NASCAR takes steps to gain control of its media

Eric Mauk

NASCAR announced yesterday that it had disbanded its NASCAR Media Group, cutting staff and reshaping the four-year-old entity into the more compact NASCAR Productions.

NASCAR Productions will join NASCAR Broadcasting, NASCAR Digital Media and NASCAR Entertainment in the new direction for the sanctioning body, who is taking more of a hands-on approach toward determining what is produced and where it will be shown. The sanctioning body will also take operational control of its Internet site at the beginning of 2013.

NASCAR Productions will cease the production of all outside programming with the restructuring, abandoning the recent practice of providing college sports broadcasts as well as other non-racing programming.

The move comes at a time when former de-facto NASCAR Network channel SPEED has dropped all of its previous NASCAR lifestyle shows – of which many were done by NMG. Showtime has also requested to be released from its contract to air the Inside NASCAR show.

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