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NASCARFans E-Mail List The NASCAR Winston Cup Series will run its last short-track race of the 1997 season -- it just won't happen until Monday. Rain at the track has forced NASCAR to postpone the Hanes 500 at Martinsville Speedway until 11 a.m.

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The NASCAR Winston Cup Series will run its last short-track race of the 1997 season -- it just won't happen until Monday. Rain at the track has forced NASCAR to postpone the Hanes 500 at Martinsville Speedway until 11 a.m. EDT Monday. (NASCAR Online) ========== Rich Bickle, still recovering from an emergency appendectomy less than two weeks ago, captured his third victory of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series season. His win in the Hanes 250 at Martinsville Speedway closed the gap to just 49 points between himself and leader Jack Sprague. His third win from the Busch Pole also tied Mike Skinner's series record for a season. (NASCAR Online) ========== Dale Jarrett will have to start a backup car 42nd as during the Saturday morning practice session, Jarrett's #88 QC/Ford Credit Ford caught fire when his alternator broke and knocked the fuel line loose. The crew said it burned everything up and the deeper they got while trying to fix the car, the more they saw that it could be fixed in time(NASCAR Online/Jayski) ========== NASCAR and Electronic Arts, a leading global interactive entertainment software company, have announced the shipment of "NASCAR 98" for the Sony PlayStation through a joint licensing agreement. The Playstation is a popular console video game system that is easily hooked up to a television. (NASCAR Online) ========== Here's some clarification on the Lake Speed rumor that Cartoon Network was going to sponsor them for the last 2 races of this year, from Joe Linville, president of the Lake Speed Fan Club. Thanks, Joe:

I just wanted to update you on the sponsor situation with Lake. I got to spend a lot of time with him during the rain delay at Martinsville today. I point blank ask him about the sponsorship deal concerning the Cartoon Network and the last two races this year. He was totally surprised, I could tell by the expression on his face, and he immediately stated that he had not even heard that as a rumor.

"The Cartoon Network deal starts next February at Daytona," Lake explained. :"They (Cartoon Network) are still under contract with the 29 car for the remainder of this year."

The only other thing he said about sponsorship for this year is they are still trying to find some sponsorship to help defray the cost for the remaining races. ========== Jayski hears Johnny Benson's colors next in 1998 in the new Roush Ford will be taupe(kinda like a light khaki), Navy blue and a little yellow. The scheme will be "Team Cheerios". ========== Team Scandia Page reports that Royal Purple will take over as the primary sponsor on the #11 Bodine/Scandia Ford. The story mentions it would happen at Dover but it did not. So it starts at Martinsville this weekend. The story also states "Royal Purple's sponsorship will allow the Bodine team to participate in the remaining races on the 1997 NASCAR schedule with full financial support. Efforts to obtain additional corporate sponsors for the remainder of this season and for the 1998 Winston Cup season are ongoing and are expected to be finalized within 60 days." (Jayski, through one of his sources) ========== "The G-forces in the tight, hairpin-like turns at Martinsville also affect performance. Basically, everything pushes to the right, including the fluids in the car. John Andretti's (#98 RCA Ford) team apparently tried to counteract that effect, and improve the efficiency of their engine, by installing an oil pan that was offset about a quarter of an inch from the authorized position. Officials confiscated the oil tank before qualifying Friday and had it in the NASCAR transporter Saturday. Spokesman Kevin Triplett said NASCAR will keep the oil pan, but he doubts the infraction will lead to a fine.(News & Record Online/Jayski) ========== From the Arizona Republic(newspaper): Bill France was visiting Phoenix Raceway recently and he was asked where PIR ranks with other tracks that are hoping to obtain a 2nd Cup date. As quoted from the Republic, France answered, "Behind California Speedway, but ahead of Watkins Glen." He was also asked where the new Texas Motor Speedway ranks, France responded, "I'd say Phoenix is even with Texas. The hot topic these days is when will there be a second race at Texas?" France said. "Why Texas? Why not Phoenix a second time? Nobody talks about that." France also was quoted as saying, " Some racetracks out there want three or four races. That's why we we didn't go back to Texas (a second time in 98'). Las Vegas was built, and I think that crews would rather go to Vegas once than Texas twice. It's not so much that there is anything wrong with Texas. Teams and sponsors just prefer going to Vegas. Some of the drivers would just as soon say one time is enough at Texas." The article also mentions that PIR will likely get a Busch Series race, which one source said has already been promised to Phoenix. If not in 1998, then 1999. Link is at (Jayski) ========== DaytonaUSA will be sponsoring Bud Moore's #15 Ford with Greg Sacks at the wheel in Charlotte. Check it out at DaytonaUSA, even has a picture of the car there(DaytonaUSA/Jayski) ========== "(Rusty)Wallace and (Jeremy) Mayfield are expected to become teammates next season, in what is being described by sources close to the situation as a merger ''of sorts'' between car owners Roger Penske and Michael Kranefuss. Neither Kranefuss nor Penske are here(Martinsville) yet. Don Miller, manager of the Wallace-Penske team, had talked on Sunday of such a situation developing. It appears now that the two teams could be sharing elements of engine development as well as chassis programs."(JournalNow/Jayski) ========== "(Mark) Martin announced a major shakeup in his Jack Roush-owned team at the end of the season -- a move from Liberty to Mooresville, a new crew, and a fleet of new cars. Jimmy Fenning is expected to remain as crew chief, but Steve Hmiel, manager of the Liberty operation, will remain at Liberty and thus split with Martin. Martin said that his new Roush team would be run out of Buddy Parrott's shop north of Charlotte.(JournalNow/Jayski)

''The purpose is for me to be able to work directly with Jeff Burton, who I believe is the hottest driver on the Winston Cup circuit. That's the bottom line.

''It just came up. And we don't have all the details worked out. We just didn't want the guys to have to learn about this from you, and it was fixing to slip out. Yes, this is a distraction (to his title effort), and I didn't mean for that to happen. But it did, and there's nothing I can do about that.'' (JournalNow) ==========

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