Phoenix II: Kenseth - Friday media visit

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Valvoline Ford Fusion HOW MUCH ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO THE OVERALL POINTS BATTLE? IT'S CLOSE FROM 1-3 AND THEN 4-10 IS PRETTY TIGHT AS WELL. "You kind of look at it when you get home and see where you moved up to in...

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Valvoline Ford Fusion

HOW MUCH ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO THE OVERALL POINTS BATTLE? IT'S CLOSE FROM 1-3 AND THEN 4-10 IS PRETTY TIGHT AS WELL. "You kind of look at it when you get home and see where you moved up to in points or moved back to in points, but, other than that, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to it. You just try to finish the best you can every week and hope to finish as high as you can in the points at the end of the year once the championship is not attainable."

WHAT ABOUT WITHIN THE ROUSH FENWAY TEAM. ARE THERE BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR BEING THE TOP FINISHER? "Not for me. Greg and Carl would have to answer for themselves, but I want to do the best I can for our team every week. If we had it our way, we'd be 1-2-3 in points and battle it out. I want those guys to finish as high as they can, but just like everybody else in the top 12 I want them to finish behind me. You want to do the best you can for your respective team and car."

WHAT ELSE DO YOU WORK ON THESE FINAL TWO RACES THAT YOU CAN USE AS A SPRINGBOARD FOR 2011? "You do this during the year as well, but every off-season you try to look at all aspects of your program from personnel to equipment to driving to pit stops - everything. Certainly, the more recent races are always the freshest in your mind, so you want to get some momentum and you want to get the best finishes you can the last few weeks, so you've got something to look at and evaluate over the winter. Like I say, you want to try to win the races - you want to try to win every week - but it's important for us to finish strong. We did move up to fifth in points, so it's important for us to finish as high as we possibly can and get some momentum going into the off-season."

WHAT'S THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF RACING HERE? "The hardest part is both ends are quite a bit different, so to be good down in one and two without being too loose off of turn four is probably the biggest thing. There's a little bit of a compromise, but you want to get your car to work as well as you can at both ends that are a lot different."

DO YOU LIKE TO STAY INVOLVED IN RACING DURING THE OFF-SEASON OR JUST GET AWAY ENTIRELY? "I don't really know of many races, except for the Snowball Derby, which my son is running that again this year and it's the same weekend that we're out at the banquet in Vegas, so I don't know of any other off-season races before we start in February. It's not like we're off a real long time and not in a car. It's only about a month-and-a-half."

ANY THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS FOR THE KENSETH'S? "For the last eight or nine years we've been spending Thanksgiving at our cabin up in Wisconsin, so we get both of our families together and hang out there for a few days and relax. We eat a lot, watch some football and play some football and that's about it."

DOES THAT RECHARGE YOU IN A BIG WAY? "I don't know that I really need any recharging. I'm good. I could keep racing or I could have a month or two off, so I'm not sure I really need recharging. I feel as good right now as I did when we came out here in the spring, to be honest with you. I don't really need recharging, but I always look forward to spending time with my family whenever I can."

DO YOU SEE JIMMIE COMING BACK AND WINNING THE TITLE? "Well, everybody is different. I wouldn't beat against those guys until they lose one. I wouldn't have bet against them the last four year and I wouldn't do it this year either until it's over, but it's interesting. The three guys up there are all quite different, their teams are different, their driving styles and approach, I think, are different, so, in my opinion, the chase for the championship is pretty interesting this year to see which one of those three guys is gonna be on top when it's all over next week."

ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS BRAVADO COMING OUT OF THE 11 CAMP? "Not really. I wish Denny would have been careful last week and let me win (laughing). I would have enjoyed that more than their bravado and winning and doing all of that. I was happy to be up there racing for a win last week, but, like I said, I think it's an interesting chase and there are a lot of good storylines for everyone to follow. When I get home it's interesting to check it all out and see what all went on."

HOW DO YOU FEEL AT THIS POINT IN THE SEASON? "I feel the same I felt probably the first time here. I don't really feel any different. I'm not really wore out and I'm not necessarily ready for a break, although you always look forward to an off weekend and the holidays to spend some time with your family, but I feel good. We just came off a good run last week, which was encouraging, and put a little spring in all of our step, so, hopefully, we can finish the last two weeks like that."

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