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NASCARFans E-Mail List ========== Here's something interesting to check out, if you have web access: Go to That's NASCAR Online's YTD standings and winnings page. Check out how many "millionares" ...

NASCARFans E-Mail List ========== Here's something interesting to check out, if you have web access:

Go to That's NASCAR Online's YTD standings and winnings page. Check out how many "millionares" we've got this year. 13 drivers have already broken the million mark this year -- and there are another 13 with $800,000 or more that could top the million mark!

Even better, the first 30 drivers have won a total of $35,372,635!!  $35
million in winnings?!  Unbelievable!

Thanks to Ken Waqner for sending this in to me. ========== Jayski.Com to be an associate sponsor on the #47 Ford driven by Billy Standridge at the Die Hard 500 in Talladega, in a Winston Cup Race!! Billy is also looking for additional sponsors for the race and has a top engine program in place that should allow him to make the race! If any company would like to join Jayski.Com in helping Billy out, please contact Frank Parris ( ========== Jayski hears from a good source that Hendrick will have a FOURTH WC team in 1998 with Jack Sprague driving a Quaker State Chevy, no idea what number it will be and if the crew will move up with him from the truck series. ========== Jayski also hears Gumout will be the sponsor on the #30 Chuck Rider owned Pontiac that will be driven by Derrike Cope in 1998. ========== Remember ASA driver Mike Miller attempting (he didn't make it) Atlanta in the spring? Well he plans to attempt to make the Charlotte WC race on October 5th and plans to test at Charlotte this week and will also test the #08 Ford at Atlanta and will attempt to make the fall race also. Additional news available at (Jayski) ========== Robby Gordon will not run the Winston Cup Hanes 500 at Martinsville, VA this weekend as he will run in the CART series race in Fontana, CA. Steve Park will take his place in the #40 Coors Light Chevy(RPM2Nite/Jayski) ========== As we know Close Call is off the #11 Brett Bodine/Andy Evans Ford, Jayski hears that the car will be purple this week at Martinsville and carry Royal Purple, a company Andy Evans(team co-owner) is affiliated with. ========== Mark Martin quote from his victory in Sunday's race (some may be repeats):

''I sure wish we would have cut more into the points lead,'' Martin said. ''We obviously didn't cut nearly enough. Last week we lost about what we gained here. But all we can do is race.''

''And this is the greatest season of my career, the greatest season I've ever had, no matter how the points turn out. Jeff is going to be hard to catch unless he has trouble. Maybe they will have one more problem, and it will all equal out.

''With the IROC championship, which was awfully sweet, and five Busch wins and four Winston Cup wins, and being a title contender with the greatest bunch of guys I've ever worked with . . . and I'm running better on the race track than I ever have. It's pretty straightforward. I have personally gotten better results on the track from my efforts than ever before.

''I think we're all still growing up together.'' (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow) ========== Don Miller, on recent Rusty Wallace rumors, and also rumors of his retirement:

''We had a whole bunch of rumors coming around, and I got wind of 'em a couple weeks ago, so I got everybody together and sat 'em down in the conference room for a big team meeting. We addressed 'em one at a time, and I told the guys to ask me any questions they wanted to. But this rumor stuff was just out of control, and I told 'em I didn't want to hear any more from anybody.

''Rusty Wallace has never talked to Robert Yates about driving his car. And Rusty is not going to leave our team and go someplace else, because it's his team. It's his team and my team and Roger's (Penske) team. He'd be crazy to throw all that away.

''The thing about me retiring. . . . well I might never have had the opportunity to make that decision. God might have made that decision for me if I couldn't walk any more. But that's not how it played out, so we're going to keep going. As hard as we can.

''When I was sick, well, I don't want to slow this group down. And when I was really, really sick, when my spinal cord was under pressure, I had to think about reality. What do I need to do? Do I need to get out of this, and step aside, and get somebody in here who can do it full-time, because this is a seven-day-a-week job?

''As it worked out, with a little help from God, I dodged another bullet and I can keep going for a while.

''They (the team)would have had to get someone if I wound up paralyzed. They had all kinds of suggestions. But we weren't forced to make that decision. I'm healthy. Right now. But my options were either to be healthy or be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. That's not a good option.''

Miller insists that there have been no backroom negotiations between Wallace and Penske about Wallace's selling his 24 percent back to Penske. (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow) ========== Jimmy Spencer, known as "Mr. Excitement," will drive a Chevrolet sponsored by All Pro/Bumper To Bumper in the 13th annual All Pro/Bumper To Bumper 300 NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division event at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Oct. 4, Roger McCabe, president of All Pro/Bumper To Bumper, Inc., has announced. (NASCAR Online) ========== David Hutto of Rock Hill, S.C., seems to have regained his championship form after only three weeks back at the reins of a NASCAR Goody's Dash Series car, as the 1995 series champion swept all honors in the American General Finance 100 at Hickory Motor Speedway. (NASCAR Online)

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