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JEFF GORDON, NO. 24 DUPONT MONTE CARLO SS - Crashed on lap 190: ARE YOU OKAY? "I don't know how, but yes, I am. I've either got a really hard head or those guys at Hendrick Motorsports just build an awesome race car because that was one of the...

JEFF GORDON, NO. 24 DUPONT MONTE CARLO SS - Crashed on lap 190:

ARE YOU OKAY? "I don't know how, but yes, I am. I've either got a really hard head or those guys at Hendrick Motorsports just build an awesome race car because that was one of the hardest hits I've ever taken. I think we broke a right front brake rotor going into (Turn) 1. That's probably the worst thing you could ever ask for in a race car is to have the brakes go out going into Turn 1 at Pocono. Between the soft walls and the seat and every safety device we had in there, I never got knocked out. I was surprisingly feeling pretty good other than just a bit of a headache. They (infield medical staff) just wanted to watch me in there for a little bit, but I'm fine.

"It's unfortunate. We lost track position. I had a pretty good car at the beginning but lost track position and couldn't get it back."



ON THE RACE: "It was really disappointing. I don't know. I was speeding or they wouldn't have called me for speeding. I just don't understand how I was speeding and I need to understand. Actually, we were about 100 rpm lower than what we thought we could be because I knew that nobody behind us was pushing and I knew we couldn't catch anybody. So I'm just a little confused about it but I'll get with NASCAR and let them walk me though it and learn from it. It was disappointing.

"These guys did a great job. The engine was great. The engine was unbelievable. The car was good. We didn't have anything for (race winner, Denny) Hamlin. But for everybody else, I thought we were right there with them. We had a second or third place car and finished ninth with it. But we'll keep fighting."

ON THE ISSUE OF SPEEDING: "It's interesting that a lot of people got caught. Like I said, if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't have done anything different. That's what's confusing to me. Normally when I make a mistake, it's real clear to me. But this one's not clear to me. But again, I know they made the right call. We've just got to figure out what we did wrong."



EVEN AFTER YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT FRIDAY YOU GUYS DIDN'T MISS A BEAT "These guys just rallied this weekend. They did a good job overcoming a lot of stuff that was on top of them this weekend. I'm real proud of them. I think it just goes back to the bottom line, like I said Friday morning. I'm still 100 percent committed to this team as long as I'm here and Hendrick Motorsports. All this guys on the team said they are behind me as long as I'm here. We proved that this weekend."

WHAT FUELED THIS PERFORMANCE? "The decision that was made based on years of past experience, not just one race. The fact remains I am proud of these guys. They rallied. This has always been a good track for us, a good track for the No. 25 car."

ON THE FINAL RESTART "We were a little tight going into that final restart. We needed that caution and that red flag to let our tires cool down. Me and Matt (Kenseth) had a heck of a battle there. We had a lot of fun."

TALK ABOUT THE SPEEDING PENALTY: "The speeding penalty hurt us. On the restart with five to go we were right there with the guys. If we had car to win the race, we would have passed them then. I'm not going to sit here and say it cost us the race, but it certainly didn't help. Coming to the end of pit road, my spotter was like, 'Go, go, go' and my reaction, you know you hear that voice in your head and you just hit the gas and it cost us the speeding penalty. But I want to go on record and say that is still my responsibility. It doesn't matter if I have someone screaming in my ear 'Go, go, go' or not, it's my responsibility. I'm the one behind the wheel."



ON THE DAY: "We had another tough day but the guys did a great job and just like last week we never gave up. We did what we needed to do and we were able to get a top 10 out of the day."



ON THE RACE: "It was a decent day. I struggled with the car all day. We had one long green flag run there, where we were pretty good. We were just tight all day. Real tight in traffic and real tight by ourselves. I don't know if that's the body we want to run here (in July) or not. We got it a little better on a few of the stops, we just never got it completely the way we needed it. But, the way the car ran, I'll take 16th."



"Today was a really good day for us considering how much we struggled yesterday. I would never have thought a 19th place finish was possible but we hung in there and the changes me made throughout the race really helped. Track bar did the trick. Gary and the guys worked so hard and it paid off. The car started out bad but turned into something very respectable. We really thought today would be a test session to prepare for the July race but it turned out to be even better. I'm really happy for everyone on the Tide team.

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