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NASCARFans E-Mail List Per a Richmond press release, as of 8pm Tuesday, Dale Earnhardt's status as driver of the ...

NASCARFans E-Mail List

Per a Richmond press release, as of 8pm Tuesday, Dale Earnhardt's status as driver of the #3 car is UNCHANGED for this weekend's race. In other words, he hasn't been cleared to drive. AP is reporting that NASCAR will announce sometime Thursday morning whether or not he will be allowed to drive this weekend. All medical tests have come back negative at this time. (Thanks to Chaz)

The tests, and the waiting, continued Wednesday for Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt returned to Bowman-Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem for follow-up tests in search of a cause for his blackout in Sunday's Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway. Doctors at four hospitals worked to solve the mystery so Earnhardt, 46, can be cleared to drive in Saturday's Exide 400 at Richmond International Speedway. Crew chief Larry McReynolds said he expects Earnhardt to drive. ``Dale was by the shop this afternoon,'' McReynolds said. ``He looks fine. . . . He jumped in the Richmond car. We had mounted a new kind of headrest in it and he said, `I don't like that thing, get it out of there.' ``The truck leaves for Richmond tomorrow at noon and we've got his seat in it, his steering wheel and his seat belts in it. It even has his helmet hanging in it. ``Until somebody tells Larry something different, I plan on having Dale in the car.'' (D. Poole,

According to a report on cable network ESPN2's nightly magazine show "RPM 2Night," team owner Richard Childress said Earnhardt "believes the tests went well and the results were good," and that his driver "looks good and feels good." (NASCAR Online)

Just as soon as we hear anything, we'll try to get a post out to you about Dale's status for this weekend.

Joe Linville, president of the Lake Speed Fan Club, reminded me that LAKE SPEED's #9 Ace Hardware Ford Thunderbird is featured in the movie Steel Chariots (referring to yesterday's post). Lake was able to pick up a 3 race sponsorship due to the Melling team's participation in the filming of this movie. Watch it on September 23, at 8:00 (edt) on Fox.

Here's the point standings, also courtesy of Chaz:

1. Jeff Gordon, 3,437. 2. Mark Martin, 3,412. 3. Dale Jarrett, 3,269. 4. Terry Labonte, 3,180. 5. Jeff Burton, 3,154. 6. Dale Earnhardt, 2,938. 7. Bobby Labonte, 2,911. 8. Bill Elliott, 2,761. 9. Ricky Rudd, 2,689. 10. Ted Musgrave, 2,678. 11. Jeremy Mayfield, 2,625. 12. Johnny Benson, 2,575. 13. Ken Schrader, 2,514. 14. Rusty Wallace, 2,473. 15. Michael Waltrip, 2,451. 16. Ernie Irvan, 2,404. 17. Darrell Waltrip, 2,352. 18. Jimmy Spencer, 2,295. 19. Kyle Petty, 2,291. 20. Bobby Hamilton, 2,233. 21. Sterling Marlin, 2,222. 22. John Andretti, 2,166. 23. Ricky Craven, 2,164. 24. Steve Grissom, 2,123. 25. Ward Burton, 2,092. 26. Brett Bodine, 2,081. 27. Geoff Bodine, 2,066. 28. Mike Skinner, 2,023. 29. Derrike Cope, 2,022. 30. Rick Mast, 1,845. 31. Hut Stricklin, 1,761. 32. Dick Trickle, 1,746. 33. Joe Nemechek, 1,727. 34. Kenny Wallace, 1,710. 35. Lake Speed, 1,658. 36. Morgan Shepherd, 1,596. 37. David Green, 1,409. 38. Chad Little, 1,371. 39. Robby Gordon, 1,303. 40. Dave Marcis, 1,119. 41. Wally Dallenbach Jr., 1,100. 42. Jeff Green, 986. 43. Gary Bradberry, 611. 44. Greg Sacks, 581. 45. Robert Pressley, 545. 46. Mike Wallace, 541. 47. Bobby Hillin, 511. 48. Lance Hooper, 338. 49. Billy Strandrige, 329. 50. Jerry Nadeau, 287. 51. Ed Berrier, 255. 52. Todd Bodine, 225. 53. Rick Wilson, 200. 54. Loy Allen, 119. 55. Jeff Purvis, 101. 56. Ron Barfield, 97. 57. Butch Gilliland, 91. 58. Tommy Hubert, 79. 59. Phil Parsons, 70. (tie) Dorsey Schroeder, 70. 61. Sean Woodside, 64. (tie) Steve Park, 64. 63. Rich Bickle, 61. 64. Jeff Davis, 52. 65. Larry Gunselman, 49. 66. Jack Sprague, 43. 67. Randy MacDonald, 40.

The purse for next month's UAW-GM Teamwork 500 was announced today: $2,450,694.00 (Chaz).

The #91 Pionite Chevy will use Earnhardt motors (from the team #14 shop) at Richmond for qualifying and the race, of course Hornaday will be driving the #91 Chevy, so there is the connection, I hear Hornaday is also trying to get NAPA, his Truck sponsor, to jump aboard as an associate sponsor, who already is an associate on the #99 Ford (Jayski)

Ernie Irvan's Mom, Jo Irvan is now is a rehab center in NC (same one Ernie was in after his accident) and is doing well. Does still have some slurred speech (trouble forming words, etc) but doing well (Jayski)

Lee Morse, former Team Manager of Geoff Bodine Racing, has been named to Irvan-Simo Racing, Ernie Irvan's Truck Team(#44 and #28) (RPM2Nite/Jayski)

Cale Yarborough says he has John Andretti under contract through the year 2000, putting doubt into Richard Petty's hopes of acquiring his former driver to replace the departing Bobby Hamilton (iRace/Jayski)

Crew chief Robbie Loomis says he's staying put at Petty Enterprises, despite rumors to the contrary.(iRace/Jayski)

Ricky Rudd is still weighing his options over a possible return to GM (iRace/Jayski)

After missing Sunday's Southern 500 with a broken shoulder, rookie David Green hopes to be back in the driver's seat for the Exide NASCAR Select Batteries 400 at Richmond International Raceway Saturday night. Green said he expects to be in Saturday night's race, but just in case, he will have Todd Bodine standing by as a relief driver. Bodine drove for Green at Darlington. (iRace/Jayski)

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