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NASCARFans E-Mail List Just a reminder, although I appreciate the inquiries, I will not report unsubstantiated rumors (this driver is fooling around, that one is gay....yadda yadda yadda). The only way I would report anything like this is if...

NASCARFans E-Mail List

Just a reminder, although I appreciate the inquiries, I will not report unsubstantiated rumors (this driver is fooling around, that one is gay....yadda yadda yadda). The only way I would report anything like this is if the person in question called me directly, told me, and gave me written permission to report "whatever". The Internet is a wonderful tool, but it can be easily used to spread false rumors that really can hurt a person's life. That's definately not our intent here at NASCARFans. ==========

NASCARFans columnist Henry pointed out a story to me on Nando.Net stating that Morgan Shepherd will be driving for Bud Moore for the remainder of the year. According to NASCAR Online, Morgan is going back to the #1 car, so Henry and I suspect that NASCAR Online knows a bit more than the AP in this case. We'll see how it plays out, it's just great that Bud Moore is back racing again. ==========

Additionally, here's a couple of David Poole stories from Charlotte.Com:


Apparently, you can go home again.

Morgan Shepherd can, at least. Shepherd is back as driver of the No. 1 Pontiac owned by Richard Jackson. He'll try to qualify it for Sunday's MBNA 400 at Dover, Del.

Shepherd drove the first 13 races of the season in Jackson's car, but left to drive the No. 77 Ford before Jackson secured R&L Carriers as a primary sponsor. Shepherd was released from the No. 77 Jasper Motorsports ride after the race at Richmond.

``We were all about crying when I left'' Jackson's car, said Shepherd. ``Now we're jumping up and down to be back.

``It's kind of like breaking up with your sweetheart. You leave for a little while, you find things are not so good as you thought out there, and you come back and have a big reunion.''

Jerry Nadeau and Lance Hooper drove the No. 1 after Shepherd left. Jackson said Shepherd will drive the car in the final seven races of the season. ========== MOORE'S RETURN: Bud Moore Engineering, one of NASCAR's oldest and most successful teams, will return to Winston Cup racing for the Oct. 5 UAW-GM 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Greg Sacks will try to get the team's Ford into the starting field. The team has not entered a race since the Daytona 500.

Bud Moore's son Greg, the team's general manager, said the team is still working to get back onto the circuit for the 1998 season, which would be Moore's 50th year in racing in NASCAR's 50th anniversary season. Moore has 63 wins as a car owner, third behind Petty Enterprises and the Wood Brothers all time. ========== QVC will be leaving the Geoff Bodine driven #7 Ford after the 1997 season(RPM2Nite/Jayski)

Here's a release from NASCAR Online:

QVC and Mattei Motorsports have announced that QVC has decided to curtail its sponsorship involvement with the No. 7 Mattei Motorsports NASCAR Winston Cup Series team with driver Geoff Bodine for the 1998 racing season, choosing to step up its involvement in the sport in other ways. ========== Jayski hears that Darrell Waltrip's team will be sponsored by Mountain Dew in 1998 with the announcement coming at Charlotte in October. ========== Top 20 in Winston Cup Points, courtesy of Chaz Hinkle:

1. Jeff Gordon, 3,787. 2. Mark Martin, 3,648. 3. Dale Jarrett, 3,599. 4. Jeff Burton, 3,455. 5. Terry Labonte, 3,332. 6. Dale Earnhardt, 3,198. 7. Bobby Labonte, 3,090. 8. Bill Elliott, 2,969. 9. Ted Musgrave, 2,889. 10. Jeremy Mayfield, 2,847. 11. Ricky Rudd, 2,805. (tie) Johnny Benson, 2,805. 13. Rusty Wallace, 2,733. 14. Ken Schrader, 2,692. 15. Ernie Irvan, 2,673. 16. Jimmy Spencer, 2,576. 17. Michael Waltrip, 2,564. 18. Kyle Petty, 2,521. 19. Darrell Waltrip, 2,486. 20. Bobby Hamilton, 2,457.

Top 20 in Busch Series points, courtesy of Chaz Hinkle:

1. Randy LaJoie, 3,686. 2. Todd Bodine, 3,507. 3. Steve Park, 3,328. 4. Phil Parsons, 3,071. 5. Elliott Sadler, 2,981. 6. Mike McLaughlin, 2,975. 7. Buckshot Jones, 2,963. 8. Elton Sawyer, 2,907. 9. Tim Fedewa, 2,891. 10. Hermie Sadler, 2,851. 11. Kevin Lepage, 2,817. 12. Jason Keller, 2,739. 13. Mark Green, 2,685. 14. Dick Trickle, 2,681. 15. Mike Dillon, 2,440. 16. Tracy Leslie, 2,391. 17. Glenn Allen, 2,309. 18. Stevie Reeves, 2,197. 19. Joe Bessey, 2,196. 20. Jeff Fuller, 2,129.

Top 20 in Craftsman Truck series points, also courtesy of Chaz Hinkle:

1. Jack Sprague, 3,061. 2. Rich Bickle, 2,966. 3. Ron Hornaday, 2,902. 4. Joe Ruttman, 2,887. 5. Mike Bliss, 2,715. 6. Jimmy Hensley, 2,652. 7. Rick Carelli, 2,647. 8. Jay Sauter, 2,602. 9. Chuck Bown, 2,540. 10. Kenny Irwin, 2,480. 11. Butch Miller, 2,476. 12. Rick Crawford, 2,428. 13. Stacy Compton, 2,255. (tie) Dave Rezendes, 2,255. 15. Bob Keselowski, 2,234. 16. Boris Said, 2,198. 17. Tony Raines, 2,149. 18. Tammy Jo Kirk, 2,054. 19. Bryan Reffner, 2,034. 20. Tony Roper, 1,974. ==========

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