Pocono II: Bowyer - Saturday media visit

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 07 JACK DANIEL'S IMPALA SS met with media. TALK ABOUT HEADING TO MONTREAL TO RACE IN THE NATIONWIDE SERIES LATER TODAY: "Sounds like we better get heading that way, I don't know if we are going to get any practice in here at ...


TALK ABOUT HEADING TO MONTREAL TO RACE IN THE NATIONWIDE SERIES LATER TODAY: "Sounds like we better get heading that way, I don't know if we are going to get any practice in here at Pocono or not. Good thing we ran some race trims (in practice yesterday) which typically this year, we haven't been doing in practice. We have been going straight to qualifying trim. I think it was a good call to run some race runs. The car was comfortable and I think it will race good. Obviously, we didn't qualify good, but I am confident that we are going to race well, we always do."

WHAT WAS YOUR SCHEDULE SUPPOSED TO BE TODAY AND NOW WITH THE RAIN HERE HOW IT WILL WORK OUT? "We were supposed to practice both practice sessions here and then get out of here pretty quick and head to Montreal. Montreal is going to be very different for me. I have never started a race that I have never been to before, had no practice session or anything. Hopefully they will let me at least drive around in a pace car of something when I get there. It looks like I will have a little bit more time to convince them that I need a pace car lap. Other than that, just wing it. But now, we probably need to look at the weather. We looked at it there a few minutes ago and it looks like another batch is coming in so we need to probably just go ahead and get up there and if we can make qualifying, but I don't think we can, so that is going to be fun. Maybe I will just watch qualifying; maybe I will just drag my feet getting there."

IS IT AS CRITICAL TO SPEND A GREAT DEAL OF TIME ON QUALIFYING TRIM HERE THIS SECOND RACE AT POCONO? "The biggest thing is we just raced here. A lot of times you need to get a good camber reading and things like that to where you have those set for the race, the long runs and stuff so you don't wear your tires out one way or another. Definitely it was a good call, I am glad we got some race trim in even though it was just six weeks ago we were here. You are comfortable, you are confident; you know what the car is going to do in race trim. You know how it is going to react, there are no unknowns. Wasn't' a whole lot of practice in race trim."

CAN YOU RELATE WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH LAST YEAR GETTING TO AND IN TO THE CHASE COMPARED TO WHAT YOU MIGHT GO THROUGH THIS YEAR? "It is pretty much the same. It is crunch time. We've put ourselves in a situation. We were running well at the beginning of the year then got to struggling on these big tracks, got to chasing our tails a little bit so to speak. We have had some good test sessions in the last couple of weeks that have shown a lot of promise. Just looking forward to getting things back on the right track with this team. We are capable of getting the job done. We have proven that. If we do what we are supposed to do, we will be just fine. But definitely, we are in the crunch zone and we need to get out of it."

HOW MUCH DOES THE WEATHER BEING ALL FOULED UP LIKE IT IS THIS WEEKEND COMPLICATE YOUR WEEKEND OR IS IT ONCE YOU GET IN THE CAR SUNDAY, IT IS ALL BEHIND YOU? "It is all behind you. We got a little bit of race runs; it isn't like we haven't been here in two or three years. We were just here six weeks ago so everybody kind of knows what to expect as far as the track goes. This track does swing a lot weather related. When it clouds up, it gains a lot of grip and a lot of speed and when the sun breaks it gets slick and greasy. That has a lot to do with the outcome of the race and hopefully it will be just fine."

WHEN A DRIVER IS INVOLVED IN SILLY SEASON, HOW MUCH OF A DISTRACTION IS IT ON THE COMPETITIVE SIDE? "You know, last year if someone would have asked me that, I would have said it is not a distraction at all. But, it is definitely a distraction. The rumors start flying one way or another, everybody just kind of gets going every which way. Obviously you are busy listening to what everybody has to say. That has a lot to do with it. There is just a lot going on. It is your career, it is everything you have worked for, there are a lot of things going on when that season and that comes in your life and your career. Definitely a difficult situation to go through. On the team aspect of things, they get to hearing rumors, is he going, is he staying and lose all of your camaraderie. It has been good for us, you get that behind us, get these couple of tests under our belt and go and enjoy. The test sessions, they suck. Nobody likes testing, but it is good, at the end of the day, you are flying home and see everybody talking about what they learned. How everybody worked together, you trash talk each other all day long, just enjoy each other in a miserable day. Bottom line, everybody enjoys each other and sometimes that is what you need."

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