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NASCARFans E-Mail List Well, like a lot of you I had to be satisfied with Von's reports via the web site for the race yesterday, since I was working. Thanks, Von, for your effort! ===== A good article by David Poole of the Charlotte ...

NASCARFans E-Mail List

Well, like a lot of you I had to be satisfied with Von's reports via the web site for the race yesterday, since I was working. Thanks, Von, for your effort! ===== A good article by David Poole of the Charlotte Observer:

It might not say so on your calendar, but Oct. 27 appears to be Bobby Hamilton Day.

Hamilton won the rain-delayed AC-Delco 400 Monday at N.C. Motor Speedway, on the same date he scored his only other Winston Cup victory, in the 1996 Dura Lube 500 at Phoenix.

Hamilton's victory provided Pontiac with its first victory of the season and gave Petty Enterprises a nice going-away present. Hamilton is leaving the No. 43 Richard Petty-owned cars to drive the No. 4 Chevrolets for Morgan-McClure Motorsports in 1998.

``I'm proud for these guys,'' Hamilton said. ``They get bonuses for things like this, and I didn't want to be labeled as a guy who just gave up at the end of this year.''

Petty, who drove the No. 43 to 11 victories at Rockingham, provided more motivation, making a good-natured bet after Hamilton decided to leave. ``He told me, `You need to win me another race before you leave,' '' Hamilton said of Petty. ``I told him, `I'm trying.' He said, `I'll bet you $100,000 you don't win another race for me.'

``It started out kidding around, but I asked him if it was a real bet. It was a one-sided deal, and I didn't have anything to lose.

``We had kind of stopped talking about it, but when the flagman showed three laps to go today, I said, `cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching.' ''

Was it a real bet?

``It cost me $100,000, so that sounds like a real bet to me,'' Petty said. ----- In a brief press conference Sunday, Richard Petty revealed his racing organization's plans for the Internet.

"We're announcing a web page - whatever that is," Petty said of the site that can be reached at (Note from Mike: I checked it out briefly, it looks pretty nice.)

However many hits it gets, none are likely to come from Petty, though.

"I haven't even got a computer," he said with a grin. (Skip Wood, Times-Dispatch)

===== ...and another good article by Skip Wood of the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Perhaps the best racing of the afternoon yesterday in the AC Delco 400 took place between Mark Martin and Dick Trickle.

It may have merely been a battle for fifth, but you wouldn't have known it by the furious, side-by-side jousting. And in the end, Trickle held his spot and came up with his second top-five finish of the season.

"I was racing my [butt] off," a happy Trickle said as he climbed out of the car owned by Richmond's Junie Donlavey.

Trickle said he bumped Martin slightly during the duel "just enough where it made him take the next groove," and indicated Martin was a tad ticked once the race ended.

"Mark shook his fist at me, shook his finger at me," Trickle said with a grin. "He didn't need fifth as bad as I did."

As he often does, Trickle went out of his way to praise both his Richmond-based sponsor, Heilig-Meyers, as well as his crew, led by chief Tommy Baldwin.

"No single one man does it; it's not just Dick Trickle doing this," Trickle said. "It's a team effort. We're getting a rhythm going here. It's communication. It's showing." ===== ARCA driver and champion Tim Steele and his family are reportedly negotiating to buy Bud Moore's racing shop(#15 Ford) in Spartanburg, S.C., according to Ford sources. Steele has been one of the ARCA tour's top drivers the past few years, and after his win at Talladega he said he was close to finishing a deal to move up to the Winston Cup tour.(JournalNow), not sure if this means the shop or the team or both (Jayski) ===== WLBZ-TV in Bangor, Maine announced Saturday night that Andy Santerre will drive Ricky Craven's BGN Chevy in 1998 (Jayski) ===== Ken Schrader plans on competing in both races being held at the 1.5-mile Las Vegas Superspeedway during the Carquest Auto Parts 420K weekend presented by Las Vegas Events on Nov. 7-9. Schrader will drive a pick-up truck owned by the legendary A.J. Foyt in the Carquest 420K on Nov. 9, the season finale for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Schrader will also drive his own Skoal Bandit Chevrolet in the 300-kilometer NASCAR Winston West Series race on Nov. 8.(NASCAR Online)/Jayski ===== Jayski heard the #88 Ford was tested at Atlanta last week with a restrictor plate engine. ===== The JournalNow also reports that the Wood brothers racing team(#21 Citgo Ford) are in the running to hire Gary DeHart, the veteran crew chief who resigned two weeks ago as crew chief of Terry Labonte's team. And Jack Roush confirmed that DeHart ''is on my short list'' to join his stock-car empire.(JournalNow) DeHart also has been mentioned as a top candidate for next year's Dale Earnhardt-owned car to be driven by Steve Park(#14)(Times-Dispatch) / Jayski ===== An announcement is expected later this week in Phoenix that Penske Racing will hook up Michael Kranefuss, replacing Kranefuss partner Carl Haas(Times-Dispatch) / Jayski ===== NASCAR OFFICIALS SAY they have completed all templates for the new Taurus and have given them to Ford teams.

According to NASCAR sources, Ford's Bruce Cambern has decided not to make a major issue over some of the template questions that some of his teams have raised, and that apparently led to Preston Miller's surprising decision to resign as Ford's field engineer.

However, a number of Ford teams are not happy with the template situation and plan to continue to fight for changes. Jack Roush, for one.

''I don't know that NASCAR is ever going to hand out 'the last template,' '' Roush said. ''We're certainly not pleased with NASCAR's decision on the new C-pillar (rear window) template for the Taurus, which will be a full three-inches wider than for the Monte Carlo (increasing drag considerably, a major factor at Daytona). NASCAR hasn't been in the wind tunnel to know enough to be able to make three-inch changes in the C-pillar to know if downforce or drag is affected. We've been to the wind tunnel three times and it's still not clear to me why they would want to make that change.''

''That new C-pillar template stinks,'' Ford's Robert Yates said. (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow) ===== GOODYEAR engineers are still searching for answers to the high-speed problems that Atlanta's new asphalt has suddenly posed for the season finale, and more computer analysis runs are on tap this week.

One option, using Daytona tires, has been ruled out because those tires are too thick and would tend to blister. Another option, using Talladega tires, has been ruled out because most of those tires were used up in the DieHard 500 two weeks ago. So Goodyear men may stick with their original combination, the Texas tire that has proven one of Goodyear's best, run by Ricky Rudd at 187 mph at that track in April. Goodyear has a good stockpile of the Texas tires.

Another option is asking NASCAR to raise the rear spoiler to slow speeds. NASCAR officials, however, say they are very reluctant to mess with the rear spoiler; there have been a number of spoiler rules changes over the year, each one provoking reaction by either Ford or GM about a supposed edge giving the other brand.

NASCAR officials have virtually ruled out restrictor plates, however. A plate with 1 1/4 -inch holes is most likely, if NASCAR decides on the plates. (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow) ===== For Billy Hogan, it was a dream come true. For Eddie Johnson and Barry Beggarly, it was a nightmare. Hogan grabbed the lead on the final lap and won the wild $92,210 Taco Bell 300 NASCAR Late Model Stock Car race at Martinsville Speedway as Johnson and Beggarly, who were running one-two, tangled and wrecked. "I said this morning that if we were in the top five at the end of the race we had a good chance to win," recounted Hogan, who won $25,000 in a Chevrolet. "I saw Barry beating on the car 57 and then things happened real quick. I saw it developing in the last five laps and when it happened, I just cut to the bottom and floored it. "I used to run Late Model Sportsman here back in the early 1980s and I always dreamed something like this would happen. I've won $2,500 or $3,000 at a time but never anything like this." (NASCAR Online) ===== Mike Irwin ( NASCAR Fans _______________________________________

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