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NASCARFans E-Mail List I received some great briefs out of Autoweek, 11/3/97 edition (didn't get mine this week, for some reason........) from Hal Wainwright: NASCAR Winston West driver Pappy Pryor, 66, on why he had "Social Security" on the...

NASCARFans E-Mail List

I received some great briefs out of Autoweek, 11/3/97 edition (didn't get mine this week, for some reason........) from Hal Wainwright:

NASCAR Winston West driver Pappy Pryor, 66, on why he had "Social Security" on the rear of his Chevy at the Sears Point race: "My last Social Security check bought my tires so I thought I should give them some credit."

We're at the No Fear Challenge truck race at California Speedway, Boris Said's motor has blown up, he's coasting toward the pits and he radios in to his team: "Do you guys need a yellow?"

Thanks, Hal. ===== #11 unsponsored Ford of Brett Bodine had Commander Produce in Phoenix put up at least $25,000 to get his logo on the car's hood for the Dura-Lube 500k Sunday 11-2 (SpeedNet) / Jayski ===== SpeedNet reports that "It appears John Andretti will replace Bobby Hamilton at Richard Petty Enterprises after all. Two sources said Sunday before the Dura-Lube 500 that Andretti will join Petty's team after the season finale in two weeks. "It's a done deal," one source said. Asked to comment on the purported deal, Andretti wouldn't confirm or deny it. "You'll have to get it from Richard Petty or Cale Yarborough," Andretti said. "All I'll say is something is going to happen because I want to keep racing." Andretti's status on Yarborough's team became uncertain for 1998 when the team's major sponsor decided not to renew its contract. Although Andretti was under contract for another season with Yarborough, it became void last week when the car owner was unable to secure another sponsor. Andretti previously drove for Petty in 1994, but left to accept a position with car owner Michael Kranefuss. "Halfway through his first season with (Kranefuss), John wished he hadn't left Petty," another source said. Andretti spent most of two seasons with Kranefuss before leaving for Yarborough for the final eight races of last season. And now it appears he again is returning to Petty."(SpeedNet) / Jayski ===== Kenny Irwin, Jr will be in the #27 Ford with a G.I. Joes paint scheme at Atlanta (Jayski) ===== Three drivers, 500 miles and one championship. That's what the Winston Cup season has worked its way down to. Jeff Gordon will go to Atlanta Motor Speedway on Nov. 16 with a 77-point lead on Dale Jarrett and an 87-point edge on Mark Martin. If Gordon can finish 18th or better, he will win his second championship in three years. ===== Before allowing spectators on the hillside overlooking the PIR east end zone, as it were, animal control officials spent a couple of hours catching snakes. That's right. Snakes.

A track official said that's common practice before any event in which fans sit on the hill. He added that it's not unusual for at least 50 snakes to be snared. They're detained during the race, then released once the racing is finished. (GVA) ===== Darrell Waltrip is heading to the final race of the season still looking for a sponsor for 1998. ''We've got a whole bunch of definite maybes,'' he said after Sunday's 12th-place finish. ''I didn't want it to be this way, but it looks like it's going to come down to the final hour. It looks like something will surface, but I don't know exactly what yet.

''At the beginning of the season I was thinking this would be my last year and that I'd just race part-time in '98 . . . because I thought Western Auto was going to stay. And I thought Kentucky Fried Chicken would step up for Rich (Bickle).''

None of that happened, however, and Waltrip is scrambling.

''Driving part-time seems like such a neat idea,'' he said, ''but you can't. You lose so much when you do that. It takes the same amount of equipment, and still a lot of people. But you're nowhere in the points. Economically and strategically it doesn't work.'' (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow) ===== Julius Erving and Joe Washington are down to the final days of being able to put together something of a Winston Cup team for next year, although most NASCAR veterans would say that deadline really passed sometime in late September. Now, however, there are indications that the two sports stars may actually be ready to announce something at Atlanta.

The entire affair has been something of an embarrassment for Ford Motor Company, which ''won'' the battle with GM's Pontiac Division for the right to negotiate a marketing package with Irving and Washington. (M.M. JournalNow) ===== Plank Road Brewery's Icehouse Beer made its motorsports debut in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series in last weekend's GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 300 at Phoenix International Raceway when driver Dave Rezendes piloted the No. 55 Ford entered by Tom Gloy and Bobby Rahal to 15th position in the next-to-last race of the 1997 season. The Icehouse brand signed a multi-year agreement with the newly-formed Gloy/Rahal Racing team to field a Ford truck in the final two 1997 races and the 27-race 1998 schedule, Tony Besasie, brand manager of Icehouse, announced at PIR. (NASCAR Online) ===== Mike Irwin ( NASCAR Fans _______________________________________

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