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Introducing the Kenny & Kenny Show Number two in The New Deal series of six HARRISBURG, N.C., (Jan. 4, 1999) - Hello everyone and thank you for tuning in to the Kenny & Kenny Show. And what a program we have in store for you. ...

Introducing the Kenny & Kenny Show

Number two in The New Deal series of six

HARRISBURG, N.C., (Jan. 4, 1999) - Hello everyone and thank you for tuning in to the Kenny & Kenny Show. And what a program we have in store for you.

With two of the most prolific NASCAR Winston Cup Series drivers in Kenny Wallace and Ken Schrader under one roof at Andy Petree Racing (APR), we've got some real talent behind the wheel of our race cars that I'm sure you'll enjoy watching in 1999.

Our latest addition is Wallace, who will be driving the No. 55 Square D Chevrolet. He comes to us in 1999 as a teammate to two-year APR driver Schrader, and he also joins us in today's episode of the Kenny & Kenny Show.

It's good to have you here Kenny.

"It's great to be here because I feel like I've started a new lease on life," said Wallace. "This deal makes me very excited, but I'm keeping myself humble. Probably 10 years ago I'd be jumping up and down over this, but I'm at a point in my career where I feel like I'm on a mission. There's a real sense of urgency. I've got to get a win in the next year or two."

While you're indeed serious about your racing, you're also serious about having fun - just as your teammate Schrader is.

"It's funny how people always tell us how upbeat and funny we are," continued Wallace. "Just the other day Schrader and I were talking about this. You know, you don't have to be quiet or miserable to show how much determination you have to win. I was telling Kenny how a lot of people misinterpret us. Both of us, for sure, want to win more than anybody else out there. I think we confuse people because some think that we're just happy-go- lucky. We're probably more unhappy with our careers than people realize. Talking and laughing is a good way for us to relieve tension. Like Kenny told me, he and Andy Petree understand what kind of mission I'm on. I'm hell-bent to make my mark in Winston Cup, and I think it's great that Kenny understands that."

Perhaps the reason that Schrader understands you so well is because the two of you have been friends for so long.

"In the early '70s Kenny and my brother Rusty were rivals on the tracks around Missouri," said the St. Louis native. "Our families spent a lot of time together and Kenny took a liking to me. He used to take me down to a town called Licking, Mo., where he had some property. It was there where Kenny Schrader was the first person to put me in an old pickup truck and let me drive around. I'll never forget that experience. It was the greatest time I ever had - to be able to drive for my first time.

"So, besides him being my Winston Cup teammate, we have a loyalty that goes back much further than just sharing information at the track."

Now when it comes to that sharing of information, how will you two go about doing that?

"I think it's going to come naturally," said Wallace. "Right when we unload at the race track, we're both going to know what each other has for a setup. We're also going to develop a system of meetings. We'll meet before we go onto the track Friday morning. We'll meet after first round practice. We'll meet after qualifying. We'll meet before Saturday morning's practice. All of these group meetings will be run by Terry Satchell, our head engineer. He'll organize how our two teams will exchange information.

"And of course, if I'm running well and Schrader is struggling, or vice versa, then I'll make my way down to his car and he'll make his way up to my car. Kenny put it best when he said that we don't need to worry about outrunning each other until we're running first and second."

On that note, what are your goals for you and Schrader in 1999?

"My goal is to have both cars in the top-10 in points. We've got to win a race somewhere, somehow, someway. We've got to get ourselves on the winner's circle plan. We've got to get a pole. This whole deal will be a success if both of us are a lot better than we were last year."

Unfortunately, that's all the time we have for this week's show. Thanks for being with us, and stay tuned for the future adventures of Kenny and Kenny.

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