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Sources tell Jayski that Tony Furr, present crew chief for the #98 RCA Ford, will be named the new crew chief of the #25 Bud Chevy driven by Ricky Craven and owned by Hendrick Motorsports. ===== Atlanta Notes: Tim Steele will run the #15 Bud Moore Ford at Atlanta and ran the fastest lap today in testing at 192.166mph, Todd Bodine was second in the #35 Tabasco Pontiac at 191.655mph. Kevin LePage also tested the #91 Chevy and was 10th(RPM2Nite) / Jayski ===== Action Performance has bought out the diecast division of Revell for $15 million (Jayski). ===== Well it's official: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will drive his fathers BGN #3 AC Delco Chevy in 1998, announced at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, which is an automobile after market parts show, with many cars and parts(RPM2Nite) / Jayski ===== Fuel to the rumor fire. Bobby Hamilton said during his NASCAR Online chat that it will probably be John Andretti in the 43 car for 1998 (Jayski) ===== "Cale Yarborough, who owns the (#98) team (John) Andretti drives for now, has approached Rich Bickle about a job next season, according to sources close to the situation. Bickle has been driving Trucks for Darrell Waltrip, but Waltrip's plans to field a Winston Cup team for Bickle next season have fallen through. Bickle has the option of continuing as Waltrip's Truck driver."(JournalNow) / Jayski ===== "Jeff Gordon will miss the Nov. 23 exhibition race at Suzuka City, Japan, to undergo surgery to remove a polyp from a vocal cord. The surgery is scheduled for Nov. 19, two days after the Atlanta season finale. Ricky Craven, Gordon's Hendrick Motorsports teammate, will drive Gordon's car in Japan.(iRace) / Jayski ===== "Busch Series regular Roy "Buckshot" Jones will attempt to make his Winston Cup debut in the NAPA 500 at Atlanta. It will be a home-track event for Jones, 27, a native of Tucker, Ga., and a graduate of the University of Georgia. Aquafresh toothpaste, the primary sponsor of Jones' Busch Series entry, will be primary sponsor of the car at Atlanta and in eight Winston Cup events in 1998 in which Jones plans to compete."(iRace), he will drive the #00 Pontiac (Jayski) ===== Add Kenny Irwin, Jr., who will drive the Texaco Havoline Ford, Mike Wallace and Tim Steele to the entries for the Winston West 300K at Las Vegas on Saturday, November 8th at 6pm(est), The race will be televised on TNN, but on a tape delayed basis, and NASCAR does not yet know when it will be aired(Winston West Page) / Jayski ===== CLOSING: Jarrett team has Gordon in its sights By Mike Mulhern, JOURNAL REPORTER

Todd Parrott and Dale Jarrett are men on a mission, trying to put enough heat on Jeff Gordon and Ray Evernham to snake the Winston Cup championship away from them.

It won't be easy.

''But we're not the ones with the guns pointed at our heads. We're the ones pointing the guns,'' said Parrott, the crew chief for Jarrett, who trails points-leader Gordon by 77 points heading to Atlanta for the season finale Nov. 16.

Parrott and Jarrett are doing their best to exude confidence and optimism.

''I would equate this thing to the 1996 Masters,'' said Jarrett, ''where Nick Faldo was maybe seven shots behind Greg Norman . . . and it did happen.

''You've got two of the greatest players in the world, and one is trying to protect the lead and the other is doing everything he can to come from behind. That's the analogy I like to use in our situation here. The guy did come from behind and win.''

Despite Gordon's troubles in two of the past three races, troubles that have allowed Jarrett to get back into contention, Parrott said he doesn't see Evernham's crew burning out down the stretch.

''No, I don't see any of that. . . . but they're tight,'' Parrott said. ''Their rubber band is wound real tight right now, and I see that. ''That's why I think, being in a position I have been in before, with a race team running for the championship down the stretch and leading, I remember well the team that was doing it to us (putting on the pressure), well, we were all glad when it was over that season, because you can really put pressure on people. Believe me.

''You can play mental mind games with them, and you don't have to get in their faces to do it. All you have to do is be around 'em and having fun, enjoying this. And that's what we're doing.

Parrott has been here before, in another sport.

''When I was a senior in high school, I was six shots behind, going for player of the year,'' he said. ''The guy leading was a sophomore. But I had nothing to lose. I went out and played the best round of golf I'd ever played in my life, and won by seven shots. He choked.

''It's fun being in that position.''

Robert Yates, his car owner, has also been in this situation, and won. Jarrett is the one who is still looking for a title.

''This is everything I dreamed it would be, and probably a little more,'' Jarrett said of the title chase's closing weeks. ''This is more exciting than I can tell you. I'm not losing sleep, but I have to admit my mind is totally on Atlanta. I have a race this weekend in Homestead, and I'll give it everything I can. But to be quite honest, my mind is totally focused on getting to Atlanta next week, getting on the track for that first practice and getting qualified, and getting that opportunity on Sunday.

''I think it's important for me to show confidence in the team, so they know when I come and get in the car they know I'm going to give them everything I've got. They've got to have the confidence in me, and the way for me to ensure that is to show that I have the confidence in them.''

Jarrett has been through a NASCAR stretch run, but as a son of a contender.

''I can remember my dad when he was going for the championship, even though it was a lot of years ago,'' Jarrett said. ''I remember how he handled it, what he was going through. It can be a very difficult situation, if you let it. But I think what we try to do is make it a very positive experience, and that's something I've gained from my dad.

''Leading a tournament, I always found it much more difficult, because you're trying not to lose. You have to be careful. There is a very fine line of being aggressive enough to take care of what you have to do and not take too much of a risk. Yet, as close as the competition is today, you can't be off but very little without losing a lot. That's what makes Jeff's position so difficult -- finding that happy medium. That's very, very tough, much tougher than us in going there and only trying to win. They want to go there and make sure they don't make a mistake.''

''I think the key to winning the championship, and trying not to add any extra pressures, is to keep your same routine,'' Parrott said. ''Mistakes are usually made by going over things too many times. So we're going to try to keep the routine we've had for 31 races, and treat it as just another race. The best thing we can do is be the fastest car in practice, lead the most laps and win the race. And try not to add any extra to our guys.

''I have been on a team that's won a Winston Cup championship. I have been on a team that was chasing Dale Earnhardt and Richard Childress for championships. And going through all those mind games.

''So I don't feel any pressure. This is fun for me, because I've been there before . . . and I know what it's like on the other end. As far as my guys go, they haven't really been there, most of these guys. So my job is going to be to keep pressure off them.''

Yates has won championships and lost championships, and he's watching Parrott and Jarrett closely.

''It's pretty nice to hear these guys with all this confidence,'' Yates said. ===== Here's a portion of the article: Amick matures under extreme pressure By Shawn A. Akers NASCAR Online

Lyndon Amick has matured beyond his years in the past 10 months. Not just as a race car driver, mind you, but as a son, a brother, a friend and even a businessman.

Amick has endured the struggles of a first-year driver in the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division, made even tougher because he's racing for a first-year team. He's run all season without major sponsorship, compounding his difficulties of trying to make his way in the series.

He's struggled to qualify for races, he's torn up his cars, been involved in accidents that weren't his fault and he hasn't finished higher than 15th in any of the 15 races he's run during his rookie campaign. And not the least of which he's had to deal with personal tragedy in the form of the untimely death of his sister-in-law Julie earlier this year.

It's a lot on the plate of a 20-year-old, for sure. But through it all, Amick has survived to become a stronger person, a stronger Christian and a stronger family man, which he believes will ultimately help make him a better race car driver come next season.

"It's been a real tough year, that's for sure," said Amick, driver of the No. 35 Team Amick Motorsports Pontiac. "You go through the valleys and you try not to get caught up in them, but you do. With that (Julie's death) and the racing, you're like, 'what else is going to come at you this year?'

"You've got to be a strong Christian. I don't know how some people do it without God because I have to get a reality check all the time. You think, 'am I supposed to be doing this, or should I be doing something different?' It's been a tough year for a lot of different reasons. You've got to be strong, and that's why I'm so thankful for my family because they're always there." ===== Personal request from Mike:

If anyone out there happens to run across some Dale Jarrett memorabilia, such as a fender or body panel, either Busch or Cup (smaller stuff is better), drop me a line ( with the owner's name, location, how to contact them, and the price. ===== Mike Irwin ( NASCAR Fans _______________________________________

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