Phoenix: Ford teams race quotes

MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion (finished 5th) "Some guys obviously ran better than others. We didn't handle the best all night. We ran a lot better than I thought we'd run and we were able to get a good finish out of it. So, it was ...

MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion (finished 5th)

"Some guys obviously ran better than others. We didn't handle the best all night. We ran a lot better than I thought we'd run and we were able to get a good finish out of it. So, it was alright."

THIS WAS THE LONGEST TEST FOR THE CAR OF TOMORROW. PLUS, THE RACE STARTED IN DAYLIGHT AND ENDED AT NIGHT. THOUGHTS ON THE COT? "I don't think everybody likes how they drive, but the fact is we're all in the same boat, and we've all got the same opportunity to make it work, so we've just got to figure it out."

ON THE CLOSE RACING AT THE END. "At the very end we were just too loose and we couldn't go anywhere. So, we didn't have the car as good as some of those guys. On a long run we were able to run up, probably, in the top four or five times, so I was real proud of the guys for that. And they did a great job on pit road. We never had bad track position all day and that was really the key to us getting a good finish."

EVERYBODY SAID THIS WOULD BE THE TRUE TEST FOR THE CAR OF TOMORROW. WHAT DO YOU THINK? "It doesn't matter what I think. We've all got the same thing to work with, we've just got to make it work better than the rest. They're a struggle to drive and to get to turn, but everybody's kind of in the same boat. We've just got to figure it out better than those guys."

YOU KEEP SAYING THAT YOU'RE NOT HAVING THE BEST OF CARS, BUT YOU KEEP FINISHING NEAR THE FRONT. "I feel like I've got an A-plus team. I feel like they do a great job, they really prepare the cars well, we always pit it good, Doug Yates and our engine guys do a great job, we've got great reliability on horsepower. It's just that we haven't quite hit the combination to make them handle the way we need to here the last few weeks. We're just going to keep working. These great finishes are really good for us to stay up in points, but we've got to just keep working and try to develop the stuff and make it more competitive down the stretch."


ROBBIE REISER -- crew chief, No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion

YOUR THOUGHTS ON YOUR DRIVER, MATT KENSETH, TONIGHT. "We've got an awesome driver and an awesome team. We didn't have the car quite right, but somehow we came out of this thing fifth and had a shot at winning there at the end. So, it was a great job by everybody."


GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 Ameriquest Ford Fusion (finished 17th)

"I'll have to watch it on TV, but, in my opinion, I only saw what was around me, but it didn't look like a good race, really, to me. I didn't see a lot of side by side, I didn't see the big everybody equal, you know, I saw everybody sliding all over the place. And, NASCAR's claim to fame is they want them hard to drive. Well, it's not that they're hard to drive, it's just that they're not like driving a race car. They're like giving us Pinewood derby cars and saying, 'Okay, everybody, this is what you're going to race.' We've got to work on it a little bit, I think. And our setup has a ways to go. But we need to work on it some more before we get to these mile-and-half tracks so that we can put on a better show. Maybe I'm way off, maybe the show was great. But I don't feel like they were real racy, you know? You couldn't race anybody -- and that's what we want to do. It's our passion, it's in our blood -- we want to race 'em."

DO YOU FEEL THAT THERE IS ROOM TO GROW WITH THIS CAR? "I don't know. The things is, there's only so much you can do. We're painted inside this box and we can only do so much. We've only got so much travel, and then we're solid on the bump stop, so we have to manipulate how we hit that bump stop, how it works, and how we get our front bar. What it does, it gets down in the corner, and slides the tires. You can see: everybody's doing the same thing. Everybody's juke, juke, juking the throttle, to try and turn it with the back, and then scrape off the corner, and that's all we did all night. I'm sure if we would've gotten track position, we would've just stayed right there."

YOU WERE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT THE COT AFTER BRISTOL AND MARTINSVILLE... "Very optimistic, that we were on the right track. And we'll really have to wait until after Richmond to see -- because everybody got a chance to test Richmond. Nobody got a chance to test here. Two hours of practice is kind of hard to get the setup perfect on this thing. And the thing with me, everything I changed on it didn't change anything. I changed a ton of stuff."

YOU'RE SAYING THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE WEEKEND? "Yeah, yeah. We changed front springs, rear springs, track bar up, track bar down, do this, do that, different shocks, and it drove exactly the same every lap. So, we're sitting there scratching our heads and going, 'Nothing changed anything. Why?' But at Richmond we felt some changes when we changed some stuff around and felt like we got somewhere with it. So, we'll have to wait until Richmond and have another evaluation of how it ran where everybody tested. That'll be a key, I think."

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