NASCAR revises warning system

The penalty for accumulating too many written warnings has been altered by NASCAR officials.

NASCAR has made revisions to their warning system. Series officials issued a bulletin Wednesday stating that everyone, regardless of previous offenses, are now at zero warnings. All outstanding warnings have been rescinded.

Every fourth warning during a season (points or non-points race) means the loss of pit selection for the next race. Previously, under the Deterrence System, teams could have faced a P1 (or higher) penalty for accumulating too many written warnings, but that is no longer the case. Once an offender reaches four warnings and loses pit selection for the one race, they will return to a clean slate.

If the final written warning takes place after pre-qualifying inspection or any time before the pit selection process, then the penalty will be served that race weekend.

The changes are effective immediately and will be enforced across all three national divisions. The warnings do not carry over into new seasons and can not be appealed.


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