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NASCARFans E-Mail Newsletter ===== Here's Jayski's news gatherings (and there's a bunch of it, too!): Talladega speeds from RPM2Nite: Jimmy Spencer 190.723 Dale Jarrett 190.374 Michael Waltrip 190.222 Kenny Wallace 189.563 Ricky Rudd ...

NASCARFans E-Mail Newsletter

===== Here's Jayski's news gatherings (and there's a bunch of it, too!):

Talladega speeds from RPM2Nite:

Jimmy Spencer 190.723 Dale Jarrett 190.374 Michael Waltrip 190.222 Kenny Wallace 189.563 Ricky Rudd 189.492 Dick Trickle 189.462 Rusty Wallace 189.365 Elliott Sadler 189.328 (BGN) Rick Mast 188.567 Jerry Nadeau 188.404 Brett Bodine 188.045 Brett Bodine 188.045(Thunderbird-yes same speed) Ted Musgrave 188.030 Bill Elliott 187.328 Mark Martin 186.627 Jeremy Mayfield 186.587 Rusty Wallace 183.659 (Thunderbird)

During the morning edition of TNN's Raceday, #2 Ford Truck crew chief, Barry Dodson said the team with driver Mike Bliss, would not attempt any WC races in 1998 like they did in 1997(when the were second round fastest at the 2nd Richmond race), not sure if this mean Bliss will not attempt the Bud Shootout Pre-Race at Daytona.

I hear that during a QVC show on Saturday, QVC was having a sports clearance show, Dan Hughes was the host. He had a 1/24th QVC car on sale and mentioned that QVC would no longer be sponsoring Geoff, but that he really like him as a race driver and an individual. Then Hughes said "wait till you see the sponsorship Geoff has for next year, there are going to be great things ahead for him." but Hughes didn't give any hint to the identity of the sponsor.

I hear World Championship Wrestling will announce their new racing team next Saturday(1-3-98) between 6pm and 8pm(et) on TBS during the broadcast of WCW Saturday Night. No idea if it WC or BGN or what team it may be.

I hear All Sport may follow Tom Kendall to the #27 David Blair Motorsports Ford

I hear TropArtic(Phillips 66 Product) may sponsor the #29 Diamond Ridge WC Chevy driven by Jeff Green.

I hear Hardee's Restaurant is looking to again sponsor a WC car in 1998, not sure if it's a primary or assoc

I have heard a rumor that Morgan Shepherd will return to the Richard Jackson owned Pontiac, now #14, with Copenhagen as the sponsor?

The BGN #57 owned by Progressive Motorsports to be driven by Jason Keller has not secured a sponsor yet. The team is implementing a program allowing race fans to design the logo for PROGRESSIVE MOTORSPORTS. The selected logo will be used in their letterhead, business cards, fan club, etc. The individual who's design is selected will be recognized in their fan club, as well as in a press release.

ESPN2 will be running another NASCAR race re-run marathon on New Years Eve/News Years Day. I put the schedule on a separate page (see below link), and from that page you can see the winners, pole sitters and why the race may have been chosen to be show (along with the reason that these are only ESPN broadcast races of course).

I hear Bace Motorsports is building a pair of convertibles(like the one LaJoie tested at Charlotte in Oct) for an NASCAR exhibition race to be held in 1998.(Unsure where or when)

This was posted by Bob Hanner on the Speedworld Message Forum, Bob runs the NASCAR WC Gallery:

"In the Omaha paper this morning they had an ad for a local car dealership that had the #88 show car in the showroom today. So I went down there and found out that it was not just any ordinary show car, but the 1996 Daytona 500 Winning Quality Care Ford Thunderbird. The car was never washed or had anything done to it since they got it back from Daytona USA this past February. It still had the remains of a Champane bath on it from the victory lane celebration. It also had a roof cam (Now outlawed) and a bumper cam on it. Most noticeable was the dent on the front air dam covered by 200mph race tape. The representative from RYR said that it was "Seagull" Damage. Since Daytona uses restrictor plates the cars all travel around the track in one giant pack. after the cars all go by the seagulls land on the track looking for food stirred up by the wind from the cars. DJ was leading the race at the time and one of the birds didn't get back up into the air fast enough *THUMP* Probably wasn't much left of that bird after getting hit by a 200mph stock car.

I took some pictures of the car and will have them up on my website ( as soon as they are developed. The RYR rep also made comment that you will most likely see a lot of Thunderbirds at the restrictor plate races for the next 2 years while the Thunderbird is still eligible if they can't get the Taurus up to speed. He said they we're testing at Talladega this week (Which we already knew) and if they can't get the Taurus up to speed they will call the show car that was here today back to the RYR shop to have a new Thunderbird body put on it and that's the car DJ will race in the coming Daytona 500. He also confirmed something that a lot of us already figured would happen anyway. That the smaller teams couldn't afford to use valuable sponsor money trying to perfect the Taurus and would use Thunderbirds until the high dollar teams got the bugs worked out of the Taurus. He stated that at all the tracks this year you will see 4 models of cars on the track: Thunderbird, Taurus, Monte Carlo, and Grand Prix."(posted 12-19 on Speedworld)

Jayski's "Still Unknown for 1998(as of 12-28-97)":

Who will sponsor Geoff Bodine in the #7? MCI/Worldcom?

Who will sponsor Brett Bodine in the #11? ? Old Navy Clothes?

Who will sponsor the #14 Pontiac team owned by Richard Jackson run in 1998? Copenhagen? Shepherd back?

Who will DW's sponsor be? Pepsi? WCW?

Will the #27 David Blair team find sponsorship for driver Tommy Kendall? All Sport?

Who will replace the Cartoon Network on the #29 Diamond Ridge Chevy? Trop Artic??

Who will sponsor Billy Standridge and the #47 Ford?

Will the #64 Fan Sponsored Ford ever see the track and who will drive it?

Will the #91 LJ Racing Chevy find a full time sponsor? and will Kevin LePage drive the car? Chainsaws?

Will the #95 Sadler Bros Chevy run in 1998? Who will drive the car? ARCA only?

Who will sponsor the Washington-Erving Ford? 7-Up/Dr Pepper/Sun Drop? MCI? What will the # be? #12, #20, #45 or #60?

Where will Morgan Shepherd end up? His own team? The #14 if sponsorship is found?

Do Mike Wallace, Loy Allen, Rick Wilson find WC rides in 1998?

Thanks, Jay! =====

===== For those of you interested in Tobey J.E. Reed's different lists, here is the link to them: ===== John sent me this report:

"I spotted team trailers from Hendricks Racing/Terry Labonte #5 and Childress/Dale Earnhardt #3 on site at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. The trailers were located in the vicinity of the Aerodynamics laboratories, probably doing wind tunnel testing. The trailers were visible from the public road."

Thanks, John. ===== As promised:

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