Pocono Ford Qualifying Notes and Quotes

FORD RACING NOTES AND QUOTES Pocono 500 Qualifying June 18, 1999 Pocono Raceway 21 ELLIOTT SADLER - Citgo Taurus - "I was a little too loose in the turns and I think with a little work on the car we...

FORD RACING NOTES AND QUOTES Pocono 500 Qualifying June 18, 1999 Pocono Raceway

21 ELLIOTT SADLER - Citgo Taurus - "I was a little too loose in the turns and I think with a little work on the car we should be OK. We'll probably end up going second round tomorrow after we make some adjustments this afternoon. When we tested here we never really had a chance to work on our qualifying setup because of the weather. I think our test will pay off come Sunday."

2 RUSTY WALLACE - Miller Lite Taurus - "I'm pretty happy with it. It needed to be a little faster, but the way it drove was good. It went through turns one, two and three real good. I might have gotten on the gas a little bit late off of turn three, but I didn't want to lose the rear end so I drove a little conservative, but it was a good lap. I don't know where we're gonna end up, but I'll take that run because it felt good. We really worked hard on the car. The guys worked really hard. We got here and the chassis was pretty far off on it. We changed everything except the radiator cap and we've got this car running really, really good right now. I'm happy with it. The motor is strong and it's handling. The Miller Lite/Harley Davidson hot rod is running good."

10 RICKY RUDD - Tide Taurus - "I think we had a little bit more left out there. I drove into turn one a little bit too hard and lost a lot of time in that corner. Actually, I made up some time through the tunnel turn, I made my best run there all day. If I could just get all of those corners put together we'd have something. It took about a week to put this car back together again. They had to put a body on it and it's a good race car. I think we've got a great race car for raceday, the first one I've had in quite a while, so we're excited about it."

98 RICK MAST - Universal Studios Taurus - "We unloaded a little bit slow and then we kept working on the car and it kept getting better and better. We made a couple of changes before qualifying, but the car was still a little bit tight. I didn't feel it was quite a quick as that, but I believe the track has slowed down so that might have helped us a little bit. With Woody Woodpecker behind me you can't go wrong. We went the right direction with our changes, but didn't quite go enough. Hopefully, that will get us a good starting spot."

75 TED MUSGRAVE - Remington Arms Taurus - "I'm satisfied right now because our car wasn't good this morning. We struggled. We were like fifth from the end, so we changed the geometry of the car a little bit and got a little better. We've got something to work with in the race. I've always come out of here with a top five or a top 10, so we're definitely not giving up by any means. You can tell that by the way the crew worked today."

9 JERRY NADEAU - Cartoon Network Taurus - "I think the motor laid down on us quite a bit. It's not the motor's problem, we just got a little too much tape on the car and I think the car just got way too hot. It was about 250 degrees at the line, so we lost quite a bit there. We'll just have to see where we end up and just come back again."

6 MARK MARTIN - Valvoline/Cummins Taurus - "The Valvoline car was really fast in practice and was quite a bit faster than that. The track is off a little bit, but we really expected to run better than that. The car felt real good, maybe we just didn't have it on the edge enough. We like this race track. I've always had a great car to drive here and going through these corners is a real challenge in the race and we've got a good race setup. We look forward to running on race setup tomorrow. I didn't leave anything on the table. We just didn't have it on the edge enough."

66 DARRELL WALTRIP - Big Kmart/Route 66 Taurus - "It was mediocre. It wasn't a great lap, it was an OK lap. It's not quite what we practiced. The car is tight and we've been fighting tight, tight, tight. We were afraid to do very much to it. We were afraid we'd get it loose and get me messed up, so we stuck with a tight setup. We probably could go a lot faster if we could free it up a little bit, but it's a real fine line you walk here with the compromise you've gotta make. I'm good in one and two, a little bit tight over the tunnel and just dump truck tight off of three."

28 KENNY IRWIN - Texaco Havoline Taurus - "We were hoping we weren't gonna slow down and we kind of slowed down there. We should have went with scuffs and we went with stickers. Hopefully, that's something we'll figure out by the time we come back here in about a month for the second one. From where I can see, that's probably where we kind of went wrong. We should have went with scuffs instead of stickers."

16 KEVIN LEPAGE - TV Guide Taurus - "We thought we could probably pick up a little bit more with the TV Guide Taurus, but that's exactly what we ran in practice. That must be all this car has in it. I can't say enough for the guys. This is my second time here and if we can be in the top 30 before the day is over with, I'll be happy with that."

12 JEREMY MAYFIELD - Mobil 1 Taurus - "That's good for us. We haven't been running too good here. I just about lost it a couple of times and, other than that, we ended up pretty fast -- better than what we were and that's all we can ask for." WHAT HAPPENED IN TURN THREE? "It got a little tight and I just let it wash out. Going into one I got a little loose going in, it was something little just about everywhere through every corner."

99 JEFF BURTON - Exide Batteries Taurus -- "That's a good lap for us. The Exide Ford was a little faster in practice, but we didn't get the car quite like I wanted it to off the tunnel and off of three. I thought in one it went real fast, but I think we gave up too much speed probably off of three. We probably got through the tunnel OK, but qualifying is a guess. Sometimes you make an adjustment and it works and sometimes you don't. We actually lost a little bit of speed, but not much. A lot of people have lost a lot of speed, so we caught a little bit of a break there. That will give us a good starting spot. We're not used to seeing the front of the start, so it will be different for us. The car just drove a little bit different in the tunnel turn and off of three than I wanted it to. I just couldn't get in the gas and stay in the gas like I wanted. If you're gonna run up front and sit on the pole here, you've gotta be able to get in that gas quick and stay in it. I got in it quick, but had to come back out of it. It was a good lap, though."

94 BILL ELLIOTT - McDonald's Taurus - "I tell you what, these guys have really come together. I'm just tickled to death with them. We unloaded and were a little bit off, but we just kept gaining on it. We kept working on stuff and everytime I went out I got a little bit faster. I made my run and ran like a .38 and I told them I didn't think I got through one very well earlier today, but it worked out in qualifying. I think I gave up some down there, but I don't know. I'm just proud it came back. Just to go through what we went through last week and, looking at the bright side of it , at least we ran good for a change. That's what makes everything look positive, regardless of what happens in the race. You can go back and say, 'Well, at least we ran good.' If we can just keep continuing this effort, I think these guys will really come together."

23 JIMMY SPENCER - Team Winston Taurus - "We haven't run good since we unloaded. We don't know what's the matter. I don't know what to tell you. We're trying to find speed and we can't find it. What can I say?"

88 DALE JARRETT - Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Taurus - "We normally have a good race setup here and at times have struggled here qualifying, but we were able to get through it today. Todd made a good call on making a change just before qualifying and that's what's good about our guys. They're not afraid to change things and I believe in them whenever they say something. That's what makes good race teams. This car did it last week and come Sunday it should be a good race car. I'm excited. I love to race at this place. We've got the hard part over and that's qualifying. Now we get to the fun part which is racing here." "I don't get very upset about qualifying unless we're just not very good at all. I knew we didn't have a shot at the pole, Sterling still beat us pretty bad, but it was nice to get up front to where, hopefully, we can get some laps led early and get our bonus points there and kind of settle in." WHAT CHALLENGE DOES THIS TRACK PROVIDE? "Every corner is a challenge. It is a very difficult race track. Everybody hears us talk about compromising and you do have to do that to a certain extent, but we've always taken the philosophy that we're gonna make our car as good as we possibly can in every one of those corners and not try to give up anything anywhere. If there's some place we want to make our car better it's definitely turn three to use our Robert Yates horsepower, but we'll do what we can. It's a good race car and we'll see what we can do Sunday." HOW WAS YOUR QUALIFYING RUN. WERE YOU SURPRISED? "Surprised would be a good word. We made a change before qualifying that we thought may help a little bit, but when Sterling ran what he did, there were only a couple of cars that had even run close to that all day -- Steve Park and Bobby (Labonte). We hadn't even been close to that, so we're definitely excited about the lap we turned. It was an exciting lap and to run that fast around here, you have to be pretty much on the edge. It was exciting." IS THIS THE SAME CAR FROM MICHIGAN? "Yeah, the same car as Michigan. The guys just cleaned it up and got it ready to go again. When you get a good race car, I think any driver will tell you that when you get something that feels good to you, you sit good in the seat and all of those things work, that's the kind of car you want to race as much as you possibly can. Even though the two tracks are totally different, the reason the car won the race last week was because it handled well and this is definitely a handling race track." IS THIS A FUN RACE TRACK FOR YOU? "The fun starts now. I wouldn't say it's a lot of fun qualifying. I've crashed here qualifying, so that part wasn't fun, but I think you have to do some different things to qualify and that makes it kind of hair-raising, but as far as racing, I love to race here. It's the challenge that it presents. You hear everybody say you have to compromise. That's a word you'll hear a million times around here this week, but we like to look at it differently and say we're gonna try to make our car as good as we can in all three corners. Obviously, if you're gonna pick a corner that you want your car best at, you're probably gonna say turn three. You want to get off of there to use the front straightaway to your advantage. That challenge it presents is fun. It took me a while to get to that point and to get to a setup that made me feel comfortable here to make it fun, but since that time I've enjoyed racing here."

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