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NASCARFans E-Mail List Lots of news today, so let's get to it: ========== Full results of the UAW-GM 500, from Sunday, Oct. 5 1. (5) Dale Jarrett, Hickory, N.C., Ford, 334, $130,000. 2. (2) Bobby Labonte, Corpus Christi, Texas, Pontiac, 334,...

NASCARFans E-Mail List

Lots of news today, so let's get to it: ========== Full results of the UAW-GM 500, from Sunday, Oct. 5

1. (5) Dale Jarrett, Hickory, N.C., Ford, 334, $130,000. 2. (2) Bobby Labonte, Corpus Christi, Texas, Pontiac, 334, $110,900. 3. (19) Dale Earnhardt, Kannapolis, N.C., Chevrolet, 334, $85,650. 4. (3) Mark Martin, Batesville, Ark., Ford, 334, $66,050. 5. (4) Jeff Gordon, Pittsboro, Ind., Chevrolet, 334, $62,200. 6. (29) Jeff Burton, South Boston, Va., Ford, 334, $51,700. 7. (33) Bill Elliott, Dawsonville, Ga., Ford, 333, $43,700. 8. (7) Ward Burton, South Boston, Va., Pontiac, 333, $40,600. 9. (40) Kyle Petty, Randleman, N.C., Pontiac, 333, $30,700. 10. (15) Johnny Benson, Grand Rapids, Mich., Pontiac, 333, $38,025. 11. (43) Terry Labonte, Corpus Christi, Texas, Chevrolet, 333, $44,900. 12. (25) Rusty Wallace, St. Louis, Ford, 332, $39,000. 13. (17) Steve Grissom, Gadsden, Ala., Chevrolet, 332, $32,100. 14. (6) Dick Trickle, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., Ford, 332, $24,500. 15. (11) Ken Schrader, Fenton, Mo., Chevrolet, 332, $31,050. 16. (24) Joe Nemechek, Lakeland, Fla., Chevrolet, 331, $21,200. 17. (14) Ted Musgrave, Franklin, Wis., Ford, 331, $26,800. 18. (35) Ernie Irvan, Salinas, Calif., Ford, 331, $29,800. 19. (34) Rick Wilson, Bartow, Fla., Ford, 331, $14,435. 20. (21) Sterling Marlin, Columbia, Tenn., Chevrolet, 331, $32,040. 21. (41) Bobby Hamilton, Nashville, Tenn., Pontiac, 331, $28,960. 22. (10) Morgan Shepherd, Conover, N.C., Pontiac, 331, $24,775. 23. (31) Chad Little, Spokane, Wash., Pontiac, 331, $17,190. 24. (30) Michael Waltrip, Owensboro, Ky., Ford, 330, $23,915. 25. (42) Ricky Craven, Newburgh, Maine, Chevrolet, 330, $23,930. 26. (36) Todd Bodine, Chemung, N.Y., Pontiac, 330, $13,160. 27. (39) Jeremy Mayfield, Owensboro, Ky., Ford, 330, $16,355. 28. (26) Kenny Wallace, St. Louis, Ford, 330, $23,150. 29. (20) Jeff Green, Whitehouse, Tenn., Chevrolet, 328, $13,850. 30. (18) Brett Bodine, Chemung, N.Y., Ford, 328, $22,850. 31. (27) David Green, Owensboro, Ky., Chevrolet, 313, $15,655. 32. (23) John Andretti, Indianapolis, Ford, 300, $22,565. 33. (13) Derrike Cope, Spanaway, Wash., Pontiac, 291, engine, $14,995. 34. (38) Gary Bradberry, Chelsea, Ala., Ford, 263, $12,470. 35. (37) Hut Stricklin, Calera, Ala., Ford, 247, overheating, $19,445. 36. (28) Robert Pressley, Asheville, N.C., Ford, 247, $12,425. 37. (16) Wally Dallenbach, Basalt, Colo., Chevrolet, 244, $12,410. 38. (32) Lake Speed, Jackson, Miss., Ford, 165, engine, $12,380. 39. (8) Jeff Purvis, Clarksville, Tenn., Chevrolet, 150, crash, $12,380. 40. (12) Kevin Lepage, Shelburne, Vt., Chevrolet, 119, crash, $12,380. 41. (22) Ricky Rudd, Chesapeake, Va., Ford, 102, crash, $28,880. 42. (9) Jimmy Spencer, Berwick, Pa., Ford, 101, crash, $19,780. 43. (1) Geoff Bodine, Chemung, N.Y., Ford, 100, crash, $42,880.

Margin of victory: 4.142 seconds.

Time of race: 3 hours, 28 minutes, 17 seconds.

Winner's average speed: 144.323 mph.

Cautions: 4 for 33 laps.

Lead changes: 20 among 9 drivers.

Lap Leaders: G.Bodine 1-4; B.Labonte 5-66; Martin 67; Purvis 68; B.Labonte 69-102; Martin 103-117; Jarrett 118-125; J.Burton 126-139; Jarrett 140-143; Martin 144-152; Jarrett 153-164; Earnhardt 165-172; Jarrett 173-175; Earnhardt 176-195; Martin 196; Earnhardt 197-199; Martin 200-227; Benson 228-229; Grissom 230-231; B.Labonte 232-276; Jarrett 277-334.

Unofficial point standings: J.Gordon 4,258; Martin 4,133; Jarrett 4,061; J.Burton 3,920; Earnhardt 3,713; T.Labonte 3,611; B.Labonte 3,512; Elliott 3,412; Musgrave 3,192; Mayfield 3,132; Benson 3,129; Rudd 3,119; R.Wallace 3,103; Schrader 3,075; Irvan 3,054. ========== A spring rubber -- hey, that's what it's called -- with a mind of its own went a long way toward helping Dale Jarrett win Sunday's UAW-GM 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The device, a wedge of rubber inserted into a Winston Cup car's springs to adjust how a car handles, dislodged from the left front on Jarrett's Ford on a pit stop with 110 laps left in the 334-lap race.

``We had talked about taking it out, but we forgot to do it,'' Jarrett said. ``So God got it out of there for us. It fell out, on a pit stop.''

Sometimes, strategy takes care of itself.

``They dropped the jack on the left side and the car left pit road,'' crew chief Todd Parrott said. ``I looked down on pit road and there was 10 or 12 lug nuts -- and a spring rubber. I said, `Oh, my gosh.' ''

Parrott needn't have worried.

``It really paid off to be the plus for us,'' he said. ``Had the good Lord not let that thing fall out for us, we probably wouldn't have been sitting here'' talking about Jarrett's sixth victory of the season.

A slight adjustment in the air pressure of the tires Jarrett had put on his Thunderbird during his final pit stop made it that much better, and he pulled away to win by 4.142 seconds over Bobby Labonte, who held off Dale Earnhardt.

Jarrett said he was having fun when he and Earnhardt were going at it.

''I was having fun . . . and I was glad I was on the outside,'' Jarrett said. ''Earnhardt gave me room out there. I tried to get down inside, but my car was a little too loose down there. And I was having fun on the high side. It wasn't a time of the race that's going to make you or break you. And I didn't feel like I was abusing my car.

''So I went up there and raced him. He's fun to race with. And it's great to see him back up there battling . . . though I didn't want to see him too close there at the end.'' (David Poole, Charlotte Observer, and Mike Mulhern, JournalNow)) ========== Jayski hears that during happy hour practice it was mentioned that Pete Peterson is the new crew chief for the #7 and Geoff Bodine. ========== During NASCAR2Day on ESPN2 before the race, Kevin Lepage was interviewed and said he would once again be with the #91 Pionite Chevy and LJ Racing next week in Talladega as the team was happy with his 12th place qualifying run (Jayski). ========== Also mentioned during NASCAR2Day was that #25 Bud chevy crew chief Andy Graves may move over and crew chief the #5 Kellogg's Chevy in 1998 (Jayski) ========== "DALE EARNHARDT might be trying to hire Steve Hmiel to help run Steve Park's team next season, but Earnhardt might not be willing to pay Hmiel as much as Jack Roush, according to sources close to the situation. Hmiel, meanwhile, has begun working the garage for a crew chief to work with him on Johnny Benson's cars next season . . . and sources within the Roush operation say Robin Pemberton's name has come up as one man Hmiel might like to land. Hmiel and Pemberton have been teammates before, and Pemberton, according to sources close to the veteran crew chief, hasn't been very happy the last few months at Penske South. There is also speculation that Robby Loomis, who works just up the road at Petty Enterprises, might be on Hmiel's list. Loomis was also on Richard Childress' short list of crew chiefs for Earnhardt's team. Loomis, though, says he expects to stay with Petty."(JournalNow/Jayski) ========== "Rick Hendrick is trying to get Richard 'Slugger' Labbe to return to Terry Labonte's team, following crew chief Gary DeHart's sudden reassignment, according to sources close to the Hendrick camp. However, Labbe, who left the team two months ago to work for Robert Yates and Kenny Irwin, is not expected to leave the Yates operation, according to sources close to Yates."(JournalNow/Jayski)

Some more on Richard Labbe, also from JournalNow:

RICHARD ''SLUGGER'' LABBE, the ex-Hendrick man who has moved to Robert Yates' operation to work with Kenny Irwin this fall, will be moving to the Dale Jarrett team next season as the new right-front tire changer and man in charge of car preparation. ========== "Joe Gibbs' son J.D. has tested a Busch car at Richmond and plans to test his mettle as a driver on the tour next season."(JournalNow/Jayski) ========== Robert Pressley and the BGN ST Motorsports Chevy will be sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal in 1998 and 1998 and the team will switch from #47 to #59(Greensboro News & Record-Bob Zeller)/Jayski ========== Wally Dallenbach will be going to the exhibition race in Japan with a Woody Woodpecker Paint scheme.(NASCAR Online/Jayski) ========== "The No. 9 Melling Ford driven by Lake Speed has acquired a one race sponsorship from the Wheels Sports Group for Sunday's UAW-GM Quality 500. Wheels acquired Press Pass Partners, a manufacturer of collectible sports trading cards for the NASCAR market and High Performance Sports Marketing, a distributor of NASCAR merchandise"(NASCAR Online/Jayski) ========== "The raspiness in Jeff Gordon's voice is the result of a polyp on the driver's vocal cords. Doctors made the discovery last month when the Winston Cup points leader complained of a fever and of being hoarse most mornings. A Charlotte ear, nose and throat specialist put a camera down Gordon's throat and identified the polyp, a small, benign outgrowth of tissue. Gordon said the polyp is sometimes painful. Gordon will likely have the polyp removed after the season, but until then, he has reduced his morning commitments. Orators and singers commonly develop polyps as a result of chronic irritation or overuse of the vocal cords, said Dr. Kevin Smith, a track physician at Charlotte Motor Speedway."(Charlotte Observer/Jayski) ========== Eddie D'Hont, 38, has been named manager of Kenny Wallace's Winston Cup #81 Square-D Ford team."(Charlotte Observer/Jayski) ========== Here's an (unconfirmed, means I haven't seen it elsewhere yet) rumor, sent in by Jennie:

According to my Sunday morning edition of the Raleigh News & Observer there's a rumor that Gary DeHart will not be returning to the Hendrick's team in any capacity, but instead will be going to Dale Earnhardt's new Winston Cup team with Steve Park. ========== For those of you with web access, there's a great article about Dick Trickle at the JournalNow site. Here's the URL: ========== John Andretti says he'd like to be released from his contract with Cale Yarborough, who just lost RCA as sponsor. But Yarborough yesterday repeated his intent to keep Andretti, who has two years remaining on his contract. So any bid by Richard Petty to land Andretti is apparently dead. Among the others on Petty's list is Mike Stefanik, the leading Grand National North and Modified tour racer. (JournalNow) ========== Rick Hendrick is looking for a new crew chief, and Tom Baldwin, who has come into his own this season as crew chief for Dick Trickle, is on Hendrick's list, according to sources close to the team. (JournalNow) ========== NASCAR will have a special engine test of new unleaded racing gas at Talladega next week. According to NASCAR sources, teams will have to switch from leaded fuel to unleaded fuel by next July. Hendrick's engine department, headed by Randy Dorton, apparently has an edge in the development of cylinder heads for the new fuel, according to sources close to the development project. (JournalNow) ========== NASCAR'S Gary Nelson, reacting to Rusty Wallace's 500,000 pennies as payment for his Martinsville fine, said Wallace's payment for yesterday's finish might be late in arriving . . . because it may take a while for him to find that many pennies. If Wallace had won the race, and earned all the bonuses, it would have been about a $100,000 payday. That would be about 35 tons of pennies. (JournalNow) ========== The Roger Penske-Michael Kranefuss ''strategic alliance'' is moving along, according to sources close to the situation, although none of the principals is saying much on the record. The key news is that Carl Haas, Kranefuss' business partner in the NASCAR team for which Jeremy Mayfield drives, is considering selling his share of that team to Penske so he can concentrate on his Indy-car team. (JournalNow) ==========

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