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Kyle Busch wins in Phoenix Kyle Busch -- ...

Kyle Busch wins in Phoenix

Kyle Busch -- #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet

I just want to apologize to all the fans for not doing my normal smokey burn-outs but NASCAR wanted me to come directly to victory lane. I don't know if we were behind on time or what, but I'm sure the fans would have liked to see that.

This is number 2 (win). It should have been more than that. But I want to thank all my guys. They do an awesome job for me.

I just want to say that I'm behind my brother (Kurt Busch) 100 percent. I can't even think right now. I just want to apologize to all of the sponsors for taking a true champion out of the race today.

WHEN YOU WENT A LAP DOWN EARLY IN THE RACE, DID YOU THINK YOU HAD ENOUGH TIME TO GET BACK UP FRONT? I knew we did. When I was messing with Biffle there a lap down I saw where he was beating me and what I needed to work on to make it better. I didn't think I was going to be able to beat Biffle. When he got to me, I knew how hard he was driving his car. I knew if I could just pressure him a few more laps I could probably heat up his right rear a little bit more and we could get by him. My stuff was pretty much worn out at the end and so was his. Again, it was awesome racing with him.

Jeff Gordon -- #24 DuPont Chevrolet
3rd position

We came out of here third and I'm extremely happy. I thought Steve Letarte made some great calls. All of Hendrick Motorsports to get the cars up there. We had two tires there at the end. I needed to get clear of those guys ahead of me and I just couldn't do it. Once those guys on four (tires) got to me, I knew I was done. But I was surprised we were able to hold onto third. I thought Stewart and those guys behind us were going to run us down. I'm real happy with this effort and I'm looking forward to Homestead.

Tony Stewart -- #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet
4th position

Our car just had a good balance. It still needed to be faster. If you tried to make it cut through the center, it was probably going to make it freer up off, and if you tried to give it more forward bite off, it was probably going to make it tighter in the center. So it's kind of tough for a crew chief and a driver at that point to know exactly what to do to it to make it better. We kept working with it. And obviously as the sun went down and the temperature started going down, we started getting tighter and had to work on it. But I had a really solid run. It was so good on long runs. It was really really good. But the No. 16 and the No. 5 were the class of the field today. We did what we had to do with this point deal and gained some points.

ON THE FINAL RACE AT HOMESTEAD Well, I think I'll just take the weekend off (laughs). I think it's pretty obvious. It's a big weekend for us next weekend. I'm glad I have a lot of stuff to keep me busy. I've got Home Depot commercials to shoot tomorrow and Tuesday and I think the whole team -- we're all going fishing on Wednesday. That's something we're all looking forward to doing together as a team and that'll get us straight into the weekend.

Jimmie Johnson -- #48 Lowe's Chevrolet
7th position

CAN YOU PICK UP ENOUGH POINTS TO BEAT STEWART? We really needed to finish ahead of him today and cut some of the margin down going into Homestead. We weren't able to do it. We tried hard and we put in a lot of work. We just came up a little bit short. It's not over until the last race at Homestead. It's going to be tough. It's been tough.

HOW DISAPPOINTING WAS IT TO WATCH THOSE POSITIONS GO AWAY AT THE END? It was. It's frustrating when you're going backwards -- especially when I saw the No. 99 coming and the No. 20 going away. We worked so hard all day long just to get the car a little bit better. I tried to do what I could and Chad (Knaus) was being real aggressive on the stops. We were getting it a little bit better at a time, but we just couldn't get it dialed in unfortunately. But I'm real proud of my team. We'll go to Homestead and put in a hard day's work there and see what happens.

Robby Gordon -- #7 Harrah's Chevrolet
8th position

YOU HAD A GREAT CAR OUT THERE We were pretty good there. I think we could have got all the way up to about the #20. I was just being so cautious around the championship guys. I didn't want to cause any problems, you know?

YOU RAN RIGHT WITH THEM The guys gave me a great race car. We were better than the #48. We passed the #48. Me and Jimmie go a long ways back so I figured I'd help him out if I could.

IS THIS JUST A GOOD TRACK FOR YOU OR DOES THIS MEAN IF YOU GET A GOOD ENGINE YOU CAN GET A GOOD FINISH? You know, John Menard has been a big supporter of my career all the way along. And I'm going to do everything I can to help him with this program. It shows that we've kind of been a top 10 car all year long. We just haven't made it to the finish line. There's been plenty of races where we've been running top 10 and we blow up or something freaky will happen.

It's been a tough six weeks and to come back with a single-car team and finish up there with all those two- and three-car teams-I'm really proud of the guys we have here. And we're going to do everything that we can to keep them for next year.

Denny Hamlin -- #11 FedEx Chevrolet
13th position

We were a solid top five or top 10 car all day, we just had a bad deal on that lug nut there on that last pit stop and that put us to the back, I think 23rd or so. So, we battled back to 13th-that's the best we could do. It's so hard to pass. I just had a tough time getting around some of those guys. We had a pretty good car and didn't anything up, so I'm happy about that.

WHEN YOU SPUN, DID YOU GET HIT FROM BEHIND? I got loose underneath the #25 and checked up and Kevin really didn't have anywhere to go. Didn't really have a choice there, so I didn't feel too bad.

Jeff Burton -- #31 Cingular Wireless Chevrolet
15th position

Well, I'm disappointed with our finish but I'm, as usual, excited about our effort. I got on the outside of Robby Gordon and he just didn't know I was there and ran me into the wall. And that got the car all wrecked up and it was a battle from there. We kept fighting and ended up with a decent finish.

Joe Nemechek -- #01 U.S. Army Chevrolet
17th position

We weren't that bad and we weren't that good -- it was track position that really hurt us today. The front-end was bouncing and the car was hard to drive. We never really found the right grip for this track as we did back in April. The past couple of weeks have been tough -- we need to find more consistency and hopefully that will happen next week. You want to go into the off season feeling good about next year.

Michael Waltrip -- #15 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet
33rd position

We just had a couple of flat tires. I don't really know how that happened. But we lost two laps and stayed two laps down. I don't really know. We just struggled a little bit. It's kind of sad to struggle like we did after the way we ran in the spring. But, we brought a different car back and it didn't work as good as we thought.

Scott Riggs -- #10 Valvoline Chevrolet
38th position

Note: Accident on Lap 205

IT LOOKED LIKE POSSIBLY THE #18 GOT INTO YOU. IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED? Yeah. I was trying to get down to give him and room and they were two-wide behind us. I was sitting there on old tires, I just shouldn't have stayed out. When the car is that bad, two laps down already and we tried to stay out already and be a hero and make something out of it. It was not a smart call.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
40th position

Note: Accident on Lap 112

WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? We were running along there and the right front tire blew out going into Turn 3.

ANY INDICATION BEFORE IT WENT DOWN? No, it just blew out. I don't know. It hadn't been on there long. We had just got tires. Looking at the tire (now), it ain't wore out. I don't know where the hole came from, or if we ran over something, or the sidewall or something like that. The tire is in great shape as far as wear wise. It's frustrating.

TALK ABOUT GOING TO HOMESTEAD-MIAMI NEXT WEEK I'm looking forward to next week. We tested at Homestead. I'm still having fun. I wish the season would keep going a little more. I've just gotten a rhythm where we're going to the track and being fast. We got a little bad luck, but we've got good cars. One of the top two cars, at least.

YOU DRIVE FOR A BEER COMPANY SPONSOR, WHAT IS YOUR TAKE ON THE KURT BUSCH SITUATION? WHAT TYPE OF BEHAVIOR IS EXPECTED FOR SOMEONE LIKE THIS? Well, the number one thing that I've been told and what I understand is that, in my situation and how I would feel the same if I was the beer company, is that number one, you drink responsibly. You know, alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed and drank and you can have a good time. But you've got to do it responsibly and you've got to know where to draw the line and know how to be able to. Drawing the line is not getting into that area where you make poor decisions, and that's what drinking responsibly is all about. So, unfortunately, Kurt made a mistake. Lots of people make mistakes and he'll hopefully learn from it. I'm sure you could tell a man, you could tell me, you could tell anybody a thousand times over about a mistake that you might have made, but some people just have to live it. And hopefully Kurt learns something through this and I think that, I'm sure that, some way or another, somebody will be able to put a positive spin on it one way or another. If he gets back to full form as a race car driver and, you know, takes care of business and makes better decisions off the race track, he can tell everybody just how close he came to screwing it all up. So, hopefully he can put a positive spin on it and keep a lot of other people out of trouble in the future. But, it's a dangerous game, man, when you get behind the wheel of a car, no matter if you just had a couple of martinis-it don't matter.

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