But you never can tell until you get back. I felt like our cars were good. So if the tires don't create a huge issue, then it should be fun."

ON WEEKEND SCHEDULE BETWEEN POCONO AND MARTINSVILLE FOR BUSCH RACE: "The weekend is pretty simple. We will show up for the race, jump in and go race. Thursday we went to the open practice, but otherwise, we will be focused on doing everything here at Pocono. We won't be there early enough to qualify the car there tomorrow. We are going to run both practices here in the Cup car. The cars were really fast yesterday so if we can just make it to the front without getting tore up, everything should be just fine."

ON IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIP WITH CREW CHIEF TODD BERRIER IN BATTLE FOR CHASE: "The relationship with everyone on this team is important. Todd and I have a fairly unique relationship compared to most people. We are really good friends and have been together for the most part of seven years now and communicate really well. He understands who I am and how I go about things and I understand who he is and how he goes about things. It is a very good relationship."

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