Phoenix II: Bowyer - Friday media visit

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 07 JACK DANIEL'S IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Phoenix International Raceway and discussed moving up in the Chase standings, the Nationwide championship battle, the economic situation and other topics. HAVE YOU ...

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 07 JACK DANIEL'S IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Phoenix International Raceway and discussed moving up in the Chase standings, the Nationwide championship battle, the economic situation and other topics.

HAVE YOU FIGURED OUT WHERE THE LINE IS TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE WITH NASCAR WHEN IT COMES TO SITUATIONS WITH OTHER DRIVERS? "I just try to mind my own business, stay out of trouble. It always finds you. We race a lot, things happen. This is a very important sport, what we do. Everybody is very passionate about what they do. Things happen. You have to be able to get on with it and get over it and not let your emotions get too far out of check. I think a little bit of emotion is what makes this sport what it is."

WHEN YOU ARE OUT THERE, HOW DO YOU DETERMINE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOMEONE JUST RACING YOU HARD OR SOMEONE GOING OVER THE LINE? "That is something that we all race enough with each other enough that you know. If somebody has take advantage of you too many times, you going to bite back. That is usually what you see a lot of out there. A lot of give and take has to happen out here and sometimes there is just too much taking and not enough giving."

IS THERE A POINT WHERE YOU DRAW THE LINE? "You owe it to your teammates, your sponsors and everything else to stand your ground and try to go out and win the race. I haven't had too much trouble."

TALK ABOUT YOUR MINDSET FOR THIS WEEKEND: "I am excited. This is typically a good race track for us. It is a fun race track, I like this place. I love coming out here. Looking for a good weekend. Our Nationwide car, it is ok. I think it will race well. It seems like we have been struggling qualifying here, but it will race just fine. Just got to take care of business over there and then get after it over here, we are playing catch up over here. I feel like we can gain a lot of ground, at least two more stops, if we play our cards right these last two races. Looking forward to capitalizing on that here.

"We have to make sure we go out on the Nationwide side and take care of business. Make sure we don't make mistakes and beat ourselves. That is all we have to do. All we have to do is keep doing what we have done all season long and keep from beating ourselves."

IS THERE A PART OF YOU THAT IS ENJOYING WATCHING WHAT CARL EDWARDS HAS DONE THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS? (LAUGHS) "For me? Hell no I don't enjoy it (LAUGHS). I want to beat him. I hope he stubs his toe so I can catch him (LAUGHS). That is what makes this sport what it is. That is what keeps people tuned in; Carl has been putting it on him. Jimmie (Johnson) is pretty solid though. Everybody had a little bit of a hiccup in the Chase at one point or another and I would say Texas was Jimmie's.)

HAVE YOU HAD FUN IN THE NATIONWIDE SERIES THIS YEAR? "It has been fun. We've had success, we have been consistent. We haven't won as many races as I wanted to win. In that aspect it has been a little bit frustrating. It has been a long year. Everybody is wore out and wanting to do something different. I am kinda chomping at the bit to put a close on this year. Got two races to do that. Just got to go out and make sure we keep doing what we are going and stay solid. Not make mistakes."

DO YOU THINK AS MANY CUP GUYS WILL KEEP COMING OVER TO THE NATIONWIDE SERIES AND RUNNING AS THEY DO NOW? "I think so. I think as long as they will let him, a guy like Carl Edwards is going to run year in and year out. I like the challenge of moving over and running the Nationwide Series and the Cup Series. It is a lot of fun to be able to do that. We are looking for sponsorship to run races next you know. Definitely trying to be a part of it, trying to make sure we stay in the Nationwide Series as far as myself goes. I enjoy the Nationwide Series, I think it is very competitive. I think the cars a lot of fun to drive and they put on a good race."

HAS SHANE WILSON BEEN IN OUR PIT AT ALL? "He has been around, we talk a lot. Yes, to answer your question. He is definitely around and plenty aware of what is going on. I think that is key. But, it is hard, because we are in a battle right now. We could beery easily end up seventh as we can maybe even third. You don't want to take away too much and ruffle the feathers. We have to make sure that we continue working together as far as Gil Martin, myself and everybody on the Jack Daniels team because we owe it to ourselves to do that. We have had a good year. We got in the Chase, which was important for us and we need to end it strong. What I mean by that is I think a top-five spot in the Chase would be a good finishing spot for us. We haven't had the best of years."

WHAT DO YOU AND SHANE TALK ABOUT? "I think it is more him just sitting back and listening to the communication. We talk about how we can try to improve on that. I think that is the biggest thing is trying to sit back and soak it all in and see how we do things. See what I am used to with Gil (Martin) and see how we can work on that and hopefully capitalize it and improve. That is the biggest thing."

WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE LOSSES REPORTED BY GENERAL MOTORS? "My brother was in the car business and ran a Chevy store and I have always been around dealerships so I am plenty aware of a lot of owners, a lot of people that are in the car business. Times are tough. When you have fuel prices the way they are, they are getting better, but when you have that the way it is, it makes it tough to sell anything. Everybody is in lockdown mode. You hear all the news and how bad everything is and you aren't going to go out and buy a new car. You are not going to go out and go to dinner. Go sit down in a restaurant on a Tuesday evening and sit back, you can feel it everywhere you go. Go to the movie theater, go anywhere, it is down. I think as long as they keep reporting how bad it is, people are going to believe them and go on lockdown. It kind of seems it is that way. Hopefully it will turn around soon and we'll all be all right. But when a company as big as Chevrolet and GM announces something like that, I think it is an eye opener for everybody."

DO YOU WORRY ABOUT THE TRICKLE DOWN? "Of course you do. It is already trickling down. Look at our fans attendance in the stands. We like putting on a show in front of our fans, we have the bad in the world. When we can't put on a show in front of as many fans as we are used to, that is a bummer for everybody. I like fans. I like coming out and hanging out with them in the infield and enjoying the different people and meeting people. You feel it everywhere. Of course it trickles down."

TALK ABOUT YOUR EVENT WITH BRANDON WEBB: "The charity was good. It was neat, me and Brandon Webb put on a little charity thing for his K-Foundation and my deal for Victory Junction Gang Camp starting up in Kansas City. Had a lot of success over there, raised a lot of money and had a lot of fun."

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE NATIONWIDE SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP? "You know, if you look at it, we have a 91 point lead. We drove up through them, we caught them. We ended up sixth, he finished second. He made 25 points up on us. That was a bad race. If we go in to Homestead behind, we have to make up for it. We are trying to come out of here and put points on him (Carl Edwards). Anything can happen here. Carl has a good car, we knew he was going to, we have a decent car. We have to make the best out of it. You can only go out there with a positive attitude, not worry about that stuff. Put it behind you. I know that sounds silly, if you sit here and worry about him catching you, he is going to catch you. We are going to go out and do what we have been doing and we will be fine. It has worked all year. Why isn't it going to work in the last two."

CARL SAYS HE THINKS YOU ARE HEARING FOOTSTEPS: "You can see him creeping up more than you can hear him. He ain't close enough to hear him yet (LAUGHS

"Carl is on the up and up. He is running good in both cars, he has a ton of confidence behind him right now and things are rolling for him. Still, we are the only ones who can lose this championship. He can't beat us enough to do this. If we race the way we have been racing all year long, Carl can't catch us. Now if we slip up and make a mistake, he will catch us and he will win. But as long as we don't make a mistake and beat ourselves, in my opinion, the championship is ours."

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