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For immediate Release NASCAR TO EXPAND WITH NEW RACING LEAGUE... THE ULTIMATE MULTlPLAYER Expert =09Daytona Beach Fla. (May 17 1996) -- Utilizing cutting edge=20 technology. the National Association for Stock...

For immediate Release


=09Daytona Beach Fla. (May 17 1996) -- Utilizing cutting edge=20 technology. the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing=20 (NASCAR) and Sierra On-Line lnc. have developed the ultimate=20 application of technology within professional sports the "NASCAR=20 Racing League" a multi player experience. The new interactive online=20 racing service is easily accessible from your home or office=20 computer, providing fans worldwide with the opportunity to compete in=20 authentic sanctioned NASCAR competition against a full field of=20 racers connected by computer modem. NASCAR will sanction and=20 officiate the racing league to ensure the competitive and=20 entertaining environment NASCAR has delivered for the past fifty=20 years. =09 Following on the heels of the award winning CD ROM simulation "NASCAR=20 Racing" by Papyrus (a division of Sierra), which has=20 proven itself the most popular and authentic race simulation for the=20 personal computer the NASCAR Racing League allows fans to take their=20 love of the sport to an unprecedented level to truly experience every=20 facet of auto racing. From race car set up and track conditions to=20 qualifying and race strategy, to each competitor's actions, every=20 part of NASCAR racing is experienced. =20

The NASCAR Racing League is taking the number one race=20 simulation game to the ultimate level...NASCAR sanctioned multi- player competition. Thousands of users can easily dial into a central=20 computer network, choose from 16 different NASCAR Winston Cup Series=20 tracks, and compete against thirty-one other competitors calling in=20 from different locations around the country.

The concept of anyone being able to race against a group of=20 friends who are each calling in from a different neighborhood, city=20 or virtually anywhere is incredible, said Bill France, President of=20 NASCAR. "All age groups now can play a 'pick up game' of their=20 favorite sport and compete in a NASCAR sanctioned event. That s an=20 opportunity that has never existed in our sport.

Sierra On-Line and Papyrus development teams have worked with=20 NASCAR officials to create the true NASCAR environment online=20 ensuring that all design elements are consistent with NASCAR's rules=20 of competition.

This project basically creates a new series within NASCAR=20 and certainly goes beyond a traditional licensing relationship, said=20 Mike Helton, NASCAR Vice President for Competition. The competition=20 department has been involved from the beginning in this project and=20 will continue to be involved. We will take the competition aspect of=20 the racing league just as serious as any other NASCAR division." =20

Many people will often race just for fun. Others, however,=20 will compete every week in a structured racing series where they earn=20 championship points just like Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt in the=20 NASCAR Winston Cup Series, said Hilton. The NASCAR Racing; League=20 goes beyond the traditional game environment to a serious racing=20 experience, so the same fair competitive system that NASCAR has=20 always tried to deliver is very important.

=09Fans will be able to compete at virtually any time, day or=20 night,within multiple pick up races based on competitors skill level.=20 in addition, fans can create their own private series where a group=20 of friends ::an compete against each other at preset times each week.=20 The ultimate experience will be when fans enter an official NASCAR=20 Racing League Championship Series and compete for series points week=20 in and week out against other drivers worldwide.

NASCAR can use new technology like this to create new fans=20 for the sport, said France. We have learned through testing that the=20 experience is so authentic that the user becomes educated on all=20 aspects of the sport, and we think that will translate to a greater=20 awareness and interest in watching or attending a NASCAR event.

The NASCAR Racing League is NASCAR's most recent application=20 of technology within the sport. NASCAR Online, NASCAR's lnternet=20 world wide Web site was launched in February 1, 1996 and already has=20 seen more than two million hits in one day, in part because NASCAR's=20 new, advanced computerized timing and scoring system is accessible by=20 fans through NASCAR Online. =20

NASCAR has made a commitment to utilize technology to bring=20 the fan closer to the sport. said France. We are seeing more and more=20 technology companies become involved in our sport and we are starting=20 talks with various computer, telecommunications and other companies=20 who want to apply their technology within NASCAR. We have a tremendous=20 audience, and that is not going unnoticed within their industry.

The NASCAR Racing League will be available to ail users of=20 NASCAR Racing by Papyrus and the new NASCAR Racing II sequel,=20 available in the Fall of 1996, on IBM PC CD ROM at computer stores=20 everywhere and NASCAR Thunder retail stores for an estimated retail=20 price of $59.95.

Founded in 1979, Sierra Online is one of the original=20 developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive=20 entertainment, educational and productive software. The company s=20 common stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol SIER. Sierra's=20 corporate headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington. =20

The NASCAR Racing League is the newest initiative by NASCAR=20 designed to build the sport nationwide and provide unique marketing=20 opportunities for NASCAR sponsor and licensees. The array of projects=20 include the newly opened NASCAR Thunder retail stores and unique=20 projects which include NASCAR Cafe and the NASCAR SpeedPark/All- American Sportspark ventures.

For More information: John Griffin, NASCAR Public Relations (904} 947-6834 or griffin@race.nascar,com Matthew O Connor, NASCAR Pubio Relations (904) 947-6843 Rebecca Buxton, Sierra On-Line (206) 649-9800 ext. 5891

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