Pocono Ford Pennsylvania 500 Quotes

MARK MARTIN --6-- Valvoline/Cummins Taurus -- "We broke a part in the engine. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but probably in the top end of the motor. It started giving trouble before it broke for about 10 laps and I knew that there was no...

MARK MARTIN --6-- Valvoline/Cummins Taurus -- "We broke a part in the engine. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but probably in the top end of the motor. It started giving trouble before it broke for about 10 laps and I knew that there was no way we were gonna make it all the way."

WHEN DID YOU START TO FEEL SOMETHING? "About 10 laps before it broke we lost about half of a cylinder and a huge vibration. It was awfully early in the race and I knew we weren't gonna make it all the way."

IT LOOKED LIKE YOU HAD TURNED THE CORNER AS FAR AS NOT HAVING MECHANICAL PROBLEMS. "Yeah, you know, we don't usually break parts and we're just having a rash of them. It's a shame, it's too bad. We broke something today and there's nothing we can do about it. The performance was there with the car all weekend and was gonna be there for us today -- a real competitive performance I felt like with the car -- so I was real pleased with all that and I can't help it that the part broke."

DO YOU FEEL THIS KILLS YOUR CHANCES AT THE CHAMPIONSHIP? "Yeah. Our chances were already killed after five in a row, but we got back on track and things kind of looked better. We're just racing. It doesn't matter if we're racing for a championship or not, if a championship is not meant to be for me then I can live with that."

RICKY RUDD --28-- Texaco Havoline Taurus -- "I'm in pretty good shape it just kind of knocked me silly for a second. I hit that wall pretty good down there. I blew a right-front tire, I'm not sure exactly what happened but I cut a right-front tire. I blew something on the right-front. I had it before -- I turned right about the time you're getting ready to turn down in the corner and all I had time to do was grab some brakes and that was it."

YOU HAD A GOOD RUN GOING. "Yeah, we really did. That set of tires there, I'm not sure if they made a chassis adjustment or not, but the car was too tight. We were just sort of biding our time. I guess we finally got back up to fifth or sixth and were just waiting for that pit stop to come up and make another adjustment which was coming up in a couple of laps. I really had no warning. Just about the time I got out of the gas to drive into turn one I heard a big boom and the car dropped down on the right-front and pretty much had a good shot at the fence right there. It knocked me silly for a second, but I'm in good shape. The car's not faring too well."

HOW WAS YOUR CAR TODAY? "We had a real good car. I'm not sure, but if we had gone green for long periods of time I felt like we had the best car. That last set of tires, I'm not sure if they changed them a little bit, but the car got too tight. We were gonna loosen it up a little bit on our next stop which was coming in two or three laps and I think we could have got back right up to the front again, but we just didn't get that chance."

DID YOU HAVE ANY INDICATION OF THE TIRE GOING DOWN? "I had not even a second as far as an indication. I got out of the gas to drive into turn one and I'm not sure if I ran over something that was on the track or whatever, but there was no warning. Usually if you've got something blistered it gives you a warning, this didn't give me any warning. At the time I let go of the gas there was a big boom and the car dropped down on the right-front and I pretty much had time to grab about one second worth of brake before it slammed the fence."

YOU GUYS HAVE HAD GOOD CARS LATELY. "We've had some fast race cars all year long and this was gonna be a good run for us today with maybe a shot at winning. That pit stop strategy the way it all unfolded that last time was kind of crazy, but things were getting ready to settle back to normal after this next pit stop."

ELLIOTT SADLER --21-- Citgo Taurus -- "I've never seen that happen before. The fitting broke off of the power steering pump. We were just sitting there riding along. We didn't have a good car today, but we were just gonna try to outlast them. We topped off and were only gonna have to stop one more time, so we might have gotten four or five positions that way, but it just wasn't meant to be today. The Citgo Ford wasn't where we wanted to have it, but we were gonna try to act smart with gas mileage until the power steering pump broke. We'll try to get them at Indy."

SCOTT PRUETT --32-- Tide Taurus -- "It looks to be some sort of engine problem. We're not sure what happened, but the Tid Taurus ran great all day long. I can't say enough about the guys. We had some awesome pit stops and even though the car wasn't real good the first four laps, once it settled in we were just rocking. We were as fast as anybody and ran right to the front. It was a disappointing day, but at the same time we crossed a big hurdle for the team today."

WHAT HURDLE DID YOU CROSS? "We've been struggling. We've had some races that we've led but not consistently. We were here for the first race and didn't really run very well. Coming back here we've had a lot of changes, one being Brad Parrott as crew chief, but right from the start the car was a lot better. In the race the car was great. We had a real good setup and we could just march to the front, unfortunately we didn't get to play it out."

YOU WERE RUNNING 16TH WHEN THE MOTOR WENT, BUT THE FINAL RESULT WON'T BE AN INDICATION OF HOW GOOD YOU WERE. DOES THAT BOTHER YOU AT ALL? "Yes from the standpoint that, yes we're getting it right; yes, we've been able to run up at the front; yes, we can do this job, so internally yeah. Externally, for all the people watching and for all the fans, yeah they saw us run good but they didn't see us finish. We've really turned a corner here the last two or three races and it just gets better and better and better, so I'm anxious to get on with the rest of the season."

STACY COMPTON --9-- Kodiak/Cougar Taurus -- "I hate it for the guys with this Kodiak Melling Taurus. I hate it for Kodiak because we just can't buy a break. We had a decent car today and lost a motor. Ernie (Elliott) has great motors and we haven't had that much problem with them, but that's two this weekend. We've just got a monkey on our back, I think we've got a gorilla on our back and we've gotta shake him loose."

ANY IDEA WHY THERE ARE SO MANY BLOWN MOTORS TODAY? "You're on the gas so long here and turning these motors so hard. They've withstood it before, I don't know whether the weather maybe got some people and they weren't expecting it, I don't know what happened. It's curious because very seldom do you see Ernie's motors blow up and very seldom to you see Yates motors blow up."

BILL ELLIOTT --94-- McDonald's Taurus -- "We were running good, but high gear came out of the transmission and I was having to run it in third. I don't know if the motor blew up or the transmission came out of it, but we were done when that happened anyway. I hate it for McDonald's and all the crowd, it just, man, we keep working and keep working, we're running so good, but we just can't make any headway in this business."

YOU'VE HAD A STRETCH WHERE MECHANICAL PROBLEMS HAVE PLAGUED YOU. THAT'S OBVIOUSLY FRUSTRATING. "It is. I mean, I don't know what else you do. We work so hard and we've got such good cars, but we just can't make it happen."

ED BERRIER --90-- Hills Brothers Taurus -- "We had a vibration and a bad push in the car and couldn't ever get it out. We came in and made an adjustment there at the end and when I went back out there I couldn't touch the gas. I don't know if we broke an axle or a gear came out of it or what. I thought the right-rear was going flat, but it wasn't going flat. I don't know what happened, it's just been a bad day."

WALLACE GIVES FORD NINTH WIN OF 2000 Rusty Wallace captured the 51st win of his NASCAR Winston Cup career and his second triumph of 2000 in taking the checkered flag in today's Pennsylvania 500. Wallace's win gave Ford a series-leading nine victories in the 2000 season compared to five each for Pontiac and Chevrolet. In addition, Ford extended its lead in the manufacturer's standings to 18 points over Pontiac. Ford has 133 points while Pontiac trails with 115 and Chevrolet with 113.

WALLY DALLENBACH --75-- America Online Taurus -- "Something in the drive line or the motor broke. With about 50 laps to go it got worse and worse. I'm just fed up. Everytime we've got a top-13, top-15 run going something stupid happens. We had some great pit stops today and the guys rose to the occasion. I hate that the car let us down."

DALE JARRETT --88-- Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Taurus -- "I'm disappointed. I thought we were the car to beat, but we took a chance there. We took four and it may have been OK if that last set wouldn't have been so tight, but that's a pretty good day for us."

WITH 32 LAPS TO GO YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD ENOUGH TIME TO GET THEM? "Well, yeah we thought maybe more than that would take four and we wouldn't be so far back, but, like I said, that last set of tires wouldn't turn quite as good and that held me up as much as anything."

SO THE LAST SET REACTED DIFFERENTLY? "Well, yeah, we had gotten the car freed up pretty good and we knew that set was just a little bit on the tighter side, but with the sun out we thought that would be about right, but it just didn't work out."

DID THE SUN IN AND OUT AFFECT YOU? "Maybe a little bit, but our car was pretty good all day."

JEREMY MAYFIELD --12-- Mobil 1 Taurus -- DID YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS EARLIER? "No, we were great all day. We just got off sequence there one time but that was it."

DID YOU SEE ANYTHING ON THE TRACK YOU MIGHT HAVE RUN OVER? "I didn't see anything, but you know how it is. I mean, sometimes you do that, you just run over something and who knows?"

CAN YOU BELIEVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPENED ON THE LAST LAP? "No, I couldn't but the last time I was here we had a spectacular finish on the last lap too, so I guess the track owed me one. We'll take it from there and go on to Indy. This will be the car we take, so it should be a good one."

WHAT DID YOU SAY WHEN THE TIRE WENT DOWN? "You don't want to know." (laughing)

JEFF BURTON --99-- Exide Batteries Taurus -- "The outside worked real well for me. I got along him (Rusty) several times. He did such a good job of pinching me off that I just could never clear him. He just did a great job of driving, but kudos to my team. They talked me into doing some stuff last night with the car and they made it a whole lot better and we contended all day. That's what we were looking for."

THE KEY IS BEING THERE ON THE LAST LAP, RIGHT? "Yeah, we were running him down and if I ever could have cleared the 2, I could have had something for him. I just couldn't clear him. Rusty did an awesome job of blocking me and pinching me off, he did a great job. We raced clean, we never touched, but we raced really hard and that was a fun race."

JIMMY SPENCER --26-- Big Kmart Taurus -- "This is a step in the right direction for everybody. All of their hard work is paying off, they know it and I know it. Getting a top 10 is important because you really look forward to those."

HOW IMPORTANT TO STAY FOCUSED WITH THE CAUTIONS? "I had a close call again, you know. I was running decent right there behind Bill Elliott and the transmission broke or something on Bill's car all over my windshield. I said, 'Dang it, that's the same thing that happened to me last year.' But, thank God, it didn't happen. NASCAR threw a caution quick, but the big thing was is that we blew up last time here and now those guys blew up. You can't build these cars so that they're indestructible."

WHAT ABOUT THOSE CONSECUTIVE STOPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE? "The only reason why I had to pit again was because I had a bad vibration. We put four new tires on and evidently we had a lug weight thrown off or something and we decided not to take a chance. By not taking a chance that paid off for us today and we ended up running decent."

YOU TOOK FOUR TIRES AT THE END? "Yeah, we knew we needed to put four tires on our race car. A lot of guys didn't put four on, but we lost a lot of track position there. A lot of cars held us up, but I would do the same thing if I was in their shoes. They have every right to slow you down because you've gotta pass them and every time you slow down you lose three, four or five-tenths to the car in front of you and that's sort of what happened there. To get in the top 10, I think that was important, but I think it helped putting four tires on it."

ROBERT PRESSLEY --77-- Jasper Engines Taurus -- "We knew we were gonna be in trouble with two tires, but we just had to show them what we had and just go up through there. We were a little bit tight and every time that doggone sun would go behind those clouds we'd get junk and when I saw it go behind with about 15 laps to go I knew we were done."

HAPPY WITH THE FINISH? "We got 14th, but we wanted a top-five. We had a good race car, a lot of people had good race cars and we just didn't do it. But, you know, we left Pocono with an 11th and a 14th. Last year we were 35th and 39th, so we're making headway."

RUSTY WALLACE --2-- Miller Lite Taurus -- VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW: "That was a whale of a finish, no doubt about that. It was Team Penske the last half. Jeremy's car was great and my car felt really good and he had a little problem at the end and I was able to take advantage. It felt good though, to finally get the 51st victory and get two this year. Now maybe people will quit asking me, 'Hey Rusty, when are you gonna get your next victory."

WHAT ABOUT PIT STRATEGY? "My guys were great on pit road today. The strategy that Robin did was awesome, to take two tires. We knew we got burned last time here at Pocono and we knew we needed two that time. What I underestimated was how quick Jeremy's car was gonna be. His car was really fast and my hat's off to him because he had a great car. That was real unfortunate at the end, but, you know, that puts Jeremy at two, me at two and Team Penske is doing pretty good."

THAT WAS A GREAT FINISH? "I tell you what, Jeff Burton was driving me hard and driving me clean -- on the bottom, on the top -- I'd block him off and try to pull back down and then that Penske horsepower took over down the straightaways and here we go again. I was like, 'Man, I wish the thing would hurry up and get over because it's about to wear me out."

MATT KENSETH --17-- DeWalt Tools Taurus -- "Really, the DeWalt Ford was pretty good all weekend. This car turned a lot better than the car we had here a couple of months ago. I was pretty happy with it yesterday in Happy Hour and I'm glad to kind of get back on pace here, we've got a top-five finish. We ran in the top 10 all day with the leaders and we need to start doing that a little more regularly."

MORE JEREMY MAYFIELD -- "I'm not sure. I guess I ran over something. The 12 car was the best car out here, I don't think anybody disputes that. We wont he Pocono 499 and lost the Pocono 500. I don't think there is anything anybody could have don. Sometimes you have good luck and sometimes you don't. Today we didn't. That doesn't take away from the fact that our car was fantastic. We made a couple of minor adjustments during the day, but, for the most part, the car was great. I think there at the end we had it won. They had been racing behind me, but we were going to make it back to the checkered flag first."

MORE RUSTY WALLACE -- WHAT ABOUT THE BATTLE WITH JEFF BURTON? "He was stronger than me in turn one and I was able to hold my own across the tunnel and we were real equal on the last turn, so I kept messing up in the tunnel turn. I'd get too hot and get too high and he'd get underneath me. So the last couple of laps I said, 'man, just calm down, be patient' and that's what I did. I kept it on the bottom, but he was right up my tailpipe, I tell you that. He ran a great race today. A super team that 99 team is and I'd just like to thank all these fans for showing up and NASCAR in general."

YOUR CAR SEEMED TO SLIP A LITTLE MIDWAY, WHAT HAPPENED? "I tell you what, you can take a real hot-rod and put it behind about six or eight cars and it looked like a hobo out there running around. It just won't run with no downforce on the front end. When I got that clean air that thing took off. The car is fast, the motor is fast, but you get behind air and you just can't go, so that's the tough part here with these long, flat straightaways."

MATT KENSETH PRESS CONFERENCE -- WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOING FROM GOOD TO BETTER? "I don't know exactly what we need to do to be able to run all the way up toward the front to challenge for the win. We had a good solid, top-10 car today, we ran in the top 10 all day, but it was either one way or the other. If we were too loose, I'd tighten it up a little bit and then it would push the front end too much. Then if we got the front end to turn any better, it'd be too loose, so we just need a little different combination to be able to run a little faster."

JEFF BURTON PRESS CONFERENCE -- WHAT ABOUT YOUR BATTLE WITH RUSTY? "It's a difficult decision to know -- we were faster than Jeremy. If we hadn't been faster than Jeremy it wouldn't have been a difficult decision at all, but we were faster than Jeremy and because of that I didn't know whether to try to get by Rusty or just run with Rusty and try to catch him. A few times there I didn't have a choice but to pull beside him. He really got slow and I got beside him and he did to me what I did to Jeff and I never could pull the pass off. You've gotta pass when you can pass. You look at the end of that race and if I would have been leading that race on the last lap, then I would have won and not Rusty. Certainly, you try to work together and do what you can to help each other, but you're there to help yourself. I mean, whether it's racing or basketball or baseball or any kind of sport at all, it's all about self-gratification and I wanted to finish as high as I could finish."

DID YOU FEEL LIKE AN INTRUDER IN THE TEAM PENSKE BATTLE? "Well, a lot has been made about multi-car teams. I don't look at Jeremy and Rusty as teammates any more than I look at Jeff and Terry (Labonte) as teammate. I look at them as competitors. I think the multi-car teams have made racing better. Less car owners are winning more races, but more drivers are winning more races, so multi-car teams have done a lot to make racing more competitive, in my opinion, contrary to what everybody thought it would do. I look at everybody as competitors and not as being on a certain team."

WILL THIS BE AN INDY PREVIEW? "I hope the Brickyard is as good of a race as this one. We need as many good races as we can get. Personally speaking, we had a decent test at Indy. Like Jeff said earlier, Pocono is different now than it's ever been, it's harder to pass than it's ever been. It's just hard to pass and Indianapolis is hard to pass anyway, so I'm a little concerned that it's gonna be if you get out front that's gonna be the place to be and, unless you make a mistake, it's gonna be real hard to pass you. It's been hard to pass everywhere this year and Indy is the worst as far as being hard to pass on."

WHEN THE TIRE WENT ON JEREMY'S CAR, WAS THERE ANY CHANCE OF A PROBLEM WITH ALL THREE OF YOU RUNNING SO CLOSE? "It ended up not being a problem. It happened far enough into the corner, it was where Jeremy was lifting off the gas anyway. It was gonna get pretty interesting because I had hit Rusty all the way down the back straightaway, well, hit him a few times and then he pulled away from me, but he really had a good run on Jeremy going into the tunnel turn. I was kind of more interested in what was gonna happen because I thought Rusty might be able to get a run beside him and then, of course, my interest was in trying to figure out how to get by both of them when they got side-by-side coming off of three. But Jeremy having his tire go down didn't really cause any close calls other than for Jeremy. Obviously it did for him, but for the rest of us it happened at a good place."

DID JEREMY COME BACK TO YOU OR DID YOU CATCH HIM? "I think Jeremy was coming back. Jeremy all day long had been real fast for the first half of the run and then he backed up on the second half of the run and he seemed to be doing that again. Two tires only makes whatever problem you have, two tires eventually makes that problem even worse so I think it was more Jeremy was coming back than it was we were catching him."

RUSTY WALLACE NOTE: Rusty has decided to invite the race fans for suggestions on what to name the car that won today's race. Fans are invited to submit their suggestions through public relations representative Tom Roberts at the following numbers:

Tom Roberts Public Relations, P.O. Box 890, 2222 Taylor Street, Guntersville, AL. 35976
Office phone: (256) 582-3711
Office fax: (256) 3788
E-mail: trpr@ix.netcom.com
Rusty and the team will then make the final decision once all entries have been submitted.

RUSTY WALLACE PRESS CONFERENCE -- WHAT DOES PENSKE RACING DO FOR AN ENCORE NEXT TIME? "Well, first of all, I think you guys can see that we're pretty serious about what we're doing. We started a brand new team in ARCA and Ryan Newman went out right off the bat and won yesterday in his second race. That was one of my old cars and one of our current engines. We qualified on the front row and almost got my eighth pole Friday, but just missed it barely. Jeremy ran super-strong today, I ran super-strong today. Right there at the very end I aired the right-rear tire up trying to make the car turn better and it ran real good for about 10 laps and all of a sudden it started getting real free. Jeremy caught me and passed me, but once he got past me I think me being behind him tightened my car up and I went back to running good again. Me and Burton got to dicing and all hell is breaking loose there and was able to catch Jeremy on the back straightaway and then he had a tire go down and I got past him. But I tell you, both teams ran good. The 12, the 2 and now the 27 car and I'm just real happy with what's going on. The engines are running super and I can't wait now to get to Indianapolis since we had that great qualifying attempt up there and the car ran strong. But that's another week and a half and I'm getting ready to go on vacation in the next 30 minutes, so I'm really happy that we got this victory and it's gonna make for a nice vacation for me."

RUSTY WALLACE CONTINUED -- WHAT ABOUT THE TIRE STRATEGY? "Last time we did four tires and everybody stayed out and just did two and we lost all of our track position. This time I hit pit road and we took on two and I looked over and I saw the 88 car taking on four and I'm thinking, 'Man, why are they doing that. I tried that one and that didn't work,' but finally we got everything right and got all the right calls and the car ran super."

DID YOU AND JEFF BURTON WORK TOGETHER? "No, there really wasn't any strategy. Jeff was just trying to get past me, but he knew he couldn't race me side-by-side because if he did that we'd both slow down and Jeremy would get gone. So, we'd line up real hard and take a big run down the front straightaway and a big run down the back straightaway. Down the back straightaway is where I started making a lot of gain right through there. I was my weakest through turn one, I was my strongest across the tunnel turn compared to Burton. Robin just kept hollering on the radio, 'Keep digging, you're getting closer, you're closing in, don't give up.' He was hollering and I noticed that Jeremy was getting real loose, the rear-end was flying out from under his car and I finally caught him. Then just about the time we started getting close, Burton got me on the outside and then we were running side-by-side through the tunnel and side-by-side through the last turn and, man, I tell you, that was a tough deal because I was in parts of the race track where I hadn't run all day long and was still getting a little bit of bite up there. So, it was a great run for us."

WAS IT FRUSTRATING WITH BURTON BESIDE YOU? "No, that's racing. That's what you're supposed to do, but, yeah, it gets frustrating because you obviously want to win the race and you want the guy to help push you, but I know he's trying to win the race too. He's doing the right thing he had to do, but that last corner -- the white flag is waving and we're coming off of turn two down the back straightaway and, man, I got a hell of a bit and he got a heck of a bite and we drove right up on Jeremy's rear bumper and as we hit the tunnel I said, 'what is going on here?' His car just hung a right and went straight up and I saw that hole and mashed the throttle and went through it. I knew I couldn't lift any bit because the 99 was up my rear end and got going. I glanced in the mirror and he was about a half-a-car behind me and I had just enough room to keep him off my rear end so he wouldn't make me loose and go on and get the victory."

COULD YOU SEE IF JEREMY'S TIRE WAS GOING AWAY? "No, I didn't. I know the 28 had a horrific crash and, boy, he hit that wall down in one and it brought back memories of when I blew my tire and how hard that hurts. I was really happy to see him driving that car around the race track because you can get hurt real bad when you hit that hard. And then I saw Earnhardt's tire go down and I thought, 'man, these guys must be running a lot of camber in their right-front tires' because we haven't been running that much to try to save tires and make them wear correctly. So, if you get a little too much camber that could cause them to blow and there was three of them that happened today and that must have been the problem."

DID YOU HAVE AN EXORCIST TO GET RID OF THE BAD LUCK? "No, we just did everything right. I was just real proud of the team and we made the right calls, but I could not believe how many times this race cycled around. We were running along there and the cars running great twentysome laps in the race and I look over and see some guys peel off and pit and I'm going, 'boy, this is gonna come back to bite me, but I'm gonna stay out here and keep my track position,' and sure as heck later on when I've gotta pit they're all out there leading, then the caution flag comes and that puts me out of sync in about 10th or 12th back in line. I said, 'Man, it's amazing how you go from first and 12th and not do anything different, it just happen.' We keep talking about this aero push and, man, this is a real tough deal. You can have a real fast car and you get behind a car and your car just pushes the front end so bad you can hardly turn. It turns, but not with as much grip as you have when there's nobody out there and that's the reason you saw so many cars not be able to pass. But, man, when I got out first with those two tires I thought, 'Man, now I've got some clean air,' and that car just started flying then."

COULD YOU HAVE PASSED JEREMY WITHOUT THE TIRE PROBLEM? "I don't think so, I think Jeremy had a fast car and it was gonna be real tough to pass him. I could probably catch him, but passing him is another thing because of the aero push. He had a fast car. He had a fast-enough car to catch me and pass me, but once he got past me again my car got right again and I started running back on him, so you never know. I know when I was behind him Robin was reading these lap times off and my car kept running faster and faster. I knew my last chance was off of turn one to get that bite and get that thing shot out of that corner in turn one, get it going straight, and I got it and had a hell of a lot of momentum. I looked behind me and Burton was just right up my bumper, aligned perfectly, not trying to race me or nothing, and, boy, we ran right up on Jeremy's rear end and all of a sudden he turned to go in the tunnel and the front end started drifting up high. I really think the tire probably went down as he exited the tunnel turn and it was about half down going into the tunnel turn and I was able to get past him and that was it. But could I have flat-out passed him, I don't think so."

HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU AND JEREMY RACED LIKE THIS? "There have been many times, but usually it always happens at Daytona and Talladega where we can usually draft with each other better, but the last year or so at Talladega that hasn't even happened because I usually qualify good or bad and vice versa -- we're never hooked up from the start. But this time he was around all day long and everything was good there. We talked, but I tell you what, he was driving hard. You could tell he wanted to win real bad, he wasn't caring much about the teammate stuff at that point and I really wasn't either. It's each guy for himself when it's doing that, but we worked with each other's setup. I knew what he had in his car, he knew what I had in my car. We knew the tire pressures each of us were running and we elected a different setup, not a big difference but a difference."

JEFF MENTIONED HE BUMPED YOU? "That was good. I kept having my hand up going, 'come on, come on' and he kept popping me in the rear end and it felt like we were running IROC because he every time we'd get a shot in the rear end it would just pick me up a couple tenths. So, if you can hit a guy in the rear end and get him going, it'll pick your lap speeds up to a point in the straightaway. That's something you don't even attempt in the corners, but I don't know if he would have tried doing that unless I was asking for it."

DOES THIS MAKE UP FOR PREVIOUS BAD LUCK? "It means a whole lot. You can sit back and say, 'hey, Rusty won this race because Jeremy lost a tire,' but what would have happened if Jeremy wouldn't have lost a tire. The worst thing that would have happened is I was gonna finish second. I had a great run throughout the day, I qualified great and he has some misfortune. I don't know when exactly that misfortune happened, but I know that I was able to take advantage of it, so I'm not gonna let that sour the victory any at all. I thought it was an exciting, clean race and these type of things happen all the time and that's it. I'm just real happy and that's it."

DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING FOR INDY? "Pocono is about the closest track we go to where we can talk back and forth to Indianapolis, but when I left Indy, honestly, the spring setup and the swaybars and everything and the shocks we run weren't what we run at Pocono. The only thing I used at Indy off Pocono was the right-front shock. I used different rear shocks, different left-front, different springs, swaybars, weight distribution and engine. So, I guess what I'm telling you is when I left Indy after the test was over and I got to Pocono there was nothing I learned at Indy to help me. I will go back to Indy with a couple ideas in tire pressures since it's the same tire and we did do quite a bit of testing up there and our cars were pretty tight in practice, so there are some things I'll do with some tire pressures that I think will make it better. I'm gonna learn a little bit going back to Indy, but none of the qualifying stuff will be close."

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