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Kurt Busch, Penske Racing Dodge
Kurt Busch, Penske Racing Dodge

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KURT BUSCH (No. 22 Shell/Pennzoil Dodge Charger R/T) Qualified 4th

HAVE YOU GOTTEN OUT OF YOUR RACE CAR WHAT YOU WANTED TODAY? “I think so. We started off way on the tight side and ended up way on the loose side so I was like ‘Hey, let’s shoot for the middle’ and I think we got a good lap in with our Shell/Pennzoil Dodge. We’ve had some poles this year. I don’t know what that run will get us, but it’s just neat to know that you’re in contention on Fridays or Saturdays when it’s qualifying day because you’ve got Penske horsepower and you’ve got a group of guys that are committed.”

YOU AND BRAD KESELOWSKI ARE CURRENTLY AT THE TOP OF THE BOARD. “We ran the same speed which means we did our job. That’s all we could get out of our Penske Dodges. It’s been a great season for us in qualifying. I don’t know if that’ll be pole material, but our Shell/Pennzoil guys have been working hard. We just feel real proud of the way we’ve qualified this year and put ourselves in Chase contention. We’ll see what we can give ‘em tomorrow in the afternoon race. With the season ending, it’s tough to see it go.”

HOW BIG WOULD WINNING THIS RACE BE GOING INTO THE OFF SEASON? “We’ve been hot, we’ve been cold; I guess it’s our description through the Chase as well as leading up to the Chase. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us win if we can get it all put together right. Last week, we had a winning car and we threw it away with fuel mileage.”

WERE YOUR SURPRISED AT HOW MUCH THE TRACK CHANGED? “It always picks up a little bit. I’m just hoping that the rest of the guys have to battle the sun because we were in full sun. We’ll see. We’re happy with that lap and if we end up tenth, that’ll be perfect.”


BRAD KESELOWSKI (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) Qualified 5th

YOU HAD A NICE QUALIFYING RUN DESPITE A LITTLE SLIP UP DURING YOUR LAP? “Yeah, you’re going to slip up a bit if you have the car right and you’re pushing it hard enough. It’s amazing that Kurt and I both started off bad, but we kept working on our cars and it looks like we’ve made some headway. I’m not sure a 39.40 (second) lap is good or bad, but so far it looks OK. Kurt and I have been on top of each other for time. We’ll just have to see how it plays out for the race. I’m really proud of where we’re at with our team.”

HOW MUCH DID THAT QUICK CLOUD COVER HELP YOUR LAP? “Probably a little bit. I’m not sure if I had it or the next guy had it, but clouds never hurt.”

WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND FROM PRACTICE TO QUALIFYING THAT HELPED YOUR LAP? “We threw everything at it. We were not very good at all in practice. It’s kind of been the story of our season of late. We’ve been qualifying much better than we’ve been racing. Hopefully, this weekend it changes. I think that we made some big gains in practice that should apply to our race setup.”

REED SORENSON (No. 7 SPEED Energy/MAPEI Dodge Charger R/T) DNQ “We picked up three tenths so yeah, that’s good for us. It’s been tough. We’ll see if it makes it. It’ll be close.”

YOU PRACTICE IN THE MORNING, QUALIFY IN THE AFTERNOON AND WILL RACE INTO THE EVENING TOMORROW. IS IT A GUESS TO FIND THE RIGHT SETUP? “I think so. The Nationwide race I think starts at 4:30 and it’s quite a bit of change. It usually starts out really free and then the track changes a little bit once it gets dark.”

WILL YOU RUN SOME RACES FOR ROBBY GORDON NEXT SEASON? “Yeah, maybe. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing yet. He’s doing the Baja this weekend and he asked me to come out here and do it. I’ve been trying to help him when I can. His guys are actually in Mexico all week, the ones that work on this car. They’ve been real busy too, so hopefully it will make the race.”

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