Pocono II: Ford teams race quotes, notes

* Carl Edwards' victory at Pocono today is the 11th of his career and fourth of the season. He also won at California, Las Vegas and Texas. Edwards' wins at California and Las Vegas marked the second time in his career that he posted back-to-back...

* Carl Edwards' victory at Pocono today is the 11th of his career and fourth of the season. He also won at California, Las Vegas and Texas. Edwards' wins at California and Las Vegas marked the second time in his career that he posted back-to-back victories.

* This is Edwards' second career Cup win at Pocono. His victory at Pocono in 2005 was the second of his Cup career, and he won in his first-ever trip to the 2.5-mile triangle-shaped track.

* Edwards started 29th in his 2005 win, the deepest in the field of any Cup winner in the history of Pocono.

* Edwards is second in the Sprint Cup series in victories.

* Edwards now has 13 top-10 finishes in his last 16 starts. His 15 top-10s overall lead the series.

* Edwards' victory at Dover last year was the 100th all-time for Roush Fenway Racing.

* Ford now has won 587 races all-time in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series.

* Ford now has won 20 times in 62 races at Pocono Raceway.

* Today's win is Fusion's fourth of the season and 18th all-time since its debut in 2006. Fusion's first-ever NSC victory was by Matt Kenseth in February 2006 at California Speedway.


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion -- VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW

"That was just unbelievable. Bob and I were really arguing. I'm trying to make a little light of it, but we thought we'd made the wrong call but I just can't thank my guys enough and everybody for hanging tough. Everybody at Office Depot, we've had an unbelievable run with Office Depot. Ford Motor Company, they make the best cars out there. I'm proud to drive them. This is good."

BOB OSBORNE MENTIONED AN EXPERIMENTAL SETUP TODAY. WHAT ABOUT IT? "Bob is the smartest guy in the world. He's a smart guy, very intelligent and I hope we can be together for a long, long time. I'm just really happy. I was feeling really nervous and thought we made the wrong call there, but it was good though."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion (Finished 11th)

HOW WELL CAN YOU KEEP TRACK OF WHAT'S GOING ON OUT THERE? "Obviously probably not very well. You kind of know what's going on, but it's really hard to keep track of. We knew when we stayed out there when it rained that we were about three laps short of making it on one stop and everybody else was gonna make it on one stop, so unless we had more rain or more caution laps, we knew we were gonna be a little short. That's just what we chose to do. I thought it was gonna rain one more time. We didn't think it was gonna rain out, but I though there was gonna be another little delay and then we would have been able to make it."

IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE 13TH NOW. WHEN WILL THAT SINK IN OR DOES IT MATTER NOW? "Every point matters all year from Daytona to Richmond to get in so, yeah, it matters but it doesn't matter today if you're 13th or fifth. You've got to be in after Richmond so we'll just keep digging as hard as we can and, hopefully, we'll make it."

DO YOU HAVE OPTIMISM AFTER TODAY? "I've been optimistic the whole time. Our car was really fast at Indy. We qualified really well. We qualified well here. Our stuff has been fast, so I'm optimistic about it, it's just that this is how things are now. It's not racing as we knew it. It's not the fastest cars out front, you pit, the tires wear out so everybody's got to come in for four tires and the fastest car passes the slowest cars and gets back in front. It's just not that kind of racing anymore. It's figure out how much gas you've got in the tank and being in clean air. It's just really different. You've got to have a fast car to win, but it's almost as much or more about strategy and being in the front than having the fastest car. If you have one of the fastest 15 cars and pit the race right and get lucky and all that stuff, and you're up front, then you've got a shot at it."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 AAA Ford Fusion (Finished 5th)

"When you can just come out and concentrate on a good handling race car, that makes our job a lot easier when we don't have to worry about things falling off of it. It was just a nice, solid day -- a good points day. The guys we're racing in the points were right in front of us and behind us, so it's exciting. We've got some good tracks coming up. I'm just happy to be here and have a shot."

YOU'RE 46 POINTS OUT OF THE TOP 12. CAN YOU MAKE IT? "Definitely. The light is shining on us right now. It's close. We're racing good guys in front of us and good guys behind us and I think all we can do is just go out and do what we've been doing -- try to get top-fives and top-10s, try not to make many mistakes that hurt us and it's gonna happen where whatever happens is gonna happen. But if we continue to do what we've been doing we're gonna win some races and make the chase and everything is gonna be great."

WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT YOUR CARS TODAY WITH HOW THE ROUSH TEAM FINISHED? "We always want to get better. Even if we had all five cars in the top five and just dominated, we'd still want to be better. Congratulations to Carl, certainly he had a fast car today and so did the 17 and the 16. It's a group effort from everyone back in Charlotte and Michigan and everyone at Ford Racing. We've just got to keep working hard. The second we think we've got everything under control, the door is knocking and someone else is there. We've just got to keep working hard." A SIGH OF RELIEF WITH THIS ONE? "Yeah, it worked out good. We always have a good plan, but whether it works out or not is always something that it does and it doesn't. It was a great strategy. We knew that was gonna be a brief rain shower and we knew we'd get back racing. That was the perfect call. Looking at the radar they made the right call. Things worked out. We went green the rest of the way and our AAA Ford was handling pretty well. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty close and we were able to hold a few of them off."


LARRY CARTER, Crew Chief -- No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (McMurray finished 9th)

A GOOD FINISH BUT IT LOOKED LIKE A STRUGGLE EARLY. "Yeah. We were just kind of fighting lack of grip and were a little loose and a little tight. The car was pretty good, but we qualified really poorly and just never could get track position. When we finally did get a little track position we could run pretty good. I felt like there at the end we would probably be alright even if the caution did come out because we had cycled into some decent track position. With about 60 laps to go we just kind of played the fuel-mileage card and hoped it would work out for us and it did. We just hung on there and a couple guys ran out of gas and we got a good finish out of it."

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