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NASCARFans E-Mail Newsletter Jayski's stuff, first...... UPDATE: Bob Jenkins mentioned during the Bud Shootout Qualifying race that the California 500 will be televised on ESPN(not ABC), NASCAR Online and WC Scene both have ESPN televising the...

NASCARFans E-Mail Newsletter

Jayski's stuff, first......

UPDATE: Bob Jenkins mentioned during the Bud Shootout Qualifying race that the California 500 will be televised on ESPN(not ABC), NASCAR Online and WC Scene both have ESPN televising the event(2-8-98) - I heard frpm ESWPN and ABC today, both report that the California 500 will be televised on ESPN, not ABC(2-9-98)

NASCAR'S Mike Helton says he anticipates no spoiler rules changes before the Daytona 500. Several Ford teams are pressing for NASCAR to come up with a standard rear-spoiler height, claiming Chevrolet and Pontiac teams have an unfair edge with lower rear spoilers.(JournalNow)

Stevie Reeves and the CAA Performance Group Busch Grand National team have a new number and a new sponsor. Curb Records and rising country artist David Kersh are sponsoring the Ford, while number 43 will run on the side.(Williams Company)

iRACE has a chat session this Thursday(2-12) with Joe Washington and Lake Speed at iRACE Gathering Place.(2-9-98)

Sprint announced today that Adam Petty, son of Kyle Petty and grandson of Richard Petty, is set to take his first major step into his professional racing career. Seventeen-year-old Adam is the first fourth-generation professional athlete in the history of sports and will be the youngest driver on the American Speed Association (ASA) track. The Spree Prepaid Foncard from Sprint will be his primary sponsor. Sprint has also announced that Richard Petty, Kyle Petty and the newest member of the Petty racing dynasty, Adam, will be united under the umbrella of "Spree Racing" in a new sponsorship package.(PRNewswire)

GM'S SB2 Engine has shown plenty of horsepower punch, but some teams are now worried about poor gas mileage with the motor.(JournalNow)

SpeedNet reports that Robby Gordon was in Daytona looking for a team that would hire him for half a dozen NASCAR races.

Thanks, Jay. _____

Brief exerpt from an interview Monday with Jeff Gordon by Ron Green Jr., Staff Writer, That's Racin' Website

Q: Would you discuss the Bud Shootout restart?

JG: I hope this isn't the whole press conference. Rusty won, it's done, it's over with. Who cares? You can't change it now...Basically, it's a restart in the area of the Union 76 ball or the area at the end of the grass. It's kind of the same thing.

There is no line. There is no mark where you restart. The only mistake I made is that I didn't jump the start. I tried to bring it down as close to that area as possible.

The rest of the article is here: _____


1. Steve Park, Chev. 189.498 2. Hut Stricklin, Chev. 189.044 3. Kevin Lepage, Chev. 188.838 4. Wally Dallenbach, Chev. 188.826 5. Robert Pressley, Ford 188.123 6. Mike Wallace, Chev. 187.778 7. Mark Gibson, Ford 187.731 8. Geoff Bodine, Ford 187.137 9. Ricky Rudd, Ford 187.025 10. Rick Mast, Ford 186.413 11. Loy Allen Jr., Pon. 186.131 12. Michael Ciochetti, Ford 183.846 13. Randy Renfrow, Chev. 177.071 14. Norm Benning, Chev. DNS (That's Racin' Website) _____

There's a good editorial column by David Poole about Jeff Gordon and the Bud Shootout here: _____

How excited is fifth-year Winston Cup driver Jeremy Mayfield about working under the umbrella of Roger Penske and working with fellow driver Rusty Wallace?

"This is the highest it gets," he said. "I would sign a lifetime contract with this team because that's the way I feel right now." (Skip Wood, Richmond Times-Dispatch) _____

The day after the Jeff Gordon-Rusty Wallace controversy in Sunday's Bud Shootout, more pieces to the puzzling finish emerged.

Members of Gordon's crew confirmed privately yesterday that Gordon missed the shift from first to second gear on the final restart, and that Gordon's transmission didn't break after all. That, rather than Wallace's jumping the restart, was the key to Wallace's victory in the sprint race for last season's pole winners.

Remainder of the article is here:

(Mike Mulhern, JournalNow) _____

Veteran Dave Marcis is one of the most respected men on the circuit, both for his class and his determination -- and he appears on track for his 31st straight Daytona 500 start. He'll be chatting with fans at 1 p.m. EST Tuesday at the NASCAR Online site ( _____

Kyle Petty has a spring in his step that's more than his usual upbeat gait. There are plenty of reasons, the performance of the Pontiac and the promise of a second year for his PE2 team and the Hot Wheels team.

But it might be that he's come to term with having the blues. No, Kyle isn't down in the dumps, not in the least. What he is doing is carrying a special sponsor package in addition to him primary corporate partner. It's for the Universal Studios sequel to the Blues Brothers, the original movie starring Dan Akroyd and John Belushi.

Director John Landis returns, along with Akroyd as Elwood Blues. His sidekick in the new film is played by John Goodman (NASCAR Online Staff)

Winston Cup practice speeds Tuesday From the That's Racin' Website

Car No. Driver Car Speed 1. 6 Mark Martin Ford 191.722 2. 81 Kenny Wallace Ford 191.714 3. 22 Ward Burton Pontiac 191.445 4. 10 Ricky Rudd Ford 191.355 5. 30 Derrike Cope Pontiac 191.249 6. 4 Bobby Hamilton Chevy 190.985 7. 11 Brett Bodine Ford 190.977 8. 99 Jeff Burton Ford 190.945 9. 7 Geoff Bodine Ford 190.787 10. 50 Ricky Craven Chevy 190.771 11. 41 Steve Grissom Chevy 190.751 12. 31 Mike Skinner Chevy 190.751 13. 24 Jeff Gordon Chevy 190.508 14. 3 Dale Earnhardt Chevy 190.363 15. 2 Rusty Wallace Ford 190.279 16. 40 Sterling Marlin Chevy 190.138 17. 26 Johnny Benson Ford 190.046 18. 23 Jimmy Spencer Ford 190.038 19. 21 Michael Waltrip Ford 189.938 20. 29 Jeff Green Chevy 189.765 21. 36 Ernie Irvan Pontiac 189.729 22. 88 Dale Jarrett Ford 189.713 23. 43 John Andretti Potiac 189.681 24. 96 David Green Chevy 189.621 25. 1 Steve Park Chevy 189.585 26. 33 Ken Schrader Chevy 189.546 27. 12 Jeremy Mayfield Ford 189.530 28. 44 Kyle Petty Pontiac 189.430 29. 8 Hut Stricklin Chevy 189.394 30. 18 Bobby Labonte Pontiac 189.378 31. 46 Wally Dallenbach Chevy 189.298 32. 35 Todd Bodine Pontiac 189.298 33. 5 Terry Labonte Chevy 189.286 34. 9 Lake Speed Ford 189.147 35. 90 Dick Trickle Ford 189.123 36. 13 Jerry Nadeau Ford 189.119 37. 17 Darrell Waltrip Chevy 188.988 38. 98 Greg Sacks Ford 188.149 39. 94 Bill Elliott Ford 188.770 40. 28 Kenny Irwin Ford 188.604 41. 97 Chad Little Ford 188.545 42. 91 Kevin Lepage Chevy 188.419 43. 77 Robert Pressley Ford 188.352 44. 71 Dave Marcis Chevy 188.166 45. 59 Mark Gibson Ford 187.801 46. 78 Gary Bradberry Ford 187.477 47. 75 Rick Mast Ford 187.157 48. 47 Billy Standridge Ford 186.621 49. 42 Joe Nemechek Chevy 186.505 50. 16 Ted Musgrave Ford 186.432 51. 07 Don Pardus Chevy 186.193 52. 73 Phil Barkdoll Chevy 186.150 53. 95 Andy Hillenburg Chevy 185.644 54. 80 Michael Ciochetti Ford 180.861 55. 14 Loy Allen Jr. Pontiac 179.279 _____

Steve Park has a WC Rookie Journal here: and a report on his qualifying efforts here: _____

That's Racin' Web site has updated Daytona scanner frequencies here: _____

GM's SB2: A more durable, less costly engine block for 1998

By JOHN STURBIN Fort Worth Star-Telegram, here: _____

Daytona Track Facts, from the That's Racin' Website:

Distance: 2.5 miles Width: 40 feet Length: Total 3,800 feet, back straight 3,000 feet Degree of banking: Triovals 8 degrees, corners 31 degrees _____

Bully Hill Vineyards will sponsor Eric Bodine in the Busch Grand National North Series, which begins April 19, at Lee USA, in Lee, New Hampshire.

Bodine comes from a driving family of New York

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