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NAPA Autocare 200 Quotebook NAZARETH, Pa. (July 12, 1998) Quotes from selected drivers following Sunday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series NAPA AutoCare 200 at Nazareth Speedway: RON HORNADAY No. 16 NAPA Brakes Chevy "I had to give Fred ...

NAPA Autocare 200 Quotebook

NAZARETH, Pa. (July 12, 1998) Quotes from selected drivers following Sunday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series NAPA AutoCare 200 at Nazareth Speedway:

RON HORNADAY No. 16 NAPA Brakes Chevy

"I had to give Fred Graves a big hug 'cause he's one awesome crew chief. He made this NAPA Brakes Chevrolet run all day. He's got the faith in me. I was the first one to whine and complain about the set- up. He said not to worry about it, the track will come to you. It didn't come to us it just got worse for everybody else. Fred's got a lot of confidence in the whole team. Tony Eury and all the guys at the NASCAR Busch team helped us with the set-up this time. But I still give all the credit to Fred because he's given me the trust and everything else. The last 10 laps I wasn't worried about Stacy Compton, I was worried about that No. 24 truck with Jack Sprague. He ran awfully good behind us. I kept pushing harder and harder and the harder I pushed, the slower I went. So I just backed this thing down and got it hooked up. You know, when you get down to ten laps to go you hear every noise and rattle. But we had an awesome truck today and I'm ready to go racing. It's too early to start points racing. We got another top-five and the points will fall where they fall. We don't care as long as we keep winning races and bringing Chevrolet home No. 1 and NAPA Brakes. That's all we care about. Dale (Earnhardt) Jr. ran great last night and I don't know how Dale Sr. did today did today but I've got to congratulate my son for his good finish last night in late models it was just a great weekend for Dale Earnhardt Inc. NAPA and Chevrolet."

STACY COMPTON No. 86 Royal Crown Cola Ford

"How bout these guys with the Royal Crown Ford. These guys put together a truck. We got about 15 laps yesterday in happy hour and that's all we got. The truck was absolutely unreal. We started way in the back and had a long way to go, but I knew if we had some luck and didn't have any problems we could do it. It was an awesome truck. If we could have gotten up there just a little bit earlier, I believe we could have given Ron a run for his money. But we'll take a second. We're a little bit disappointed with it believe it or not, but we'll take it. To come that far we're pretty excited. "I had my eyes shut. We were pretty close to a lot of stuff. But the good lord was looking out for us today."

JAY SAUTER No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevy

"This Childress crew really did it for me today. First, they gave me a great Chevy truck to race. Second, they really did a job on those gas'n'go stops. Track conditions were tough out there today but we just hung in there and took third at the end. The crew was awesome and they're going to make the difference. I can't wait to go hot pit stops down the road."

BUTCH MILLER No. 18 Dana Corporation Dodge

"Our Dana Dodge team certainly earned a sixth place finish, but in the final lap when the 99 and the 24 got together, we stole fourth. The track was coming up real bad, but we held on to the truck all day and just kept digging and stayed out of trouble. This is the best finish we've had all season. I'm real proud of this whole team."

JOE RUTTMAN No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford

"We'll just have to take the old Exide Ford back and patch her up. I think the boys can fix it. Coming out of this last turn I saw Sprague must have blown a right front and he got in the wall. And he kind of came back, so I gave him a little bit of distance, but he still had a little bit of a lead on me, and I wanted to make sure I beat him back. I was running a little harder than maybe I needed to be running. I think what happened when the nose fell he was dragging an oil line and when I went to turn I could turn and had brakes the first time. When you see that concrete wall coming toward you at that speed, you know it is going to be a big one. You better wake up LeRoy and tell him to watch this one. But the next one I had to race back to the start/finish line and that is probably worse because now I'm riding in it with no steering and no brakes. LeRoy you better jump out this time. It's going to be bad. I looked up at the start/finish line and I knew I was going to hit again. It seemed harder the second time only because I had no control over it."

JIMMY HENSLEY No. 43 Cummins Dodge

"The Cummins Dodge was pushy all day and that really hurt us. But we are not going to complain about a sixth-place finish. The track was just awful to get around, but we managed to stay in the groove and run up front all day. We're going to go home and get ready for California next weekend."

TONY RAINES No. 19 Pennzoil Ford

"I think we punctured a tire, and had a slow leak in the right rear. All of a sudden there the pace dropped off for us, and then handling went evil. I went in the turn, and it got loose. Gradually it started vibrating real bad. I felt like the vibration was helping it to get loose. And then I came in and the right rear has 12 pounds in it and the tread was gone. We had been running it that way maybe 35 or 40 laps. Whenever we started going backwards I didn't know why, but I knew something was wrong. I guess a bad day turned out to be seventh. If it had been a good day, who knows. I don't think anybody had anything for Hornaday unless he had screwed up."

BRYAN REFFNER No. 66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford

"Survival of the fittest. Last year we were on the other end of the deal. This year we got a whole lot smarter. We didn't have the truck to win, but we had the one to stay out of trouble, and that's what we had to do. Just stay out of trouble and be there at the end. The guys did a fabulous job. When you get on a track like this and the guys can send you out ahead. It was five or six spots the first time and three the second. You can't beat that. That's a whole lot of wear and tear on me and the truck. It gives me something to look forward to when we do hot pit stops. I'm pretty happy the way the weekend went, a top-10, eighth. I can't expect any more."


"We were up in fourth and the truck got real loose the first half. The way the truck was set up and the track comin' apart we just had no forward bite it all made it a lot tighter. We made some adjustments at the halfway point and we got a happy medium. I got a few donuts on the side. It's one of those deals, if you slide up the track the train goes by you. The only way you can pass somebody is you have to move them or have good forward bite. We finished with a top-10. I'm happy with that finish and can't wait to get to California."

JACK SPRAGUE No. 24 Team Hendrick Chevy

"The Hendrick Chevrolet was a little loose today. We fought tight then loose then tight all weekend. We weren't very good yesterday at all. The guys did a great job and never gave up. For a while it looked like we were going to come home third and I was going to take that run with it. But I blistered a right front tire in the first half and blistered it worse in the second half and blew a tire going into turn three. I got into the fence and straightened it out and tried to make it back to the pits. I couldn't make it back and hit it again. You're going to have a little bit of bad luck and this whole weekend has been a little bit of bad luck. At least we weren't leading when that happened that would have been a little more disheartening. We'll head to California and see what we can do."

DENNIS SETZER No. 29 Mopar Dodge

"The truck was strong all day, especially early on when I was going after Hornaday for the lead. With about 50 laps to go we blistered the right front tire real bad and just hung on for the remainder of the race. Once everything stays together for 200 laps this Mopar Dodge will be finishing right up front. I can't say enough about this Mopar crew, they have given me great equipment and I'm happy to have the opportunity to work with them."

MIKE BLISS No. 2 Team ASE Ford

"I missed the cushion out there I guess, going into three. I missed the cushion and just jumped over it."

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