Pocono II: Ford teams race quotes

JEFF BURTON - No. 99 Roush Racing Taurus (Finished 34th) 'I'm OK. It's just unfortunate for us. We really struggled today and didn't run near as well as I thought we would. The guys worked really hard to build a special car, but with no ...

JEFF BURTON - No. 99 Roush Racing Taurus (Finished 34th)

'I'm OK. It's just unfortunate for us. We really struggled today and didn't run near as well as I thought we would. The guys worked really hard to build a special car, but with no practice we didn't have a chance to figure out what it needed. So it's a real disappointing day with how we ran and, of course, how we finished."

THAT WAS A HARD HIT. "That was a real hard hit. That's as hard as I've hit in a long time. It hit really hard for sure. I'm glad the softer walls are up. Without the softer walls it would have hit that much harder, but it was just hard racing. Jamie and I drove into three together and we'd been loose all day and it just came around really hard on me. I never had a chance to even slow down to try to get it righted. That's why it hit so hard because the momentum was going so hard, but we'll be there for another day."

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 38 M&M's Taurus (Finished 10th)

"We had a good, strong car early on and we kept making adjustments. The crew did a great job and got me some track position, but we also had some miscues after halfway. It was up and down at the end there and we just dug too deep of a hole to get out. It's a shame because this M&M's team really has tons of talent but we just seem to have crazy stuff happening to us lately. We just had an awesome car and worked hard all day, but the pit mistakes cost us big-time. I'm sure we will regroup and get them at Indy."

YOU PULLED OUT A TOP 10. "Yeah, we just never gave up. We had fuel problems and had a tire roll across pit road. We took a top five car and kind of put us in the back and it's hard to make those kind of passes, but we never gave up. To come back and finish 10th and get all the points we could is a great day for us. I'm just really tired right now and I'm worn out. I just want to go sit in the air conditioning."

A LOT OF GUYS HAD PROBLEMS AROUND YOU IN THE POINTS. "I haven't looked at the points yet, but it definitely helped us. Now we can go to Indy and try to race for the win."

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Finished 2nd)

"That's nearly as good as a win. I tell you what, this Viagra team had this Taurus working today. I just couldn't run with the 48, but, boy, we had a time with the rest of them. I had a great powerplant with Ford under the hood. It was an awesome car. Pat Tryson and these guys are just incredible. I just want to thank everybody that supports us."

A GOOD DAY IN POINTS. "We're in a deep hole. You can't count on running like this every week, but I've sure got a great race team and I just appreciate their effort. This is what I've wanted to do all my life is contend for these races and I feel like a kid again to be able to get out there and do it in these cars. I'm happy. I don't know about the points. I'm not worried about it. I don't think we can get there, but, heck, if we can go win some races. I want to win the Brickyard next week. If we do that, maybe we'll get there."

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 4th)

FIRST TOP FIVE OF THE YEAR? "Yeah, these guys worked really hard in the pits and Doug made some really good calls. I'm just happy to get the National Guard Ford up here in the top five. We've run here all season long and qualified in the top 10 a bunch, but we just haven't finished here. Today, we didn't do anything different than we normally did, we just didn't have any missteps in the pits and didn't have to come back. We didn't get caught for speeding and there were no flat tires, so it was really a normal day for us and it got us in the top five."

A GOOD WEEKEND OVERALL. "Yeah, I was wishing this is what the whole season would have been like is this right here - a couple of wins here and a top five there. It's unfortunate that our season hasn't been like that, but it's been good right here."

HOW WAS THE CAR? "The car did really well. Doug and the guys did a great job with the National Guard car and I'm really excited about it. We're just a little bit off from running with that 48 and we'll go do our homework and, hopefully, come back and be better."

KURT BUSCH - No. 97 Sharpie/IRWIN Taurus (Finished 26th)

"The transmission went and it was weird. I've never broken a gear to know what goes first or what happened, so it was just some bad luck."

THE GOOD THING FROM YOUR STANDPOINT IS A LOT OF GUYS AROUND 10TH HAD PROBLEMS TODAY. "The top 10 is fine, but if 11th has a good day, then we're in trouble."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 DEWALT Taurus (Finished 8th)

"We ran terrible all day, but through adjusting the car and doing all the work on it we got back up in the top 10. But we didn't have a very good car all day. We made some major changes and had to throw everything at it."

NOT GETTING ANY PRACTICE HURT YOU WITH THIS CAR? "Not in normal circumstances, but we changed our whole aero package on that car to be more like the 6. Maybe we need different setups to run with that. We tried to run what we did last time and it was way too loose, so we just have to keep working on it."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Keep It Genuine/Motorcraft Taurus (Finished 12th)

"We started off and we just couldn't get a hold of the race track, but the guys kept making adjustments. As the day went on, we got farther away at one time but they made some more adjustments and we got better. Right there at the end the car just got real tight. We put on two tires and I still think that helped us with the track position, but we gave up a little bit on the chassis because the car got real tight with those two tires. So it wasn't a great day, but a lot better than we've been doing."

DALE JARRETT - No. 88 UPS Taurus (Finished 24th)

IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE FROM A POINTS STANDPOINT. "Yeah, I guess it could have but this was one of the places that we knew was a place for us to make up some ground. I've said all along that we can't have any mistakes and we had a part failure. The transmission didn't work right from the very get-go. I guess maybe if we could have practiced yesterday it may have helped us to figure that part out, but it was unfortunate. We just have to keep digging and see what we can do."

IS THE SILVER LINING THE FACT THAT THE CAR WAS GOOD AND YOU CAN BE OPTIMISTIC TAKING IT TO INDY? "Yeah, this is the car I definitely wanted to take to Indy, so we were able to accomplish that much. Hopefully, we can go there and have a really good day."

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