Pocono II: Dodge teams race quotes

NOTE: Kahne moved from 14th to 12th in the standings with his third-place finish Sunday and gained 93 points on 10th place. Kahne is 69 points out of 10th. Jeremy Mayfield remained 11th in the standings but gained 66 points on 10th ...

NOTE: Kahne moved from 14th to 12th in the standings with his third-place finish Sunday and gained 93 points on 10th place. Kahne is 69 points out of 10th.

Jeremy Mayfield remained 11th in the standings but gained 66 points on 10th place.

Mayfield is 40 points out of 10th.

Jamie McMurray dropped two spots in the standings to 15th but actually gained one point on 10th place. McMurray is 133 points out of 10th place.

Ryan Newman entered the race in 10th place but moved up two spots to eighth by virtue of his comeback 13th-place finish. Newman now has a 52-point cushion on 10th place.

RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 ALLTEL Dodge) -- Finished 13th

"I think we missed it on the gear today and everything else. We had the car off at the beginning to go with it, and that made us look really, really bad. Once we got the car right, I think we had a top 15 car and just needed some track position. We never got it because we were two laps down. There at the end it was just a matter of getting timing and taking advantage of fresh tires when everybody else had older tires on.

"If it hadn't been for the Lucky Dog we wouldn't have finished on the lead lap today. I think we had a good car at the end in the corners. We just weren't going down the straightaways. We've got some homework to do for sure to catch them Hendrick boys.

"It was a decent day for us today in the points. To run where we were and come back and finish 13th that was definitely a good thing for us. I didn't have much confidence in it at all after about 30 laps. We don't know exactly what we're going to do for Indy next week. That's a really big race, and we've got some thinking to do."

JEREMY MAYFIELD (No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge) -- Finished 9th, third straight top 10 finish.

"We weren't having a very good day, either. We struggled all day, but we kept fighting and came home with a top 10. That's pretty cool. That shows you what kind of team this is. They worked their guts out in the pits, and I gave it all I could driving.

"They kept telling me the big picture was going to be good today. I knew what that meant. That meant we were going to have a good points day. The 88 and 12 were struggling. We did what we had to do today. We kept fighting. We didn't get any practice, and we tried some stuff that worked for us at Indy and tried some stuff that worked for us at Chicago. We're not conservative by any means, but we couldn't take a chance and gamble on the setups. We had to go with what we knew would be safe, and it kinda bit us a little bit. We were too tight.

"I'm a little bit surprised. If you had asked me at the beginning of the year I would have said I didn't know. I wasn't sure where we were as a team. I knew where we ended up last year. At the beginning of this year we struggled a little bit. We kept fighting and fighting as a team. If we'd had a day like we had today last year we would have been about 18th or 20th. That tells you what kind of deal we've got now. Now it wouldn't surprise me if we went on and won the whole thing. Look at these guys. We finished ninth and they worked their hearts out today. Everybody is working for one goal. Everybody is on the same page, working for the same thing."

DONNIE WINGO (Crew chief No. 42 Texaco/Havoline Dodge)

"Something happened in the engine on that last restart. We didn't have any warning. I don't know what the deal is. These DNF's are killing us. I think we've had six this year, and you can't do that. I think we've had as many top 10s as anybody almost, but those six DNF's will just kill you. I think we'll keep going to try to win races just like we're doing right now, but this deal right here has kind of killed us (making the top 10)."

BRENDAN GAUGHAN (No. 77 Kodak/Jasper Dodge)

"We had a very strong Dodge this week. We got down from a pit road penalty, and we got our lap back twice. We made a mistake and got it back with the Lucky Dog deal. Then we got back down a lap and made it back. The Kodak team is coming. I'm starting to get excited. It's a bummer. It's the second time we've run this car. It made it about 30 feet in the Nextel Open. Now we know it's a heck of a racecar. We're going to put it back together and bring it back. It was just a racing deal today. Somebody got the 99 and I hit the brakes. The Kodak Dodge went up the racetrack and hit the wall hard. We got lucky. It really didn't hurt me or Burton, but the Kodak team is coming. We're getting better racecars. Our cars are getting quick. You'd better watch out for the Raybestos championship (rookie title)."

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