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Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- ...

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
4th position / started 15th

Yeah, I was real, real happy. I was trying to concentrate to myself and watch Mike at the same time to see if he was going to get the win. But, it was a good day for DEI and definitely a good finish for this company and team. We worked really hard to get what we got tonight. I'm just really proud of everyone wearing a DEI uniform tonight.

HOW WAS IT DIFFERENT BEING UNDER THE LIGHTS? A whole lot of fun. We ought to run more of them at night. Maybe we ought to run the whole series at night! But, it was fun. Plus we got tomorrow off and that should be fun. It was a good finish and a good time.

I got to running on it there in the first 50 laps and the car wasn't working and I just stepped back and slowed down a little bit. Man, that's when it started working and that's when I started passing people.

THIS IS REALLY GOOD FOR DEI It's working, you know. I just can't believe how hard of work it is! Things have become a lot easier, but man, we're all working really, really hard. There ain't nobody in that shop that ain't putting forth the hardest effort. It's amazing. Sometimes, you know, when you don't get those finishes like we got tonight, it's real disappointing. It just feels good to get a good finish.

MAYBE IT WILL BE EASIER IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO WELL Yeah, I mean, regardless of this year or whatever, you get what you give. You party hard, you play hard and that's what we do. We put a lot into it and we enjoy the good stuff and hate the bad stuff and that's part of it.

Brian Vickers -- #25 GMAC/ Chevrolet
5th position / started 5th

TELL US ABOUT THE RACE It was a great day for us. We had a chance there at the end. This means a lot to finally get our first top 5 for this GMAC racing team. We ran out of tires there at the end.

We've had good cars, we just haven't had the finishes. Lance and the guys have put good cars on the track and had good pit stops. We just had luck on our side today

HOW DID IT FEEL TO LEAD? It was great to get out there. We haven't lead this year, so it was great to get out there and lead. And not only did we lead a lap, because a teammate helped us get there, but we stayed out front for a long time through some cautions and pit stops. I'm proud of the GMAC Chevy racing team. They did a great job and we got a good finish.

Bobby Labonte -- #18 Interstate Batteries Chevrolet
6th position / started 4th

HOW WAS YOUR RACE? It was good. The guys did a good job. We were a little too tight in the center all night. We got to sixth-place, so it was a good run for us. We can go home with a smile tonight. The guys did a good job tonight, and they've done a great job all year. We just haven't been able to smile at the end of a race." (About the racing surface, with the rain): "The wind wasn't bad. The rain was -- the track's probably going to be different anyway. It was day-to-night. The racetrack always has a couple grooves here. We stuck on the bottom, we were just a little too tight in the center. I'm glad we got a top 10, it was a good shot in the arm.

Joe Nemechek -- #01 U.S. Army Chevrolet
10th position / started 13th
Note: first top 10 finish at Phoenix

Overall it wasn't a bad performance, but it could have been much better. When we were running second in clean air the Army car was awesome. But a glitch on our last pit stop really hurt our chances for a great finish. We did battle back to the top 10 even though it was a struggle to pass here. I drove the car hard and ate up the tires pretty good at the end. Being on the right side of the pit cycles tonight was critical and I thought Ryan (crew chief Ryan Pemberton) made some great calls. We're not where we want to be but we're gaining with two top 10s in the last three races.

Jimmie Johnson -- #48 Lowe's Chevrolet
15th position / started 12th

TELL US ABOUT YOUR RACE It was just a frustrating night. We just didn't have a good driving car. The thing was bouncing all over the damn place. It was tough to drive. It's still top 15, so to have a bad day and end up in the top 15, all in all it's good. But we've got to get some things turned around. We're not doing what we need to be doing right now.

WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND TONY STEWART? That's a good question. The last three or four weeks I've raced with him, when I get to him he's mad that I'm going by and he starts flipping me off and chopping me and running me all over the place. He started doing the same thing again (tonight), I haven't been around him all race. Shoots me the bird running down the backstretch and runs me all over the place and then goes in the turn and stands on the brakes to mess with me. I ran out of room and got into the back of him. I don't know why he gets so irate whenever I'm around him. I end up being the whipping post every time I get to him, it seems like.

Tony Stewart -- #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet
33rd position / started 6th

WHAT HAPPENED ON PIT ROAD TO THE FRONT OF YOUR GRILLE? I don't know how it (the front grill) got pushed back. (Greg) Biffle and I pulled out and had already got our stops done, but I think there were some cars that were still coming in and one of them stopped in front of Greg and he had to check up and then we ran into the back of him. I didn't know the guy was stopping. I don't know what it did to the grill, but it made the water temperature build up. It's like I told the motor guys, this is a pretty good payback from last week - to sit there and have a motor that was running 260 degrees with an oil temp at 275 and run lap after lap while still putting out pretty good power. I thought the motor shop did a pretty good job.

DID THE #48 GET INTO YOU? Yeah. The only way you spin out like that is when a guy jacks you up like that going into (turn) three. I don't know what he was doing. He was running guys up and down the race track. He about ran Junior into the wall and I about ran into Junior because of that and then he finally put me backwards. So I don't know what was wrong with him tonight.

Carl Long -- #00 Buyer's Choice Auto Warranty Chevrolet
43rd position / started 41st
Note: Long pulled into the garage area on lap 52 after reporting problems with his engine

WHAT HAPPENED? We had a valve spring break on us in practice, and we changed it. And I think that's what happened again, I'm not sure. It just started skipping on seven cylinders. The setup I had in it was a little bit too aggressive for race conditions. So, we came in and made an adjustment. We were running behind Gordon and thought we could maintain it and then the motor broke. Like I said, it felt like a valve spring or something. It just started on seven cylinders. I was right in front of Bobby Labonte so I know he had to do a fair amount of driving to keep from getting into the back of me.

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