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Brian Vickers wins the NEXTEL Open Brian Vickers ...

Brian Vickers wins the NEXTEL Open

Brian Vickers #25 GMAC / Chevrolet
Race winner

TAKE US THROUGH THAT FINAL TURN AS YOU WON THE NEXTEL OPEN Oh, man, that was exciting. Our car was just too tight in the center and too loose off to go high. You know, I knew we had to get him on the bottom. He was blocking, he was doing his job, but this GMAC / Chevrolet team did an awesome job. The team gave me such a good car. I knew that pit crew would be there for me if we needed them, but Lance made a good call not to come in. You know, I hate it for Mike (Bliss). I'm sorry that we got together. He came down and I was there. I don't know what else to do. When he started to spin, of course, I went right to try to miss him. You know, I'm sure he's upset but that's racing, you know, in the Open. That's how it is-that's the only thing that counts.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO TO THE CAR TO GET IT READY FOR THE ALL-STAR CHALLENGE UP NEXT? We're definitely going to have to work on these fenders. At this track, it's all aero. It's more aero than it is anything else. And the guys can do a good job, get the fenders taken care of, make a few adjustments and go out and win the All-Star race.

MORE COMMENTS ABOUT THE FINAL LAP: It's not my fault. If I'm there and Mike comes across my nose and spins out, you know, am I going to be at fault for that? Who is going to make that call? That's the problem. But, you know, that was close.

MIKE SAID THAT HE THOUGHT IT WAS INTENTIONAL You know, it wasn't intentional. And I'm not going to say that if I was in his position, I wouldn't feel the same way. I've been wrecked before and I've been on the other end of it. Yeah, it's a bad feeling and you're always going to feel it's intentional and emotions are high and you're mad. But, it was a two-way street. I mean, I was there, he came down and we were both going for the same real estate. That's what racing's about. I don't know what else to do. And I hate it for him. It was not intentional. It absolutely was not intentional. I wouldn't wreck him just to win the race; I wouldn't just spin somebody out. But, I hate it for him but I can't blame him. I'd probably feel the same way.

WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE TO BE IN THE BIG SHOW NOW? It's exciting. I'm looking forward to it. And it means a lot to me and this whole team.

Mike Bliss #0 NetZero / Best Buy Chevrolet
2nd position

WALK US THROUGH THAT FINAL CORNER ON THE LAST LAP Well, I was getting extremely tight and I lost some ground because I got tight on the exit. He got a good run and I didn't expect to get wrecked. I expected him to maybe do a crossover move, go to the outside or something. Not just to get wrecked. That's what we got. We got wrecked and we're out of the game and he's in it. So, that's the name of this game, I guess.

EXIT OF TURN 2, IT LOOKED LIKE THE OUTSIDE WAS THE WAY TO GO, BUT YOU SEEMED TO HAVE SUCCESS ON THE INSIDE I was too tight and the bottom was clear, so I went down there to try to catch it and free the race car up. It worked a couple times and I couldn't get it to work on the white flag, which is the one we wanted to pay. I lost ground on that corner and the next corner and that's what got us spun out.

Scott Riggs #10 Valvoline Chevrolet
28th position

Note: Riggs hit the wall in Turn 4 on the second lap of the race.

WHAT HAPPENED? Just the same thing that got us in qualifying: we were just too free. We struggled with the car a lot in practice. Kept freeing it up, freeing it up and got in qualifying trim and the only shot was our qualifying lap. Too free there, and started the race. I had a hole up high and I thought it had a little bit more grip up top. I tried to catch it, you know, giving it all we can. Starting in the back, with thirty laps, you've got to do all you can. I gave it all I could and it just ran out.

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