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NASCARFans E-Mail List ========== Big post today, lots of news and other stuff.... ========== Well, I'm proud of (most of) you <grin>. I only got about 25 direct responses (or cc:) to the editorial by Brian Ettkin of the Naples News that I...

NASCARFans E-Mail List ========== Big post today, lots of news and other stuff.... ========== Well, I'm proud of (most of) you <grin>. I only got about 25 direct responses (or cc:) to the editorial by Brian Ettkin of the Naples News that I published yesterday, out of nearly 4000 subscribers. That's not quite 1%. I hope most of you took the time to respond to the EDITOR OF THE NEWSPAPER!!!!!!!! ========== OK, here's another test of your ability to resist the urge to send me feedback directly.

I've been getting a few comments on the "Steel Chariots" program that aired on Tuesday night on FOX. None of them have been favorable, other than people liking the racing scenes, or thinking the redhead was cute. I didn't see the show myself, and from the comments so far, I'm kind of glad the VCR died recently (147 times through "Toy Story" for my 3 yr. old will do it! Give to the VCR Fund to help Mike keep his sanity!<grin>).

I would like to run a little informational poll. Send your comments on "Steel Chariots" to:




In all seriousness, I would appreciate you NOT responding to this poll to me directly. As some of you know, my NASCARFans e-mail address forwards to my work e-mail, and if I start getting deluged with non-work-related e-mails, it might not be too cool. I would truely appreciate your cooperation. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

PLEASE USE THE ABOVE E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR "STEEL CHARIOTS" COMMENTS! ========== Angie tells me there is a driver of the year poll going on at the iRace web site, for those of you with web access. Here's the URL: ========== "NASCAR officials announced today modifications to the Chevrolet Monte Carlo for competition in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. Through a technical bulletin, officials announced a one-quarter inch increase to 6.00 inches to the rear spoilers in height. The changes will be effective for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series UAS-GM Quality 500 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 5, 1997."(Speedworld/Jayski) ========== The March 1998 Las Vegas WC race is already sold out (Jayski) ========== Craftsman Truck driver Stacey Compton said in NASCAR Online chat today that the team will not race any Winston Cup in 1997, may try a few races in 1998 and hope to go full time in the Winston Cup series in 1999(NASCAR Online/Jayski) ========== Circuit City have re-upped with the #8 soon to be Chevy driven by Hut Strickin for 1998(NASCAR Online/Jayski)

Here's a NASCAR Online quote about the switch to Chevrolet:

"My brother, Mickey Stavola, and I are very happy to announce that we will be working with Chevrolet next season," said Billy Stavola, co owner of the Circuit City-sponsored team. "We want to thank everyone at Ford for their support and commitment over the years. It was a business decision to team up with Chevrolet next year, and we all feel that it is in our best interest to work with Chevrolet right now." ========== Jayski hears Tim Steele mat be the driver for the #15 Bud Moore team in 1998. Comment from Mike: I think this would be great for both Bud Moore Racing, and Tim Steele. ========== Lake Speed and the Melling Racing Team have decided to run the balance of the races on the 1997 Winston Cup Circuit in the #9 Melling Engine Parts Ford Thunderbird. The schedule will begin with the race this weekend at Martinsville, VA. (Lake Speed Fan Club) ========== The #91 LJ Racing Chevy is planning on running the rest of the season and Pionite will sponsor any of the races the team makes. The next race they will attempt will be Charlotte with BGN driver Kevin LePage (Jayski) ========== Jeff Davis, NASCAR Winston West Series veteran, will be racing at Suzuka in Japan. Jayski also hears Ernie Irvan will not be going to Japan (Jayski) ========== Anyone have any ideas what Bobby Hillin is up to? (Jayski, me too) ========== Charlotte Testing was cancelled yesterday (Wed.) because of rain (Jayski) ========== "NASCAR officials have announced that $500 fines have been levied against Eddie Pearson and George Jones of the Buckshot Racing Team following Saturday's MBNA 200 NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division race at Dover Downs International Speedway."(NASCAR Online), this occurred when the crew members blocked Joe Bessey from entering the winners circle after they thought Bessey punted their driver, Buckshot Jones, Joe never stopped (Jayski) ========== Junior Johnson will be the Grand Marshall for the 9-28 Winston Cup race at Martinsville (Jayski) ========== Jeremy Mayfield didn't have a great weekend at Dover, and he didn't have a great finish at Loudon the week before. So he's looking forward to a change in luck here, and his record at Martinsville Speedway, a flat half-mile, says he's due.

''The last couple of weeks haven't been as good as we expected,'' Mayfield said of his 25th at Loudon and 23rd at Dover. ''But we certainly ran better than our finishes showed. We had a strong car at Loudon, should have had a top five, but got caught up in a late wreck. At Dover we just flat struggled all day.

''And when you've had a couple of bad weeks like that, it certainly makes you want to go back to a track you like and enjoy being at. I do want to wipe out these last couple of weeks, and have a good run, maybe even a win. That would sure help, the way things have been going.'' (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow) ========== Top 20 in Winston Cup points, courtesy of Chaz (many thanks!):

Driver Standings 1. Jeff Gordon, 3,938. 2. Mark Martin, 3,833. 3. Dale Jarrett, 3,754. 4. Jeff Burton, 3,585. 5. Terry Labonte, 3,384. 6. Dale Earnhardt, 3,373. 7. Bobby Labonte, 3,250. 8. Bill Elliott, 3,111. 9. Ted Musgrave, 2,980. 10. Ricky Rudd, 2,955. 11. Jeremy Mayfield, 2,941. 12. Johnny Benson, 2,884. 13. Rusty Wallace, 2,848. 14. Ken Schrader, 2,819. 15. Ernie Irvan, 2,811. 16. Kyle Petty, 2,691. 17. Jimmy Spencer, 2,631. 18. Michael Waltrip, 2,601. 19. Bobby Hamilton, 2,581. 20. Darrell Waltrip, 2,553.

Top 20 in Busch Series points, also from Chaz:

1. Randy LaJoie, 3,856. 2. Todd Bodine, 3,625. 3. Steve Park, 3,483. 4. Phil Parsons, 3,168. 5. Elliott Sadler, 3,131. 6. Mike McLaughlin, 3,109. 7. Buckshot Jones, 3,057. 8. Elton Sawyer, 3,022. 9. Tim Fedewa, 3,012. 10. Hermie Sadler, 2,936. 11. Kevin Lepage, 2,884. 12. Jason Keller, 2,863. 13. Mark Green, 2,815. 14. Dick Trickle, 2,730. 15. Mike Dillon, 2,600. 16. Tracy Leslie, 2,537. 17. Glenn Allen, 2,451. 18. Joe Bessey, 2,376. 19. Stevie Reeves, 2,300. 20. Jeff Fuller, 2,187.

Top 20 in the Craftsman Truck series, from Chaz:

1. Jack Sprague, 3,061. 2. Rich Bickle, 2,966. 3. Ron Hornaday, 2,902. 4. Joe Ruttman, 2,887. 5. Mike Bliss, 2,715. 6. Jimmy Hensley, 2,652. 7. Rick Carelli, 2,647. 8. Jay Sauter, 2,602. 9. Chuck Bown, 2,540. 10. Kenny Irwin, 2,480. 11. Butch Miller, 2,476. 12. Rick Crawford, 2,428. 13. Stacy Compton, 2,255. (tie) Dave Rezendes, 2,255. 15. Bob Keselowski, 2,234. 16. Boris Said, 2,198. 17. Tony Raines, 2,149. 18. Tammy Jo Kirk, 2,054. 19. Bryan Reffner, 2,034. 20. Tony Roper, 1,974. ========== Mike Irwin ( NASCAR Fans _______________________________________ NASCAR Fans Website

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